It’s who’s time?

This is a video advertisement from the Victorian Government.  Yes that Victorian Government.

It is part of a campaign

supporting women to stand for council election in Victoria.

It even has a website with images of people not wearing masks or social distancing.


Victorians need unity and leadership more than ever. The upcoming local government elections are a critical opportunity for women to stand and represent their communities and their values.

2 of the speakers (don’t know who they are) in the video appear to be recorded while out doors.  That means at least the speaker and person videoing were outside and at least the speakers were without masks. The Video is dated 13 September 2020.

TAFKAS has some questions:

  • Did they have permits?  If yes, is this considered an essential service/function.
  • Where were the police to supervise?
  • If unauthorised, one imagines that this would provide sufficient evidence to fine and possibly arrest all involved.  Al least to have the police to show up to their homes to harass them.

They’re all in this together.  They being big government and big bureaucracy with the boot on the throat of the citizenry.

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37 Responses to It’s who’s time?

  1. Mr Bunny

    Not wanting to be a contrarian, but l would have thought women outnumber men in local government. What’s the rationale for more women?

  2. John A

    Hmm, a Viktoriastan government advertisement?

    With a distinctly red background colour scheme…?

    Colour me … jaded.

  3. Rossini

    Why is it that blokes have to have a sex change to get a”head” in life

  4. Noddy

    Women were given the vote at Federation and make up more than half the voting population, therefore men are not totally responsible for the state of the nation. Put another way – women have sons and then vote for politicians who sent their sons in as ‘battle fodder’ in crazy wars. I am not a misogynist but a realist!

  5. Why do we need this woke shit?

    Victoria has seen:

    Female Premier, governor, PM (from Vic) and a reigning Queen.

    Plus plenty of female mayors, female Ministers (e.g., Mikakos) and country court & Supreme Court justices.

  6. Geriatric Mayfly

    Could local councils actually enhance their reputation as snooze fests? Seems there are still a few gaps.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Sigh. More and more greenies on Councils. Mainly it’s woke ‘women’ with financial resources (hubbies invested in renewables?) who stand for these positions. Many other women are busy with looking after their families or working.

  8. MACK

    The official dob-them-in number is 131444.

  9. nb

    ‘Victorians need unity and leadership more than ever’
    One voice, one party, one truth, one equality. Burn books, destroy the dissenters. China ALP. More equal than you.

  10. Miltonf

    Joan Kirner looks like a Tory compared to this lot.

  11. Miltonf

    The anti men project must continue regardless

  12. Ubique

    They just assume the gender of elected members in local government who might choose or be forced to appear to be men, but may very well secretly identify as women, trannies or disabled Somalian hermaphrodites. Assuming gender is a serious crime.

  13. K2

    5/7 of my councilors are women. Rural Victoria. Liberal held seats state and federal. So WTF?

  14. Bruce of Newcastle

    Anyone who say “it’s time” makes me run screaming away.
    I still remember Gough’s ads.
    I still remember his government too.

  15. Steve

    Lest we forget…

    “its time” Whitlams election campaign song & theme…

  16. Watch Your Back

    Women now dominate much of local government and state parliaments. They then give jobs, the top jobs, to their sistahs. They once assumed men were too stupid to see what was going on. Now they don’t care. All they need to do is shout sexism.

    Women also dominate many industries:

    Urban planning

    They get appointed as heads of quangos and associations, and organisations like the National Trust which they ruin.

    This gives them all the power they need to make men redundant and exclude them from jobs, especially men older than 50: the pale, stale, males. They’re killing us.

    I don’t agree with quotas but I now favour a 50:50 split of men to women in all occupations.

  17. They’ll probably find something else to complain about when Trump appoints a woman to replace Ginsburg.

  18. Professor Fred Lenin

    Thats what the country really need , governments full of emotional women and poofters imagine the tears and screaming matches at meetings as they try to out bitch each other , the way to the future.
    Hope they keep some men forAI purposes , abortion after birth for the boys not required for the AIfacilities .

  19. Leo G

    It’s whose time?

    Just what we need- more women’s-rights-inspired activists to force even more identity politics down our throats.

