David Bidstrup guest post. “Fith-20″ (the new old disease)

There is a very dangerous disease sweeping Australia. It manifests in the complete inability of those afflicted to engage in rational thought processes. It seems to affect those people who are in “leadership” positions more than ordinary folk, although the more gullible in the wider population join in the hysteria when told that the “modelling” suggests everyone would be vulnerable and millions will die.

People affected with Fith-20 suffer from delusions of grandeur and when the disease is severe the sufferer will act in ways that resemble the fascist dictators of recent history. Symptoms include pathological lying, intense use of propaganda, implementing measures to restrict freedom and condoning Gestapo like tactics from law enforcement officers. They may also institute curfews, roadblocks and patrols to check cyclists are no further than 5 km from home and that Grannies sitting on park benches are not enjoying themselves too much. Running people down with police cars and inflicting grievous bodily harm is also on the agenda. When their agents are questioned about their anti-social behaviour they invoke the Nuremburg defence. Bureaucratic flunkies also deny any involvement in the decisions taken to lock up the population. Blame shifting is a notable symptom.

As the disease intensifies the affected person’s behaviour becomes more bizarre and their belief that they are the only person who can save the world builds until it manifests in full blown self-delusion and pathological behaviour. All offers of help are refused because the sufferer is unable to admit that they cannot do it all themselves and this feeling of intense responsibility to save everyone blinds them to everyday reality. They lose any capacity for self-awareness, empathy and common sense.

The victim of Fith-20 just wants everyone to do as he/she says regardless of the damage caused or any evidence offered contrary to their delusional belief in impending doom. Normal democratic processes are suspended without question and subordinates choose to obey rather than offer advice as it could lead to severe sanctions or job loss. Ordinary folk are prohibited from making a protest on pain of arrest and stiff fines or imprisonment.

The afflicted seem to develop a naïve faith in ritualistic behaviour as a method of control. The mandated use of face masks when the evidence shows that they are ineffective is one, the constant heckling of people to “socially distance”, wash their hands and refuse to hug or shake hands are others. As these pointless rituals gather credibility the wider populace believe they are entitled to harass their fellow man if they see any one infringing.

A further progression of the disease sees the sufferer obsess about actions that they think would be beneficial. One common action is to engage in obsessive “testing” and endless grandstanding in press conferences where the latest results are conveyed to the masses. As the testing progresses, the criteria for an acceptable end to the “crisis” gets refined towards lunacy, where total obliteration is the only result that the Fith-20 afflicted person can contemplate. They also produce “road maps” out of the chaos but experience shows that these are usually directions to get further up shit creek.

There have been outbreaks of a similar disease in Australia and worldwide before today. An outbreak of Fith in the USA in the 1970’s unleashed the global warming/climate change panic that still afflicts us to this day and another outbreak in Australia in 2000 resulted in the destruction of the country’s electricity system which remains to the present time and seems unlikely to be resolved in my lifetime. Any casual look at the decisions of federal and state governments over many years will indicate that this is just a variant of a disease that has been around politics for ever, (think NDIS, NBN, VET-Fee Help, Pink Batts, school halls, renewable energy, blowing up power stations – need I go on).

Many wonder if there will ever be a cure for Fith-20. Current “science” seems to indicate that until there is a way to vaccinate against Fith-20 everyone will just have to get used to being monstered by idiots.  There are some tests being developed to try and identify people susceptible to the disease but they are in the very early stages. One involves using cards similar to the Rorschach ink blot test where the person being tested has to tell the difference between an arsehole and a hole in the ground but this is considered too complex for the ordinary politician.

Ordinary citizens have little chance of eradicating Fith from the political class unless they stop voting for drongo’s, idiots and dangerously deranged ideologues. History shows that this is unlikely to happen so my advice to Victorians is to emigrate as soon as possible, but not to Queensland or WA as there is an ongoing outbreak of Fith-20 in each of those states with no end in sight.

