Double standards on picket lines

In Britain the Extinction Rebellion movement has set up blockades at printing works of various newspapers, notably the evil press empire of Rupert Murdock. This has roused the Conservative Government and prompted calls for  XR to be viewed as an organised crime group, which could result in its members being policed primarily by the National Crime Agency – Britain’s FBI.

Under the 2015 Serious Crime Act an organised crime group “has at its purpose, or one of its purposes, the carrying on of criminal activities, and consists of three or more people who agree to act together to further that purpose.”  Those found to have participated in the activities of an organised crime group can be imprisoned for up to five years.

Good picketing and bad picketing

David Blunkett, the former Labour home secretary, said the anarchic behaviour of the protesters should have been quashed quickly by Hertfordshire Constabulary, which apparently sent only six officers to the Broxbourne plant when the alarm was raised shortly after 10pm on Friday.
Asked about the failure of police to remove more than 100 demonstrators who had sat down in the road or chained themselves to infrastructure, Mr Blunkett said: “I think they’re mixing up historic debate about [union] picketing with protests relating to political issues, which can be dealt with through the normal democratic process.”

He said officers should have used “whatever powers were available” to allow people to go about their business.

Indeed. Police should use whatever powers are available to allow people to go about their business.

One of the worrying features of western democracies is the general acceptance of violence by trade unionists engaged in strikes. That acceptance of criminal behaviour and the abuse of power is reflected in the support for Daniel Andrews and other state premiers who are prepared to mobilize the police to enforce their reprehensible orders.

PS Greenpeace has a long record of destruction and vandalism against legitimate businesses and also research on GM crops. Lawfare by green groups is more of the same using/abusing the legal system. Not to mention the destruction of the electricity system by subsidies and mandates to infect the grid with RE. I had better stop there before I start going on about the wind. But in case you were wondering.

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8 Responses to Double standards on picket lines

  1. Rafe Champion

    Yes and China has opposition parties.
    Three members of the General Assembly even voted against Xi’s motion to make him emperor in perpetuity!
    I wonder how they were selected?

  2. nb

    Hmm, not so sure about the heading ‘Double standard on picket lines’.
    How about ‘Just another double standard’.

    USSR also had a wonderful constitution stuffed full of human rights protections. Hmm, now let me look at the Vic Human Rights Act…

  3. pbw

    Police should use whatever powers are available to allow people to go about their business.

    Hmmm. As in Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia.

  4. H B Bear

    Rupe knows how to deal with protesters. His soy boy sons and their model wives not so much.

  5. H B Bear

    Howard and Reith didn’t do a bad job either – men in balaclavas and dobermans. Combet being eaten by a doberman would be the price of admission. Instead he got 8 years on the public purse and we are probably still paying for his retirement.

  6. nb

    ‘Those found to have participated in the activities of an organised crime group can be imprisoned for up to five years.’
    I hope Vic has similar laws. I’ll bet that granny in the park spoke with a few friends or family who encouraged her. And imagine if her three year old grand-daughter had come along. And if the grand-daughter had discussed the plot with her playmates at kindy. To hell with doli incapax, this is a state of emergency. Fill those jails!

  7. Hay Stockard

    What we need is a gendarmerie like the frogs. Sic them on the demonstrators. And Vicpol. Bunch of nasty vicious bullying soy boys. Ans lezzos.

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