Get with the program Daniel!

Just a thought from Governor Newsom.

SACRAMENTO, CA—Governor Gavin Newsom has released new guidelines for California’s counties looking to reopen their businesses, saying that counties may only begin to lift their lockdowns once a cure for death itself has been found.

“Once we have beaten the last enemy, death itself, we can slowly begin to reopen over a 40-year period,” Newsom said at a press conference Tuesday. “Counties that report even one death for any reason will be forced to keep closures in place indefinitely, until we have answered the eternal question of how to reverse aging and ensure no one can die ever.”

Liberty Quote – Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done — Robert Heinlein

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10 Responses to Get with the program Daniel!

  1. a happy little debunker

    Do bee, Do bee, Do bee, Do bee,
    Not just about medicinal cannabis!

  2. But if it means that Republicans will die, everything is open for business.

  3. Well it sort of makes sense ….. 99% of his followers are Zombie Retards !

  4. grumpy

    That face when the Babylon Bee is more believable than any of the lamestream media. Just made that face!

  5. Riversutra

    Meanwhile in a Melbourne park…5 police officers surround 2 old dears on a park bench. Threaten one with arrest and actually creep up behind the other and snatch her phone out of her hand. Both just sitting on a park bench.
    Only in the Daily Mail ….which says a lot about what our media will not report.

  6. Old Lefty

    Meanwhile, the California legislature has just reduced the penalties for ‘consensual’ relations with minors as young as ten!

    This confirms the long-term strategy of the left. Once they have exploited the scandals in the churches to destroy the traditional basis of moral authority, they will revert to the 1970s agenda (which they have never really recanted, although they pretend to) of normalising such behaviour.

  7. nb

    This is no joke. The state has made itself responsible for every death. The solutions it proposes are more employees, more penalties, more taxes, more pay rises. More of everything, except freedom and personal responsibility.

  8. dover_beach

    This is satire that simply riffs off Wormtongue’s announcement yesterday. What a mockery.

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