This has aged well

From the Herald Sun.

(HT: Econocrat)

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  1. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    About as palatable as seeing chinese warships docked in Woolloomooloo Bay.

  2. HT

    Nah mate. It should be over Spring Street.

  3. Lee

    Former Victorian police commissioner Mick Miller would have torn shreds off whoever was responsible if he were still in charge.
    And told Dictator Dan where to go if he tried his gig of interfering in police matters.

  4. nb

    HT, #3571033 says: ‘Nah mate. It should be over Spring Street.’
    Draped behind the desk of the great leader, doubtless.

  5. Docket62

    Mick Miller

    Best CCP I ever served under. Had the privilege of meeting him after the job. Just a top bloke who didn’t put up with any shit – and certainly not a CCP flag over a watch house

  6. NoFixedAddress

    Belt and Road forever.

    ASIO had no comment

  7. H B Bear

    The blackfellas won’t be impressed.

  8. rickw

    Do they share techniques for terrorising and suppressing The People?

  9. Rebel with cause

    Do they share techniques for terrorising and suppressing The People?

    Only those naughty “right wing extremists” ASIO is always telling us about.

  10. Chris M

    Are you suggesting it’s inappropriate Sinc?

    Seems to be a fit.

  11. Professor Fred Lenin

    Lee and docket 62c,Mick was a mate of one of my now desceased retired copper mates ,I met him a few times when he visited my mate who had been his boss as a youngster , he was a great bloke and aReal Copper and his people thought the world of him ,no bloody nonsense with Mick ,unlike the office workers who have held the post since . He and my other old time cop mates would have been disgusted with the state of the former Victoria Police Force ,since it became a service with customers as they say now .

  12. Rob MW

    Looks like that whatever that blue flag is (Vic I presume) is only a smidgen over half mast. Commie Dan has apparently surrendered.

    After watching the videos in Vic parliament it is hard to imagine that Victoria could produce a bigger fuckup than Dan – No Plan Dan 🙂

    Please Dan, I’m begging you, stay in Victoria, never leave and fucking die there you fucked up prick.

  13. Rabbi Putin

    Anyone noticed how often Dan says the word “safe?” And how little he says the word “economy” or “freedom?”

  14. Professor Fred Lenin

    I think the blue flag is the state flag and is at half mast in respect for someone assosciated with the station who has died. Flag protocol would have the National flag highest ,the Victorian slightly lower and any foreign flag lower than that again . The National flag takes precedence over all flags .

  15. HT

    b MW
    #3571110, posted on September 3, 2020 at 9:57 pm

    Please Dan, I’m begging you, stay in Victoria, never leave and fucking die there you fucked up prick.

    And soon, please. The sooner the better.

  16. Steve


    Well in Russian prisons, when guards are moving prisoners around, the put them in stress positions like waddling like a duck with hands behind thier back etc.

    Hypothetically, a whole population might be put under unrelenting pyschological stress by lockdown, possibly to make them crack, and then they have an excuse to roll out the heavy squad when people eventually arc up, bash them up then accuse them of being “dirty protesters”. I could be wrong of course….

    Apparently even suggesting a peaceful get together requires a “run over the bastards” moment and ton of bricks response from the higher up levels inside the powers that be….cant have any opposition to the control grid can we?

    Now in the nazi concentration camps they used to execute invalids. So in Dachau they would hang hang troublesome people by thier wrists but with thier arms up behind thier back until thier shoulders dislocated. Once their shoulders dislocated they became invalids…. and…..*bang*

    We live in interesting times….and I suspect its not goingbto end well for the Elite. Poorly played, brutal, and not forgotten.

  17. Steve

    Rabbi Putin

    Ive worked out that in the unhinged world of the NWO sickos, “safe” = “draconian control”

    When i saw “covid safe” i thought…” ah …here we go…a snooping app”…sure enough…

  18. Mother Lode


    Not only were they flying the Chinese flag, but it was larger than the Australian flag.

    It looks more like a Chinese facility than an Australian one.

  19. Crossie

    #3571067, posted on September 3, 2020 at 9:14 pm
    Belt and Road forever.

