Hey Dan we’re not okay.

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  1. stackja

    Dan says”Dan rules! Shut up!”?

  2. stevem

    Predictably the Grattan Institute has come up with a way to support Dan!

    The big difference between Victoria and NSW now is that one state has a plan to get to zero, and one doesn’t.

    And we thought Dan had no support left…

  3. incoherent rambler

    Questioning Reischsfuhrer Andrews is not recommended, unless you want a midnight visit from Shane’s blackshirts.

    Ask Avi.

  4. sfw

    Now the police are saying that they didn’t ask for the curfew, so will Dan tell us who did? I think we all know but confirmation would be good. I still think it was a form of false imprisonment.

  5. Major Elvis Newton

    CSL Chair Brian McNamee gives Dictator Dan and bureaucratic fluffers both barrels in today’s Hun. (paywalled)

    What took you so long, Brian?

  6. mem

    The Australian’s Gerard Henderson says Daniel Andrews is allegedly responsible for the decision in 2009 to stop testing for the swine flu outbreak along with the lack of investment in testing infrastructure.

    2009 Hospitals beat swine flu toll to treat more patients
    Victorian public hospitals have continued to improve their performance over the past year despite the impact of swine flu on the health system.

    Releasing the Your Hospitals report for the 2008–09 year, Health Minister Daniel Andrews said hospitals and health services were treating record numbers of patients needing emergency care and elective surgery and treating them faster.

    ‘Despite the toll of swine flu, our hospitals—and particularly their emergency departments—have maintained or improved levels of performance across key indicators.

    ‘More than 19,000 extra patients attended emergency departments in May and June this year—an 8.6 per cent increase compared with the previous year—as the impact of swine flu spread through the community.

    ‘Hospital staff did a tremendous job coping with the increased demand and I want to thank them for their efforts.

    ‘More than 1,355,400 patients attended 24-hour emergency departments in 2008–09.’

    So Victoria is experiencing less pressure on emergency departments than 2009 yet Daniel Andrews closes down the whole state. Something very rotten in the State of Viktoriastan. Fish rots from the top.

  7. Rex Anger

    Maximum LockDan will continue until morale improves!

    (Or another one of my satraps gets eaten. Please stop eating my satraps… 😢)

    – Puppetmaster Xi

  8. Rex Anger

    @ Mem-

    Careful with thosestatistics you’re bandying about.

    Or Maximum Lockdan’s paid enforcer Matt will come over here and ‘correct’ our ‘factual errors.’

    He’s soooo boring!

  9. calli

    The big difference between Victoria and NSW now is that one state has a plan to get to zero, and one doesn’t.

    Zero jobs?

  10. stevem

    Latest Morgan Poll out on Andrews.

    70% of Victorians approve of the way Premier Andrews is handling is job, but 76% say the Victorian Government should compensate small business. The third Roy Morgan Snap SMS survey on Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions shows 70% approval of Premier.

    Who did they Poll?

  11. nb

    Ephialtes Andrews.
    China ALP.
    Odd that the Grattan Institute should argue for poverty.

  12. nb

    stevem, #3579308 quotes poll: ‘76% say the Victorian Government should compensate small business’
    Er, who is compensating whom?

  13. pat

    10 Sept: Warwick Daily News Australia: Revealed: Australia wrongly sent into lockdown after error
    by Matthew Benns, Daily Telegraph
    Coronavirus modelling used by the Federal Government to send Australia into ­financially crippling lockdown used the wrong figures and dramatically over-estimated how many people could need intensive care.
    When the modelling was released at the start of the pandemic by the Melbourne-based Peter Doherty Institute, it horrified health officials.
    “This is a horrendous scenario,” chief medical officer Brendan Murphy said at the time. “A daily demand for new intensive care beds of 35,000 plus.”

    But The Daily Telegraph can reveal the modelling that Prof Murphy said was “highly technical” and could only be understood by people with “scientific brains” was wrong.
    The modelling accidentally transposed the figures for the number of people who would be hospitalised during COVID-19 if no measures were taken for the number of people who would be admitted into intensive care units.

