Green Liberals inside the party

New Liberals outside, Green Liberals inside!

Meet the youth wing of the Coalition for Conservation. Among the office-bearers of the parent body you will find Christine Talacko, Lucy Turnbull QO and The Hon Malcolm Turnbull.

And then there is the Coalition for Climate Action an initiative by C4C designed to lay the groundwork for the bipartisan support for action on climate change that Australia desperately needs.

We are forming a strategic group of Liberals and Nationals who wish to assist our Government in getting the right policies and business case that are sound for the future of our environment and economy, giving continuance to the debate across clean energy, clean transport, green technologies, protection of our fauna and flora and other issues.

Our aim is to help build a steady drumbeat of voices calling for more action to address damage to our climate, help engage LNP members, branches and representatives more deeply in understanding climate & renewable issues and provide support for high-profile conservatives willing to speak out to shift the debate.

ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE. LEAN is at it again, teaming up with Manufacturing Workers Union.

Labor frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon has slammed the manufacturing workers union for forming an alliance with an ALP climate change group that he claims wants to rip out ovens, hotplates and heaters from Australian homes.

The AMWU’s incoming national secretary Steve Murphy unveiled an alliance with the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) over the weekend, despite manufacturing’s long reliance on coal and gas.

Mr Fitzgibbon — the opposition resources spokesman who has long opposed LEAN’s actions within the Labor Party — said the manufacturing union was risking another federal election loss with its new alliance.

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24 Responses to Green Liberals inside the party

  1. All current union members will soon be working for the government, as dole recipients.

  2. Robber Baron

    Why anyone would vote Liberal is beyond comprehension.

  3. Tom

    Sounds a lot like the New Liberals that Spartacus describes below.

    If they are related, this is a major breaking political story about the Turnbull rump of the LNP setting out to do what the Turnbull prime ministership couldn’t in splitting the party and installing Labor and the Greens in power in the political vacuum created by the Liberal split.

  4. TFX

    Maybe there is scope for a completely new realignment of Australian political parties. This crew could join with the Albanese Labor Party and the Joel Fitzgibbon Labor Party could join the new coalition of true Liberal and National party as also representing the workers.

  5. Rabbi Putin

    It would be easier to just print a form guide ahead of Election Day. Give us the ten best right/libertarian candidates below the line for each senate ballot across all party lines.

  6. Miltonf

    An LNP split is inevitable I think. Could be good could be bad is it puts Lab Green in.

  7. Ian of Brisbane

    Once again, the Libs show they do not want my vote.

  8. Steve

    What appears to be the game now, if you see “environment” read “Communism” ….

    That way, you can translate any initiative for what it appears to be ……

  9. Crossie

    Why vote for the Coalition pale greens tinged with graft when you can vote for the real thing?

    Seriously, how are the Libs different from Labor? What would a Labor government done differently than Ms “renewables – stuff of dreams” Gladbag?

  10. Crossie

    Talking of graft, are we going to find out in the near future that the reason ScoMo wants gas-fired power stations rather than coal-fired is that he has friends in the gas business?

  11. Bronson

    Cut the ticket clippers out and vote for the greens? Might as well if the above is the major parties manifestos.

  12. Professor Fred Lenin

    When are the three parties ,Liberal Labor and Gangreme going to amalgamate properly ? The differences toady are much smaller than the difference between a real conservative Liberal and a far left wing turbull liberal .
    They could pool bribes, sorry lobbying donations , _to keep power forever , a true one party state not a pretend democratic one .
    I suggest The National Green Laboral Party.

  13. Genghis

    If they don’t recommend Nuclear generation they are not tackling CO2 the ONLY reason for climate change. 2.3 billion years ago there was an ice age – go figure.

  14. Squirrel

    “….designed to lay the groundwork for the bipartisan support for action on climate change that Australia desperately needs.”

    A few words were inadvertently omitted from the above, it should read –

    “designed to lay the groundwork for the bipartisan support for action on climate change that Australian speculators who’ve gone long on renewables desperately need.”

  15. Adelagado

    It’s all about ‘the optics’ as they like to say nowadays. The Libs need some window dressing in the conservation area if they want to win elections. You can’t do anything if you are sitting on the opposition benches.

  16. Herodotus

    Maybe there is scope for a completely new realignment of Australian political parties.
    There’s certainly scope for a completely new realignment of political thought: along the lines of what’s really in our interests and not just green agitprop, or worse, actual government.
    I note also that in Victoristan they are trying to enact legislation that furthers the stasi-like powers to arrest and detain people, not just fine them.

  17. Fang

    What you guys are saying above, is there’s one hell of a reason for people to swing far right! I mean so far right that they are touching leftys!

    I’ve certainly moved a bit more consertive than in my youth even think I’ve been more conservative than my parents! But ALL political party’s have radical to the far left! And “all” most the majority of the people are still consertive! Just the small very small minority have pushed party’s left.

    I’ve heard somewhere where conservative means things happens over time, where progressives want things to happen NOW!
    Can anybody tell me where I might have read or heard this comment! I want it for “conversations” with my left of centre friends! 🙂

  18. Rob MW

    Just what this bloody country needs is even more arseholes to bring in further restriction and more over the top environmental maladministration, ineptitude with immunity and mega fuck-wits who haven’t got a single god-dammed clue what they are talking about. We have listened and put up with their zealous bullshit for over 35 years and for what ? They locked up the land then fucked off to their inner city parties to suck down a bit more champagne and to pat each other on the back for the absolute destruction they advanced through sheer fucking influential arrogance and immense ignorance.

  19. Eyrie

    2.3 billion years ago there was an ice age
    Possibly, but we came out of the last one only 11,000 years ago.

  20. egg_

    When are the three parties ,Liberal Labor and Gangreme going to amalgamate properly ?

    Their new GLiberal Pardee!

  21. Hay Stockard

    Supperating carbuncles on the fumdament of humanity. Excise them.

  22. The Sheriff

    Maybe the NSW Nats are going to start purging the communists from their ranks. The hysterical Jessica Price-Purnell was on 7 News yesterday whining about being threatened with expulsion for her communist views, so apparently she jumped:

    Maybe Lesley Williams’ defection to the Liberals will see her also join this Coalition 4 Conservation mob. Has any woman ever had a more sour face than Williams?

  23. Pyrmonter


    How many times does it need to be said – Kristina Photios and Cristina Talacko are different people.

  24. Rafe Champion

    Thanks Pyrmonter! Once is enough.
    Thanks to Sinc for the correction.

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