Lawyers Working To Balance The Justice System

WHEN all other excuses fail, Democrat street terrorists brandish their brownness. It is impossible to respect an alleged renegade whose violence only proceeds on the understanding that he or she will be treated like a naive piccaninny when caught. They lack the courage of a George Washington’s convictions and should therefore be treated with contempt by everyone – including juries.

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22 Responses to Lawyers Working To Balance The Justice System

  1. Andre

    They won’t get 45 years of course but this is a criminal act and they should get gaol time and, worse for them, their legal future will only be with the leftie Democrat firms. Surely they will enjoy defending their activist loser friends for just legal aid money and representing union thugs against the usual stand-over tactic charges.

  2. stackja

    “allegedly setting fire to an empty cop car” no big only arson.

  3. Bronson

    Love the T shirt – ‘The struggle continues regardless’ or maybe not if we get caught.

  4. Scott Osmond

    There was a time when arson like rape and murder got you hung. I can’t help but think that if we want our civilisation back we will have to return to what worked. As for these 2 do we call it brown or DemocRat privilege?

  5. Colonel Bunty Golightly

    Hang em high. Hang em hard!

  6. Not on the Left

    Colin & Urooj are children of immigrants …

    I thought everyone was supposed to be equal before the law, even “immigrants”?

    beloved by friends …

    What does that have to do with anything? Even the very worst people (including serial killers) are “beloved by friends.”

    lawyers working to balance the justice system

    How does that justify acts of domestic terrorism, and where is this alleged lack of balance in the justice system?
    If a lawyer won’t respect the law, why should anyone?

  7. JohnJJJ

    There is a wonderful artistic similarity of posters and Tshirts with the Socialist Alliance in Australia, that became the Green Left, Resistance and then the Young Socialist Alliance and then…. ( they must update the Trot Guide so we can follow all this). I’ve noticed the same style in graphics in the USA. Perhaps there is a PhD in that.

  8. Adam D

    lawyers working to balance the justice system

    So they have the means to actually make a difference and resorted to vandalism. Reminds me of Michelle Obama using a hashtag to save girls whilst married to the most powerful man in the world.

  9. thefrollickingmole

    If they want anarchy and a overthrow of the “system” then they must be “down” with the Communist/Francoist treatment during the Spanish Civil War.

    Hint: Neither side was interested in prisoners.

    So by those terms they must be happy knowing that they are to be written off and their bodies dumped in a ditch somewhere.

    Oh and collective punishments of whole groups as the norm.

    Because if you want a revolution you dont get to pick the outcome or style you only get to live with the consequences.

  10. Professor Fred Lenin

    I certainly wouldnt give them 44 years in orison ,its a strange number,no 50 yesrs sounds better ,nice tound figure ,they would of course serve every day of the sentence ,plus any added time for breaking prison rules .
    They could apply for parole after 49years 11 months of their term , Perhaps a salutary lesson for would be revolutionsries._

  11. Pedro the Loafer

    No big deal.
    The cop car was empty, so no cops were burned alive, and a fully equipped police patrol car only costs north of $150,000.

    Tell them not to be naughty kids and take a dollar a week out of their pocket money.

  12. Frank

    Those law degrees all for nothing if they get convicted. Pretty harsh lesson for them. I’m down with that. Urooj may have some parents that fail to see the virtue of what she has achieved however.

  13. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    If they want anarchy and a overthrow of the “system” then they must be “down” with the Communist/Francoist treatment during the Spanish Civil War.

    “But we thought the revolution would such jolly fun!”

  14. The BigBlueCat

    I hope the US Justice system can work this one out … but their should lose their licence to practice law.

  15. Biota

    This lot are like dogs chasing cars. They wouldn’t know what to do with it if they caught it. If all of their demands were suddenly met they would still find something to struggle about because the struggle is the end not the means. They will have equalidy in prison, with everything paid for by the txapayers- just what they are after.

  16. Lawrence Ayres

    If they were white kids who were drunk and decided to warm themselves by burning a Chevy they would feel the wrath of the law. These two little alleged arsonists deserve no less.

  17. Mother Lode

    So the children of immigrants are entitled to tell the country that they were admitted to that it must be run according to their whims.

    Presumably they also consider the native inhabitants of the country they find themselves in have less claim.

    I mention this because, although they are the children of immigrants rather than immigrants themselves, what else is the point of mentioning the immigration connection at all?

  18. Shane

    Silly Mummy Lode,
    ”…what else is the point of mentioning the immigration connection at all? ”
    Haven’t you been listening for the past 40 years?
    Don’t you know that our strength lies in our diversity,
    just like what is happening here in Oz or like in Gotenberg, Sweden where one gang with a difficult Swedish name like ‘ I Khan’ never seems to get prosecuted as the witnesses either die or if really smart, refuse to testify.
    In contrast to the treatment that these two sweet little things are enduring because they never learned that actions have consequences…
    ”Portland paper Willamette Week [has] provided a platform for Portland rioters charged with crimes who are upset that Andy Ngo posted public records profiling their alleged criminal activity. ”

  19. John Barr

    Oh what a load of crap. The only thing Lawyers work for is their Financial Bottom Line & how to work it so they can Legally rip people off. Oh, & to protect one another’s Bottom Line.

  20. Hay Stockard

    I’m in favour of seeing them hanged. Use the lift shafts of buildings that have been torched by their mobs. However, as previous said above, upon conviction they lose their law licences.
    Having said that the Demorats have stuffed the US judicial system.

  21. Chris M

    Well if it was a Vikcop car, then we would be sad. We wish no harm to our insect overlords.

  22. Gyro Cadiz

    Where’s my pico-violin?

    The nano-violin is too big for this sad song of these sorry snowflakes.

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