Open Forum: September 5, 2020

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  1. NoFixedAddress

    Rex Mango
    #3577745, posted on September 8, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Listening to Phil Adams analysing Chinese censorship is like listening to Neville Chamberlain negotiate peace.

    Can’t wait to watch Phil Adams take the ccp-covid needle

  2. MatrixTransform

    can anybody get the article on the payWallian by Jack mordes?

    Victoria is reminding me of Poland in 1981


  3. PolAir chopper circling over Box Hill for 20 minutes now moving towards Carlton

    Just checking in case Gran is sitting on a garden bench in front of her house.

  4. mh

    Sly gets even with arsehole cop in helicopter

  5. mc

    Ok, after seeing this I think it is safe to call it for Trump

  6. amortiser

    Is this racist? Should the Professor be fired? (0:44)

    This was a comment below the video:

    I can’t believe it happened in US. Chinese is my mother language and “那個” is just a common Demonstrative Pronoun in Chinese just like “that” in English – what the professor mentioned is completely correct and the pronunciation is accurate. Actually if you live in a Chinese community , you will hear thousands of times of that word every day, but it means no discrimination at all! No way to get fired because of this, it’s just so ridiculous.

    The complainants are snowflakes. They look to be leaders in the business world studying MBAs. If they take offence to that they have no hope of dealing with the inevitable difficulties they will face in the real world. They should all be given fail grades.

  7. Rex Mango

    This lockdown spurs horror recollections of the communism from which we fled

    The restrictions in Victoria on our movements, our work, and even our thoughts bring back chilling memories for those of us who escaped totalitarian regimes.

    My family and I left Poland for Melbourne in 1981, fleeing martial law imposed by dictator General Wojciech Jaruzelski, who was determined to hold on to power and crush the rise of the Solidarity movement.

    Poland at that stage was firmly ruled by the communist leader in alliance with the Soviet Union. However, the independent trade union Solidarity, led by Lech Walesa and supported by Pope John Paul II, was gathering support from everyday people.

    The communists couldn’t risk the Solidarity movement gaining more ground so hit back with restrictions under martial law to prevent further dissent. Those martial law restrictions enacted by Jaruzelski in 1981 are oddly similar to those Victorians are living with under Daniel Andrews’s rule four decades on.

    There was a 10pm curfew with police patrols enforcing zero tolerance. Borders were closed. Movement between cities and regions was prohibited unless you carried a special permit. Classes in schools and universities were suspended. Telephone communications were monitored. Opposition activists were arrested, many without charge. The police (called the Militia) became an arm of the government.

    The Poland we left was in turmoil. The economy was failing, with food shortages commonplace. Protests were on the rise as Poles were restless that they bore the cost of the government’s failures. The effect of martial law was to punish all citizens for the government’s — and the socialist system’s — failures. Jaruzelski’s priority was to hold on to power rather than address the failings of his government.

    Many families engaged in silent but brave protest by placing lit candles in their windows after curfew. Thousands of candles flickering in apartment windows were a poignant sign of a people lamenting lost freedoms, together in silence.

    I remember my mother and father being nervous in expressing their views on the government to others, even close friends, for fear of being denounced to the authorities. At school, we were taught to follow the example of Pavlik Morozov, a Russian boy who denounced his father to the Soviet authorities and was killed for it by his family. He was held up as a hero. For my parents, the prospect of being reported to the authorities by their own child must have been terrifying. The socialist system aimed at supplanting family loyalty with loyalty to the state.

    Ironically, the introduction of martial law was fortuitous for our family and others like us. We were granted refugee status and, with it, Australian citizenship. Australia has been good to us and we will be forever grateful.

    Despite being working class, we never had want for anything. Perhaps most important, we never had to think twice about expressing our views. When you have experienced repression, you appreciate your freedoms. You know that freedom can never be taken for granted because governments can remove it summarily.

    But never did I think our basic freedoms would be removed in Australia. Never did I think a pregnant woman would be handcuffed for merely saying she would protest against the government. This is not the Australia in which my family sought refuge.

    The Polish people’s fight to regain the freedoms they lost under martial law took a further eight years and ended with the ultimate collapse of the socialist regime in 1989. Many people died, families were broken, dreams lost and generations wasted.

    Andrews’s rhetoric is worryingly reminiscent of the former Eastern bloc’s socialist leaders. He blames Victorians for the actions he has had to take to protect us while removing civil liberties that no democratic government should ever touch. He is relying on unelected and unseen “experts” to justify removing our freedoms, much like Jaruzelski did with his Military Council of National Salvation.

    My mother cannot believe that at 78 she again finds herself under effective house arrest in a democratic Australia.

    A crisis can lay bare the instincts of leaders. Once a government takes away civil liberties, it doesn’t always find it easy to give them back without a fight.

    And what of Poland now? It is one of the fastest growing large economies in Europe. Even in a COVID-19 world, domestic and international travel is allowed, masks are not compulsory in public spaces and indoor and outdoor gatherings are permitted. Compared with Victoria, Poland has experienced lower cases and deaths per population. And all without sacrificing civil liberties.

    Perhaps it is only when you have to fight for your civil liberties that you learn you never want to give them up again.

    Jack Mordes, a management

    consultant, arrived in Australia

    with his family in 1981 aged nine.

    Freedom can never be taken for granted because governments can remove it summarily

  8. NoFixedAddress

    fuck the Queen of Australia’s representatives

  9. NoFixedAddress

    so called representatives

  10. Arky

    My mother cannot believe that at 78 she again finds herself under effective house arrest in a democratic Australia.

    This is heartbreaking.

  11. mh

    Rex, I thought that was you until I reached the conclusion.

  12. Slayer of Memes

    Lots of whispers doing the rounds that due to ‘death threats’, Denial Andrews has sent hhis family to Queensland for protection….

    Apparently they are staying in the ‘AFL Hotel Hub’ (made famous recently by the non-social distancing poolside shenanigans caught on camera) as guests of the AFL for the upcoming Grand Final on the Gold Coast…

    ..a Grand Final which, it is rumoured, Denial will be attending as well, but without needing to do any quarantine stay beforehand (or afterward, no doubt)…

  13. NoFixedAddress

    In various circumstances in Australia I have sworn the oath of allegiance to The Queen of Australia 3 times.

    I want to know to whom are these communists swearing allegiance to.

    must be the devil

  14. gafa

    one or two choppers circle over a number of suburbs every night since curfew was imposed.

    Aural intimidation, psychological warfare North Korean Style.

  15. MatrixTransform

    sexy rexy.

    Ta. much appreciated

  16. If only he were so stupid.

    “..a Grand Final which, it is rumoured, Denial will be attending as well, but without needing to do any quarantine stay beforehand (or afterward, no doubt)…”

  17. Steve trickler

    Enjoy the spiral arms of the Milky Way, Helen.

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