Good news everybody, China is thinking about peak emissions! Plus David Evans on the politics of climate science reporting

Well if you can believe this, you can believe anything.

“China is willing to contribute more and we are now considering and studying a mid-century long-term vision for climate change, including such issues as the peaking of carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality.”

China’s former chief climate negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, said in a speech on Wednesday that the country had met its 2020 carbon emission target three years of schedule and was “making active preparations” for updating the 2030 target.

Beijing is favouring clean energy over fossil fuels in its coronavirus recovery package, but provinces have reverted to building coal power plants to reboot economic growth.

In its initial pledge towards the Paris Agreement, China committed to peaking emissions by 2030 and cut the carbon intensity of its economy 60-65% from 2005 levels.

Signatories to the Paris pact are expected to submit updated targets by the end of 2020, but the UN only expects 80 to meet the deadline, not including China.

UK climate action champion Nigel Topping said on Twitter that China’s announcement “raises expectations for COP26 in Glasgow next year. Could China be about to join the race to zero?”


Bonus. A blast from the past. David Evans on the politics of reporting climate science. Interesting to see at 4 minutes that China  led the way  in 2009, refusing to sign the Copenhagan Treaty!

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23 Responses to Good news everybody, China is thinking about peak emissions! Plus David Evans on the politics of climate science reporting

  1. nb

    ‘if you can believe this’
    Oh, the cynicism. Don’t you know they have a million Uighurs, six million Hong Kongers, any number of other prisoners in colonies, they can put onto gym bikes 20 hours a day to generate electricity. When they die from exhaustion, they can sell off their organs to generate funds to pay for more bikes, and more police to imprison more environmentally friendly generators. Maybe Victorians, for example.
    Doable. Very doable.

  2. RobK

    China has been playing the rest of the world like a fiddle.
    More fool the rest of the world.
    China has a sensible energy policy.
    More fool the rest of the world.

  3. mizaris

    Their mouths are open … they are lying.

  4. stackja

    Red China zero credibility on all things.
    PLA virus crippling the West.
    Red China getting help from the usual suspects

  5. jupes

    In its initial pledge towards the Paris Agreement, China committed to peaking emissions by 2030 and cut the carbon intensity of its economy 60-65% from 2005 levels.

    “Carbon intensity” is just obfuscation. China has been increasing the number of CO2 molecules it releases into the atmosphere each and every year this century. They will continue to do so.

    But hey, just like a BLM protest won’t spread the China virus, Chinese CO2 emissions won’t heat the world to hell. Only western nations’ CO2 emissions will do that.

    Believe the science.

  6. Gab

    So the China virus is over in China and they’re moved on?

    China has been playing this game for years and yet their CO2 output has only ever increased. Some people are so easily fooled.

    Picture China as Lucy telling Charlie Brown as the rest of the world to go head and kick that ball as she promises to hold it for real this time.

  7. China, wind and solar power, where, in the West, these are the two favoured weather dependent power generation sources.
    China loudly proclaims that they do it bigly, and the green filth falls for it hook line and sinker.
    They have (far far far and away) the highest Nameplate for wind power on the Planet, leaving everyone else far into the background, so far that it’s daylight second.
    However, when it comes to actual generated power, there is the usual back story, one that the green filth cannot even begin to comprehend, and one that China knows that the green filth will fall for every time, that Nameplate and actual generated power are two entirely different things.
    Here in lowly Australia where our Nameplate is positively minute by comparison, wind power delivers 9% of all generated power at a Capacity Factor of 28.5%.
    In the U.S. wind power generates 7.4% of all power at a CF of 31%.
    However in China with such huge Nameplate, wind only delivers 6.6% of all generated power at a CF of just 22%.
    Lip service to a compliant and unknowing green target is what China is actually DOING.

  8. egg_

    ‘if you can believe this’

    Gweilo very gullible.

  9. W Hogg

    China’s former chief climate negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, said in a speech on Wednesday that the country had met its 2020 carbon emission target three years of schedule

    This is nonsensical. They met their 2020 (and 2030) targets at the instant of signing. They physically could not generate the doubling of CO2E of the 2020 target even if they wanted to.

  10. NoFixedAddress

    renewable energy is Chinese Communist Party revenge for Opium that only their then ‘elite’ consumed.

  11. Rafe Champion

    Picture China as Lucy
    Thanks Gab, that is my favourite image of the situation!

  12. Michel Lasouris

    CCP are liars , thieves, and cheats to a man ( and woman) .

  13. exsteelworker

    Well obviously their bullying tactics aren’t working. So now they try and get the gullible greenies, we’re all going to fry on side. Soon we’ll here from Sarah “accidents happen ” Young, “China is saving the earth from climate change, Australia needs to go zero emissions tomorrow, buy more renewables from ( guess who) CHINA!, otherwise we’re all doomed ” I suspect the CCP are shitting themselves. Their Chinese virus has destroyed any goodwill we had with them before WuFlu. Businesses are moving away from China, and they know it. Now their trying the ” we are the saviours of Earths climate ” to save face…TRUST is EARNED Dictator Xi, not given.

  14. duncanm

    #3589906, posted on September 18, 2020 at 11:10 pm

    So the China virus is over in China and they’re moved on?

    exactly. What are they trying to distract from, now ?

  15. Fair Shake

    Their ABC and SBSs lead story taken care of this evening.

  16. Lrp

    If the greens don’t like CO2 they need to back nuclear power. Easy!

  17. Faye

    Come in spinner. This is part of China’s world dominance program. Suck in the EU/UN, kid they are going Full Monty on “emissions”, give the one-world government hopefuls much needed money (army? anyone), strengthen the climate change fear boondoggle and become indispensable to the creation of a borderless nationless cultureless lawless oppressed swamp of desperate tribes, except for the elites, of course.

  18. Genghis

    They are building 150 Nuclear Reactors by 2030 but it will only meet 20% of their power needs but those 150 Nuclear Reactors are only the beginning.

  19. Squirrel

    It’s all OK – in the extremely unlikely event that China doesn’t honour this commitment to the international community, Straya’s role as a “renewable energy superpower” will allow us to bring them into line.

    All pigs hydrogen-fueled and ready for take-off.

  20. Rafe Champion

    Heaven forbid that we would try to coerce them Squirrel, we will shame them by our example.

  21. RJH

    Commendable work putting this together Rafe, with more of this standard of exposure of the Emperor’s lack of clothing I expect that 50% to increase substantially even against the will of the cretinous hucksters in the MSM

  22. PeteD

    Imagine looking at China’s behaviour over recent years and then setting an environmental policy (or any other) based upon their well known desire to honour the promises made in International agreements.

    Imagine thinking that they’ll do the right thing for the world if it means a limitation on their powers.l

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