    ASIO had no comment

    How do we know ASIO hasn’t been infiltrated? Will I be arrested for this tomorrow while gardening? If I am you will recognise me on the news as the one armed with garden gloves and secateurs.

  20. Karabar

    Jo Jorgenson
    Libertarian candidate for POTUS.

  21. Mother Lode

    I wasn’t sure if it was an Australian or Victorian flag.

    Looking at it the charge beneath the Union Jack it seems monochromatic and white.

    And it makes sense that it should be the Australian flag.

    The CCP flag would be replacing the Victorian one.

  22. H B Bear

    VicPol must have someone on cultural exchange. Learning from the experts.

    Where would you find a Uigher in Victoriastan? No wonder they have to arrest mummybloggers in their pyjamas.

  23. There must have been a “cultural attache'” placed at the joint.
    I’m betting Chyna sent only good looking female cultural attache’s to “serve” with the pig coppers.

    Geezus, at least the Mueslis are subtle. They build Mosques and pretend they’re religious establishments.

  24. OldOzzie

    Coronavirus: Victoria has the hallmarks of a police state

    The Australian Editorial

    It’s a gruesome scenario most of us know only from films. Just a few people in Australia who have lived under the Nazis, the Stasi or China’s national security laws know the reality. The knock on the door, the fear and shock as police arrest someone in the home for a supposed crime against the state — often expressing a view contrary to the diktats of the ruling elite. This time last year, the idea that any Australian police force would arrest and handcuff a pregnant woman at home in her pyjamas, in front of her children, in a provincial city, for a Facebook post, would have defied credulity. The pandemic, however, has brought an incremental erosion of civil liberties, especially in Victoria. The heat has been turned up gradually, to the point Victorians are living a dystopian nightmare. House arrest for 23 hours a day, working (if they still have job) at home while they homeschool children; an 8pm curfew; isolation if they live alone; no visiting friends or family. Many people, understandably, are too fraught to add another worry — the encroaching police state — to their burdens. Others, alarmed that their state has crossed a dangerous line, are outraged. Professionals at the coalface, such as the medical practitioners who have signed a letter noting the dangers to citizens’ physical and mental health posed by restrictions, are increasingly concerned for the sick and vulnerable.

    Apart from the Aussie accent, the only moment in the exchange with police at the Ballarat home of Zoe Buhler, 28, that felt remotely Australian was her partner, James Timmins, 21, appealing to police: “This is a bit unfair, come on, mate. What about she just doesn’t do the event?” The couple are worried about the health of their unborn child. Ms Buhler offered to take down the offending post, which promoted a “Freedom Day Ballarat” planned for Saturday, but to no avail. The police also said they were obliged to seize any mobile phone or computer: “Any device in this house we’re taking.” In a supposedly liberal democracy, the slide into authoritarianism is intolerable. Such a crude show of force suggests authorities are tone deaf to the public mood, or indifferent to it. The lack of an apology from Victoria Police or the government is telling. The Institute of Public Affairs, supporting Ms Buhler, says Victoria is a “police state”. Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius did little to disavow the public of that notion. He defended the arrest but, with astounding understatement, admitted the “optics” were “never going to look good”.

    Like the Black Lives Matter protests in June, the anti-lockdown rallies planned for Saturday are dangerous, irresponsible and unconscionable. The high-handedness of Premier Daniel Andrews and the police has fuelled the anger. But those who want to protest should show the maturity and discernment to stay home. Turning out could endanger lives and health. It also may prolong stage-four restrictions.

    Mr Andrews has promised to tell Victorians on Sunday about his proposed road maps out of the restrictions for Melbourne and outside the city. The second wave of COVID-19 has cost 572 lives in Victoria and extracted a heavy economic and social price. After a crisis that arose mainly from his government’s egregious failures over hotel quarantining, and slow testing and tracing outcomes earlier on, Mr Andrews needs to ease the pressure as soon as possible. The public deserves better than the oppressive, prescriptive blueprint leaked to the Herald Sun. It suggested Melbourne’s stage-four lockdown and curfew would be extended for a fortnight. Dates for retail, hospitality and entertainment venues to reopen as soon as possible are essential. Mr Andrews’s power grab to extend the state of emergency for another year, which led to a compromise of six months thanks to “libertarians” such as Greens, Reason Party and Animal Justice MPs, set alarm bells ringing. Now the video of an expectant mum in handcuffs has ricocheted around the world, adding to the impression of a power-crazed regime. As the COVID crisis passes, the state needs to step back but copy the success of NSW in tracing, testing and isolation to keep the virus in check while Victorians get on with life. That is when the state of disaster abates.