(For the non-medical reader, Fith stands for f**ked in the head.).

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14 Responses to David Bidstrup guest post. “Fith-20″ (the new old disease)

  1. mundi

    Fith-20 is now unstoppable. We are on the down hill toward the cliff. Complete economic collapse and dictator ship is next

  2. feelthebern

    Douglas Murray has written & spoken about this extensively this year.

  3. Delta

    Thank you Rafe. A good one and I was able to have a laugh. I think your ink blot test nails it.

  4. nb

    Experience in the USA shows that Fith-20 is carried into new jurisdictions by those fleeing the central points of contagion.

  5. min

    Always known it as the Fith Syndrome in Oz , however in the States my profession there calls them FUBABs
    F**Ck ed Up Beyond All belief.

  6. Boxcar

    The uniform, unarguable outcome of Covid is that in almost every country on the planet, of every political persuasion, not a single leader has emerged, although Trump gets a pass.
    And every one of them is now caught in their double down dilemmas, blame someone else, roll out the next snafu.
    Andrews and all his equals will be scanning each others tactics and evaluating when and how they should adopt them.. Is he doing a Boris Johnson now or vice versa, or did someone else originate it?
    Andrews must be the worldwide poster boy right now, he’s behaving that way, but does he have an end game, or is just going to keep finding new targets to blame.
    He can’t let his guard down or he could get a million man protest, so I cannot see him letting go of his 5K limit.
    and why would he when he has to get through to the Winter flu season next year, and do it all over again

  7. MACK

    The Fith virus originated in universities. In the ancient past, reporters for newspapers and television started off as apprentices covering the courts, attending local council meetings and getting to know colourful identities at the races. They learnt about the real world, became naturally sceptical, and built up networks of people out there for years before they were allowed to write opinion pieces. Now reporters are journalists who have gone to university into the arts faculty, where their brains are corrupted by culture warriors. They all dream of being famous novelists. Then they start work and read Twitter, the New York Times and the Guardian all day. And so the masses are fed garbage and have no idea what’s really going on. That’s why dictators get away with what they do.

  8. Rousie

    Double Down Dan
    Elegant combination of ridicule and cut through.
    I like it

  9. Hay Stockard

    Sweden seems to have escaped this sickness.

  10. DP

    Dear Mr Bidstrup

    There are many diseases inflicting the world today. The biggest is called ‘government’, which has killed hundreds of millions.

    Currently there is no cure and there is little prospect of there ever being one.


  11. Eyrie

    DP, correct. Forget about the virus. The real problem is a planet wide plague of government

  12. John Bayley

    Sweden seems to have escaped this sickness.


    Have you looked at their migration policies recently?
    Or visited the ‘no-go’ ghettos in places like Malmo?

    Sweden has been socialist for a long time. One exception – their relaxed policy toward the Chinese beer virus – does not defy the fact that within the next couple of decades at most, Swedes will be a minority in their own country, and sharia will be the law of their land.

  13. Ozman

    #3589784, posted on September 18, 2020 at 9:00 pm

    The Fith virus originated in universities….Now reporters are journalists who have gone to university into the arts faculty, where their brains are corrupted by culture warriors. They all dream of being famous novelists. Then they start work and read Twitter, the New York Times and the Guardian all day…. That’s why dictators get away with what they do

    I think I am getting the picture.

    Excerpt from:
    Let It Roll Stoned
    (Daily Edition)

    The Twitterquesce perspective impinges upon the Guardianish jollies only to the extent one’s perception warrants more penetration of thought. Dictatorial contributions from an andrewesque view allows poignant contemplation of death wishes and sodomite projections to conjure up hellish nights of the fith-20, capturing Novemberish petards springing from the bowels of certain members of the cohort’s legislative ensembles.

  14. John A

    Blame shifting is a notable symptom.

    To be precise this is “blame avoidance” rather than shifting, so that others may engage in “plausible deniability.”

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