M-A-G-A 1 and 2

And this was the original

Need to cheer up!! What sourpusses the other side is, not to mention how disgusting their political views are.

Instead, we have had:




While the Democrats are running the American equivalent of Daniel Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk!!!

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11 Responses to M-A-G-A 1 and 2

  1. nb

    Free enterprise.

  2. mundi

    MAGA by deregulating capitalism!

  3. Robber Baron

    That was hilarious.

    Marxism is devoid of fun.

  4. Gerry

    Mundi ….capitalism shouldn’t need deregulating ….it’s the government control that’s making regulation ….

  5. Catcalling Inebriate

    I wonder how many Trump staff have to provide public evidence of his abuse of office and total disregard for the US public before Kates actually climbs down from this pathetic parade? Really. The man is a grub.

  6. Crossie

    This definitely beats Kevin07’s resuscitation of “It’s Time”.

  7. Hay Stockard

    That’s the gay vote locked in.

  8. Struth

    Have they already got to those videos and taken them down?

  9. calli

    Looks like it, Struth.

    Can’t have energy and positivity and joy in an election year. Particularly when one candidate is a walking, mumbling corpse.

  10. calli

    It’s a copyright claim by one Francis Coyote Shivers.

    Soooo…a quick Wiki search comes up with no connection to Village People or the song, but there is this:

    In 2008, the Los Angeles County Superior Court declared Shivers a vexatious litigant, thus barring him from filing any court actions without review by a judge who will ensure that the court action has legal merit and is not intended to harass or intimidate.

    A Useful Idiot doing his thing for the socialists. How surprising.

  11. Bruce

    Have these videos come up on altcensored.com ?

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