    The error made the effect of the pandemic appear four times worse than the modelling actually intended, predicting 12,000 people in NSW would go into ICU rather than 3000. And it informed the advice that led to economically crippling lockdowns across the nation.

    “I strongly believe we lock down too hard,” James Cook University professor of infectious diseases modelling Emma McBryde said.
    Her team in Queensland uncovered the error after they were left “scratching our heads” over why the Melbourne modelling was so much worse than their own.
    Once her team had worked out how the error occurred, they contacted the Doherty ­researchers and received an email back confirming the modelling would be updated.
    “That was three months ago and we are still waiting,” Prof McBryde said.
    ***The ABC quoted the incorrect figures again this week.
    “Leaving something inaccurate uncorrected on the public record is pretty close to research misconduct,” Prof McBryde said.

    Professor Jodie McVernon, from the Doherty Institute, confirmed the error was ­noticed in June but said it was confined to two graphs and “the conclusions on the ­response strategies needed to ensure enough ICU beds were available were still accurate”.
    She said they informed the government of the mistake at the time.

  14. MACK

    ABC: “”Tuesday was Lifeline’s busiest day in its history. This is very sad to hear — more people called Lifeline on Tuesday than any other day in the organisation’s 57-year history.”

  15. Fair Shake

    # Dan Victoria Cannot Breathe

  16. mem

    Latest Morgan Poll out on Andrews.

    70% of Victorians approve of the way Premier Andrews is handling is job, but 76% say the Victorian Government should compensate small business. The third Roy Morgan Snap SMS survey on Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions shows 70% approval of Premier.

    Who did they Poll?

    Who commissioned this poll? Who did they poll if anyone at all?
    I understand Mr Morgan is making a tilt at Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne perhaps he thinks supporting Dodgy Dan with a poll that is totally out of sink with even the Age Poll will get him factional support? Just saying.

  17. Fair Shake

    5+ weeks into Vic Lockdown 2.0 plus the other 4months of Lockdown 1.0 and other restrictions. We still get 50+ infections per day in Victoria. Either the stats are bs or the Aged care homes are a disaster beyond recognition. Either way Lockdown 2.0+ is not working and is a monumental disaster.

  18. mh


    Get your knee off my neck!

  19. incoherent rambler

    Who did they Poll?

    Employees at the tractor factory.

  20. Win

    If the Grattan Institute Wuhan Dan want zero cases of Corona and as Victorian communities are not allowed to get herd immunity just how many years do the Pair of them intend to keep Victorian imprisoned in their homes. I suppose they don’t have to built ,feed prisonersand staff Gulags this way.

  21. Up The Workers!

    What is it about “Leadership” and “Leftards”?

    Creepy old dementia-afflicted “Hiden Biden” cowering 6 foot underground in his basement for the Dementiacrats in the U.S.A., and Deadly Dan of the A.L.P. (Association of Leprosy Purveyors) in the Gulag of Mogadishu-By-The-Yarra.

    Just how deep did their Parties have to dredge before they scooped up these two odious specimens as the absolute best they could find to lead them? And what does the fact that they did find them, say about the competence, ability and intelligence of all the rest of the respective memberships?

    Leftardism, where stupidity is regarded as a virtue – it’s like Mensa for Dumb People!

  22. Gerry

    #I say RUOK
    #Dan Says DILLIGAF

  23. Robber Baron

    Dan is looking after me, he will make sure my gulag COVID safe.

  24. Howard Hill

    Who did they Poll?

    That’s easy. The Opposition party of traitors.

  25. Tim Neilson

    The big difference between Victoria and NSW now is that one state has a plan to get to zero, and one doesn’t.

    There’s nothing in the Hunchback’s plan about getting to zero. The plan assumes that some sort of restrictions will be indefinite.

    So do they mean Gladys has a plan to get to zero?

    Or are they just telling a flabbergasting lie?

