Freedom Slipping Away

Well done to the Cats who produced this.

Many thanks to the people who have sent this to me.

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  1. Ozman says:


  2. Simon Thompson says:


  3. m0nty says:

    Anti-vaxx lunacy never sounded so good.

  4. John A says:

    I wish to associate myself with that expression of enjoyment (Poobah)

  5. Some History says:

    Maximum Merit


  6. mh says:

    Is this Struth?

  7. Some History says:

    You were getting in “the groove”, Mont?

  8. m0nty says:

    I was enjoying it until he started in on the vaccine. Bird in song form is still Bird.

  9. calli says:

    Bravo! 👏👏👏

  10. Rex Mango says:

    Very well done team.

  11. Lee says:

    I love the Cats who made this. Made my day. Thank-you

  12. MatrixTransform says:

    nice work!!

  13. C.L. says:

    Which Cats produced it?? Struth and ??
    Some details would be nice.

    Nice job, excellent guitar work and A-1 voice/singing.

  14. egg_ says:

    Nice job, excellent guitar work and A-1 voice/singing.


    Good recording quality, too.

  15. egg_ says:

    Maximum Merit

    Max Lockdown and the Flatfoots?

  16. Struth says:

    No it was me.
    But in an industrial shed with only about 20 people around, and a bloody dog that you can actually hear bark toward the end.
    My stupid mutt.
    Sort of a private party, but I stuck it in near the end and it went over surprisingly well.
    Aunty Mel playing the tambourine did well.
    One woman cried, (she had a bit of a tear in her eye.) I think she was so relieved in hearing the truth out loud.
    Came home and stuck some harmonies to it, to make it a pass, as I was a bit pissed singing it at the party.

    Very interesting response.
    People are holding back, but they are going to explode, the response afterwards proves it, I was taking the lid off the pressure cooker.
    I had one old chook walk out who I expected to walk out, but that was it.

  17. nb says:

    This is one of the most amazing moments of television I have ever seen…
    Tony Heller, excerpt of a Fox interview with Newt Gingrich ‘The One Who Must Not Be Named’

  18. Struth says:

    Thanks for the kind words about the guitaring and singing but it was all pretty rough and on the spot.
    Especially the guitaring when slightly under the weather.
    I could do a studio version and make it sound heaps better, but that is not the point.
    The point is to hear the response from the people.
    I’ll never forget the lady hugging me with tears in her eyes afterwards.
    That’s what made me decide to put up this rough live version instead.
    My purely political motives regarding that point.
    There are some good people in this country, they just are too peaceful!!

  19. nb says:

    ‘they just are too peaceful!!’
    Too passive, perhaps. Too hypnotised, perhaps. But not too peaceful.

  20. jupes says:

    Well done struth. Superb stuff.

  21. Another Ian says:

    Around this area

    The link here would help remind Victorians of how it could have been

  22. calli says:

    Was that you Struth?

    Holy Cow! You’re goooood! 🎸

  23. Rex Anger says:

    I was enjoying it until he started in on the vaccine. Bird in song form is still Bird.

    Good news, Cats! I found mUnted’s theme tune!

    It also has other uses. Play it in the background on a loop when Maximum LockDan or any other State Premier carries out their daily ‘Press Briefing,’ and I think you will find life is not quite as awful…

    Maybe it might also go well if overlaid over any organised appearances for Sleepy Joe and his lady running mate, Kamala ‘I like Willies, Brown?’

  24. Rex Anger says:

    @ Struth-

    Well done, that man!

  25. Struth says:

    If you can link to it anyway you can with your social media right now I won’t benefit in anyway but I feel hearing this stuff now being sung in public and the response could be as powerful an influence to many as the response had on me.
    The lady that cried was a lovely Phillipines lady a real sweety.
    She wouldn’t let me go.
    She just about had me going for my hanky!.
    Real men don’t cry but my bottom lip was just about to give up.
    Bloody women.

  26. Howard Hill says:

    Absolutely AWESOME, Struth. Already shared it with many, many people.

    If you right click on the media bar you can download it, stick on your phone and send it to everyone in your contacts list.

  27. Bar Beach Swimmer says:

    Struth, well done!

  28. Snoopy says:

    Excellent, Struth!

    Now I’m looking forward to Monty livestreaming him and his family getting vacced.

  29. Mater says:

    Anti-vaxx lunacy never sounded so good.