  25. OldOzzie

    Coronavirus: ‘I don’t regret planning lockdown rally’

    Tessa Akerman

    The Victorian Bar and Liberty Victoria have raised alarm about the handcuffing and arrest of a pregnant woman for organising an anti-lockdown protest in Ballarat.

    Ballarat mother Zoe Lee Buhler, 28, was filmed on Wednesday being arrested and handcuffed in her pyjamas at her home, and in front of her husband and children.

    She has been charged with incitement over her plans for a Freedom Day rally and will face court in January.
    During the police raid, Ms Buhler offered to take down the Facebook post for the protest.

    The Victorian Bar has written to Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville about their concerns regarding the arrest and said the police’s actions appeared disproportionate to the threat Ms Buhler presented.

    “The Victorian Bar is concerned that the enforcement response to Ms Buhler’s conduct is apparently at odds with other reported and more measured responses by authorities to organisers or promoters of similar protests planned or carried out in contravention of public health directives,” they said in a statement.

    Liberty Victoria said describing the police approach as heavy handed would be a “gross understatement”. “The prospect of pre-emptive arrest and the laying of criminal charges to prevent engagement in peaceful protest is a disturbing development – irrespective of the current state of emergency,” the group said in a statement.

    “Criminal sanctions and fines to enforce public health measures should only be used as a last resort – you can’t police your way out of a pandemic,” the group said.

    The Institute of Public Affairs policy director Gideon Rozner said the arrest was a “disgrace to the police force and a mark of shame on the Andrews Government”.

    “Under the guise of ‘public health orders’, police are arresting people for speaking out against the government,” he said.

    Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said the current restrictions prevented anyone across the state, from leaving their house to protest.

    Mr Cornelius said the “optics” of the arrest and handcuffing of a pregnant mother in her pyjamas were “never going to look good” but police acted appropriately.

    “We absolutely stuffed that in these circumstances,” he said.

    “The members behaved appropriate and in accordance with our policy.”

    He said the handcuffs were removed from Ms Buhler as soon as police finished searching her home and police contacted Ms Buhler’s doctor to reschedule her ultrasound appointment.

    Premier Daniel Andrews said Ms Buhler’s arrest was an “operational matter for Victoria Police” but the reason for a protest should not have any bearing on whether it is allowed to proceed.

    “The key point here is, now is not the time to protest about anything. Because to do so is not safe,” he said.

    “It‘s not about what you’re protesting for or against … As we know, even one person can infect many, many hundreds.”

    Ms Buhler described herself as having a “bimbo moment” when she posted on social media about plans for a lockdown protest but said she was unremorseful for her actions.

    She said police were just doing their job and they were “very nice to me off camera”.

    More than $8000 has been raised for Ms Buhler on a GoFundMe page and a top legal team, including Stuart Wood QC and solicitor Stephen Andrianakis, has been formed to fight the charges.

    READ MORE:EDITORIAL: The hallmarks of a police state Is this democracy at work in Victoria?Victoria cops: We stuffed the optics

  26. Noting that the flag is supposedly being flown due to the large number of Chinese residents, does that mean these residents place their allegiance with China and not Australia? If that’s not the case, does this indicate that the police have sworn their allegiance to China? What gives?

  27. Fair Shake

    Did they pay the appropriate licence fee to the CCP artist who designed the flag in 1972?

  28. John Michelmore

    Come on, it’s just a mistake! They were supposed to put up the aboriginal flag, but they couldn’t because of trademark issues. This one was the closest they could find in the time allowed. Just a silly mistake that’s all, please find it in your hearts to forgive such a small mistake!

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