I thought the story must have been about Daniel Andrews

This one, that is: ASIO bans Chinese ‘agents’. Turns out not this time, but we should not forget this: Inside Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative deal with China.

Premier Daniel Andrews had signed a memorandum of understanding with Beijing to make his state a member of the Communist Party’s $1.5 trillion Belt and Road Initiative – the only government in the country to do so.

Anyone who doesn’t recognise the nature and size of this problem with Victoria has no sense of what matters in politics. Victoria is now living our version of a communist tyranny, with our police turned into the Stasi and the economy run from the centre by the government. Everyone does know that Andrews is from the Socialist-Left of the ALP, don’t they?

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30 Responses to I thought the story must have been about Daniel Andrews

  1. Texas Jack

    Andrews is just the most jagged tip of the iceberg that is proof of the demise of the Liberal Party. It’s no use blaming Andrews for being a Leftard. At least he’s being true-to-Leftard-brand. Plenty of reasons to blame the Photios Party for being so utterly useless that the Victorian Premier feels immune to political threats. He’s treating them for the weak knuckleheads they are.

  2. Robbo

    If Andrews was a Chinese provincial leader and he signed up his Province to receive multi billions from a Belt and Road deal orchestrated by Australia he would suddenly not be seen anywhere. Many months later the news would filter out that he had been executed for committing serious crimes against the State. Don’t let anyone tell you that such a scenario could not occur because we all know that Chinese citizens live with this every day. Why is it that Andrews has no bloody idea about the people to whom he wants to sell us?

  3. Rohan

    Is that how we can remove him from power? Based on national security issues?

  4. cuckoo

    All is not well, comrade. After Andrews tried to suggest that the request for a curfew came from Vicpol, the chief commissioner has come out to say they never requested it. As is usual with late-stage despotisms, every member is ready to shiv every other member at a moment’s notice in the interest of staying alive.

  5. Professor Fred Lenin

    Is Treason still a criminal offence ? Is capital punisment still the penalty for it ?does ASIO have the power to aprehend and keep for questioning people suspected of this crime ?have andrews Chinese assosciates been investigated for espionage ? Is subversion against the Commonwealth a crime?
    Treasonous assosciation opens a legal can of worms
    . Wasnt whitlam sacked for his dodgy deals with a middle eastern crook ?

  6. duncanm

    Texas Jack is right.

    The Feds (libs, don’t forget), should have squashed this blatant breach of the constitution when it occured, or when they first heard about it.

  7. Fair Shake

    Worst Premier Ever. And I should know I’ve voted for a few over the years

  8. Riversutra

    “Victoria is now living our version of a communist tyranny, with our police turned into the Stasi and the economy run from the centre by the government.” and how easy was that? You have to give it to the left for the ruthless application of power to achieve the required outcome. The problem being the required outcome is the same old shite outcome every time.
    And then they blame the people for what happens and increase the tyranny ..see Hotel Quarantine, Dan Andrews Govt response.

  9. H B Bear

    Andrews is just the end point. VicPlod increasingly politicised under the last 3 Commissioners, compromised in the Lawyer X Royal Commission; the judicial system hopelessly compromised by Rob Hull’s appointments and exposed by the Pell case and by the High Court. The rule of law and the foundations of the common law are close to absent in Victoriastan. Yet seemingly accepted by a majority of the people.

  10. Gerry

    The polio outbreaks in Africa are all occurring in BRI contracted countries. Just sayin’

  11. stevem

    The thing that surprises me most is that Andrews thinks there is nothing wrong with signing an agreement with a foreign power and keeping the terms secret.

    He is behaving in all aspects contrary to any semblance of democracy. For democracy to survive, the greater the autonomy assumed, the greater the transparency that must be enabled.

    He has absolute autonomy and is providing zero transparency on anything – this is tha route taken by all dictators.

  12. H B Bear

    For somebody elected on a platform of tearing up a contract (albeit one entered into in questionable faith) Andrews is showing little respect for the common law.

  13. Chris M

    Always wanted to attend a genuine ‘tar and feathering’. C’mon you Viktorians, get a rail and sort out that evil turkey, the rest of the country is waiting for it. Humiliation, rejection from country and seizure of all assets.

  14. Professor Fred Lenin

    The rats are starting to gnaw on him ,the two top MO s denying the curfew ,the Stasi doing the same ,the communist media having a nibble ,first signs of a backstabbing for DANDEMIC DAN .
    Its a leftist thing ,they did it to Hawke , Hayden Beasley, the krudster ,giliard then shortass DANDEMIC DAN is not immune . Just a matter of time before another ambitious leftist scumbag career polliemuppet steps forward with delusions of power far beyond their abilities .
    Its always a sign the ship is sinking when the rats get restless.