  26. stevem

    Surely 14 days of no cases to allow the following activities implies Victoria is going for eradication? Do you think Dan wants a permanent ban?

    No restrictions on leaving home
    Schools open for onsite learning with safety measures
    Hospitality open for seated service only
    All retail open
    Galleries, museums and other entertainment venues open with some restrictions
    Public gatherings: Up to 50 people outdoors
    Up to 20 visitors at home

  27. Tim Neilson

    Do you think Dan wants a permanent ban?

    He wants permanent State of Emergency powers.

  28. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From Fair Shake at 11:14 am:

    “# Dan Victoria Cannot Breathe”

    … and, just like Georgie Porgie (deceased) that is because Victorians overdosed on their favourite drug well before the Ching Chong plague turned up, voting Labor for near 40 years.

    Jeff Kennett was their temporary aberration … one conservative government since 1982. When he expected them to make an effort to clean up after Cain and Kirner Victorians felt too tired and voted him out.

    Hulls got 10 years to stack the judicial deck until 2030 or so and Andrews has been voted in for 20 odd years. That includes two terms as Premier. Even after he paid over a billion dollars of the taxpayers’ money to compliant building mega corporations to not build things Victoria voted for Andrews as Premier.

    Work that out!

    As for the cops – people got sad when their police shot crooks (spawned by the BLF, Painters and Dockers, Brian Murphy vs Ray Bennett and Dennis Allen era), some of whom deserved to be killed twice, and demanded they stop being police. Bracks hired Chubby Nixon (I’ll have extra large chips, thanks) from NSW Police Surplus Disposals Store, who begat Simple Simon, Fatty Ashton and a couple of others and the transition was locked in – pretend police as commissioners who would be flat out making it to detective constable in a television series, practised liars all. The electorate got what it clamoured for, a de-knackered police force with nothing to be proud about.

    All of that is quite obvious, clearly evident, but a small proportion of people are being really angry about getting what they voted for, talking it up all the way … to about the same level of commitment as Ballarat Pyjama Girl and her gobby-now-silent husband.

    What happened to the brave freedom fighter who gifted the prosecution public footage of him screeching “effing retards” at the cops who arrived at his townhouse with a valid warrant? That was just a week ago – I remember now, he was pronounced merely “quirky” after months of determined dark-blog-world vendetta against all authority founded on Roswell alien sightings or something; and self promotional baiting of police at disease check points. He filmed it all and stuck it on the internet – not real clever for an aspiring revolutionary leader. I know, I know – the warrant was signed by a copper who was bonking a bent barrister and who thereby surrendered his social licence to sign warrants. I read that here.

    The amusing bit is Comrade Andrews has two years to recover from all this – history tells me that is sufficient time. The Wooohan rabies will likely be old news in six months and everyone will get back to head down, tail up focused on making a quid to catch up. If he’s half smart he will ease some factional ally ministers to the fore to publicly handle compensation and prosecutions and complaints while he fades into the background to purify his image.

    In eighteen months the anger will have subsided, the Liberals will have reacted as they have for the past 40 odd years – that is, done nothing – and Victorian Labor and Andrews will likely make it across the line yet again, unopposed.

  29. nb

    And a new study out of Spain shows that Vitamin D (via Calcifediol) is one of the most effective treatments that reduces the impact of those infected with covid-19. When combined with a prudent standard of care including early delivery of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, the results are pretty staggering.
    August 17, 2020 8:14am
    Of all the bans in coronavirus-mad Australia, the most lunatic is the one on a cheap drug that could save your life.
    How many Australians might die because Victorian doctors are banned from prescribing hydroxychloroquine, listed now as a “poison”?
    When do we get to sue? Or should it be a criminal action?

  30. nb

    I honestly see no reason why these people should not be charged with premeditated murder.

  31. Ozman

    Mick Gold Coast QLD
    #3579676, posted on September 10, 2020 at 3:39 pm

    Thumbs up!!! Perceptive post.

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