    It’s not anti-vax, you halfwit. It’s anti-concoction.
    Speak to a variety of medical people, and you’ll be surprised how many of them are strongly pro-vaccination but will NOT be consenting to this particular one.

    It’s basically politics in a syringe.

  30. HT says:

    You don’t sound anything like that when I read your posts Struth!

  31. Chris M says:

    Excellent man!

  32. John of Mel says:

    Amazing stuff, Struth!

  33. Crossie says:

    Bravo, Struth. Great guitar work and singing.

  34. Goanna says:

    Well done Struth.
    Good on you.

  35. Rex Anger says:

    @ Snoopy-

    Now I’m looking forward to Monty livestreaming him and his family getting vacced.

    Already predicted by Frank Oz and Jim Henson…

  36. Struth says:

    Please link to these songs as much as you can but don’t mention me or who it is from, please.

  37. Tintarella di Luna says:

    It’s basically politics in a syringe.

    Mater that is a keeper. Brilliant.

  38. Bar Beach Swimmer says:

    did you see my work on Botany Bay?

  39. Tintarella di Luna says:

    Congratulations Struth what fantastic guitar and voice — I played it in the car all the way home several times and played it to the Sunbather most impressed — he saw Max Merritt live many times when he was in London and was very complimentary on your stellar rendition. Raw is great.

  40. notafan says:

    Well done struth

  41. Rohan says:

    Well done Strewth. But it needs more Hammond.

  42. Cardimona says:

    Outbloodystanding, Struth.
    Goose bumps up both arms.

  43. HT says:

    Mrs HT and the child prodigy have already shared the YT link on their FB pages and various comments sections where they hang-out.

  44. Struth says:

    did you see my work on Botany Bay?

    Yes I did BBS, and I have copied it to word so I’ll get to it eventually.

    I have given my word on so many other things at the moment taking too much of my time.
    But I’ll get to it, some good versus, and more nuanced than I would write, which is why I asked for input in the first place.
    Some of it will definitely be used.

  45. Struth says:

    Well done struth

    Good on you Notafan, very nice of you to say so.

  46. mh says:

    More cowbell.

  47. Bar Beach Swimmer says:


  48. Struth says:

    Well done Strewth. But it needs more Hammond.

    And base and drums and a string section with some back up singers.

    But nothing like some good keyboards.

  49. Mater says:

    #3588339, posted on September 17, 2020 at 6:20 pm
    Well done struth

    Well done, Notafan.
    A class act. Kudos.

  50. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Bravo, Struth. We are all feeling our freedoms slipping away or being violently wrenched off us.

  51. egg_ says:

    needs more Hammond.

    Excellent mic’ing of the acoustic guitar, picks up the bass notes from the guitar body very well.

    Played back well over my ol’ faithful JBL Eon10 G2’s (plus dual 6″ sub cab) to get the dynamics of the live performance.

    One can never have too much cowbell, however.

  52. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Bravo, Struth. We are all feeling our freedoms slipping away or being violently wrenched off us.

    Send it to Alan Jones?

  53. Monty – how can you be anti vaxx if there is literally – no vaccine?

    Come on, it doesn’t rhyme perfectly with an infamous song by Ice Cube.

  54. Mater says:

    Did you notice the other song on the same YT channel?
    Your suggestion, I believe?

  55. notafan says:

    Though pretty disappointed about the lack of piano accordion.

    You promised.

  56. egg_ says:

    The OT Clown Posse’s been slow to comment.

    Funny that.

  57. Megan says:

    Fantastic, Struth! Brilliant work. Now to share it around.

  58. Keith Forwheels says:

    Thanks Struth, makes all the lurking worthwhile when you hit the occasional nugget of solid gold. Appreciated.

  59. Howard Hill says:

    You’ve done it now, Struth.
    It’s gone viral in my neck of the woods, it’s being sent round the world.
    I’ve had it sent back to me over a dozen times already, everyone loves it 🙂
    Well done dude, you’re a legend!

  60. rickw says:

    I was enjoying it until he started in on the vaccine. Bird in song form is still Bird.

    Co-morbidity Cockhead.

  61. John Smith101 says:

    Brilliant. Thank you. Passing it on.

  62. Filbert says:

    Poor Leigh Lowe 🙂
    Excellent work Struth!

  63. RuthM says:

    Ripper, Struth; great voice!

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