  15. Texas Jack

    Meanwhile, nobody is watching what’s going down in NSW where Barilaro appears to have grown a set, and not before time. Sitting in the joint party-room with that utter Muppet, Matt Keane must be excruciating.

  16. Rafiki

    Is thera a close relationship between the deal with the CCP andAndrews’ policies? At the point where there is very serious economic decline, will he announce that recovery must be based on putting the deal into effect? He might think that if the electorate supports him, the Commonwealth cannot afford politically to stand in his way. Plenty of ifs and buts here, but he may that this is his only way to stay in power.

  17. Beachcomber

    Australia Is a Police State Now. All It Took Was a Little Flu

    “Buhler is due to appear in court in January next year. She could be jailed for up to 15 years”

  18. maman

    Rafiki @ 2:08pm

    “At the point where there is a very serious economic decline, will he announce that the recovery must be based on putting the deal into effect?”

    And “the deal” is put into effect, and the $$$$ distributed, with great largesse to Andrews’ worthys, without any Victorian Parliamentary oversight because we are still in the 6 month State of Emergency??

    Thank You Patten, Thank You Meddick, Thank You Ratnam.

  19. Petros

    Wondering why so many QLD ministers are not contesting the next election. Internal polling suggesting a routing perhaps?

  20. Papachango

    Worst Premier Ever. And I should know I’ve voted for a few over the years

    I would have said ‘can’t possibly be worse than John Cain’… but that was before the CFA/MF debacle, the CCP deal and the formation of the Danistan Soviet Socialist Republic.

    We had the Stasi helicopters flying overhead at 8:40 pm last night for fuck’s sake…

  21. Hay Stockard

    How many present and former Labor politicians are comprised by the CCP?

  22. Professor Fred Lenin

    Are you suggesting some of our fine socialist politicians have been financially compromised by the Chinese like would be President of the USA Paedo Joe Biden ?
    Dont think ours are as smart as Paedo Joe, he takes bribes from the Ukraine too . Russian involvement by Trump ? If the decromats accuse someone of a crime that means they have done and are still doing that crime .
    A question does anyone think DANDEMIC DAN is comprimised by the Vhinese ?

  23. JohnJJJ

    You are a bit hard on Andrews … he says “sorry” a lot.

  24. sfw

    I said on another post that if the Libs really wanted to get noticed and bring Andrews to account, the Leader of the Libs should put out an ad or statement that next Saturday he is holding a public rally on the steps of Parliament House. Would Andrews police goons arrest his political opposite? If they did how would it play out? I’m certain that if the jelly backed leader of the opposition (can’t remember his name) would get many thousands turning up.

  25. Papachango

    We had the Stasi helicopters flying overhead at 8:40 pm

    actually that was a typo – it was 8:04 am, right after curfew started. Checking for any renegades to round up…

  26. nb

    Hay Stockard, #3579693: ‘How many present and former Labor politicians are comprised by the CCP?’
    It must be entertaining working for ASIO at the moment, ticking the compromised-by-the-Chinese column on a list of ALP luminaries.

  27. JohnA

    JohnJJJ #3579757, posted on September 10, 2020, at 4:55 pm

    You are a bit hard on Andrews … he says “sorry” a lot

    But he isn’t – that’s the trouble!

  28. Up The Workers!

    Interesting that the estimated cost of Deadly Dan’s famous “Bat Soup and Toad Initiative”, Labor Leprosy, Peking Pox, Chi-Com Cough, Socialist Syphilis, Sino Sneeze, Bolshevik Bronchitis, Dodgy-Dan’s Distemper to the Mogadishu-By-The-Yarra economy, is estimated to be around $23 Billion.

    That is exactly the same amount that former Labor Misgovernment Premier, John Dumby charged Victorian taxpayers with, for that useless unused pile of rusting nuts and bolts in a Wonthaggi paddock, called the “Desalination Plant” which we paid for, but somehow or other, the Unions now own.

    Labor should be made to pay for the results of their own cretinous stupidity, incompetence and embezzlement.

    If they bleat that they cannot afford to pay reparations for the damage they’ve done or the loot they’ve stolen, they could always steal the odd $20 million or so from the H.S.U. – there IS a precedent, as I recall.

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