  20. JohnJJJ

    Whaaa… thaat’s three whites and one asian! where is the black? Where is the one in the niqab? Where is the 18 year old Somali refugee? Where is the blind one? Where is the tranny? Where is Frank who thinks s/he is Gidget? Sorry, Victoria is going undiverse… antidivese..

  21. JohnJJJ

    Actually, it looks like the Writers Festival with the chick who serves the coffee.

  22. Miltonf

    You bet they will Gary. Remember Glenda Slagson said Mrs Thatcher wasn’t really a wimmin.

  23. yarpos

    Oh FFS every councillor bar one in my shire are females, what the hell do they want? I demand popotional representation by every identity. That should tie them in knots fo a while

  24. Mark M

    We’re all in this together update …

    Federal politicians and their staff could pocket more than $20,000 each as taxpayers pick up the bill for them to remain in covid free Canberra.

    Returning Australians must pay $3000 for a 2 week stay in a quarantine hotel, tax payers will pick up the bill for MPs and their staff for quarantine hotels.

    MPs and their staff could claim $291 a night in travel allowance whether parliament sits or not.

  25. mem

    The polls say the women support the lock down so you have to feed the chooks to continue to make sure you keep the women happy. Demeaning leftist crap and this is from a woman.

  26. Robbo

    Sorry but I missed the bit about double standards. In case everyone has forgotten double standards are very important in Victoria right now, particularly with the leader of the State, because without them it is anyone’s guess where the people would take us.

  27. Fred

    I went through Daniel Andrew’s ring of steel on Saturday to visit my girlfriend in Geelong. Which I am allowed to do.

    Got stopped at the Little River road block. I said nothing and held up my licence. The address on my licence shows my suburb which is in north east Melbourne.

    The solder said “Are you on your way home?” I replied “Yes”. He then said “No worries.”

    Clearly this soldier is not from Melbourne. I was about 50km from my home and driving further away.

    Another time I was stopped by a policeman. He had no idea where my suburb was. I had to tell him. He then asked if my suburb was in the Melbourne lockdown. I said yes, but then explained the rules to him that I am allowed to visit my partner. He seemed annoyed that I was following the rules.

    Victoria is a police state with Keystone Kops.

  28. Hay Stockard

    More barren women in Government. What could possibly go wrong?

  29. Up The Workers!


    Stand for Council!


    OR Else Dodgy Dan will send “da Fugs” around ta knuckle ya and stomp on ya heads.

    I won’t tell ya again!

  30. Crossie

    Victoria is a police state with Keystone Kops.

    Every police state is enforced by Keystone Kops otherwise they would realise what they were doing is wrong.

  31. Crossie

    Hay Stockard
    #3592197, posted on September 20, 2020 at 8:49 pm
    More barren women in Government. What could possibly go wrong?

    They are the ones determining policies on family matters and education which is why we are where we are.

  32. TPL001

    I do not know about other councils, but Banyule Council (NNE of Melbourne City) are extending the number of councillors. Many of the wards have only one person; many wards are not contested. They are a walk in. I was thinking of standing. They are low-paid, rather largely administrative positions. I do understand, however, that they are now becoming more politicised. The centralists, totalitarians and general climate warmers — bunch of air-thiefs! — use them to peddle their worldview.

  33. Struth

    These sexist bitches know exactly what they are doing.
    All ugly on the outside because they are ugly on the inside.
    I’m assuming Thatcher types need not apply.

    Men are to blame for this.

  34. Bruce

    @ JohnJJJ

    “Sorry, Victoria is going undiverse… antidivese..”




    Blank Verse?

  35. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    What’s the rationale for more women?

    Because there clearly aren’t enough useless idiotic busybodies on locals councils already.

  36. Kneel

    “Why do we need this woke shit?”

    Because they are focused on equality of outcomes (“equity” is the buzzword) instead of equality of opportunity.
    The former benefits neither the individual nor society, the latter benefits not only the individual but society as a whole, and the latter is therefore laudable and to be preferred.

    This needs to be called out at every opportunity.

    Anyone sane who considers the consequences for more than a minute will agree.

    Should I be paid the same amount for doing the same job?
    Only if I create the same value for the employer!
    A brickies labourer that can move twice as many bricks per hour as her alternative has twice the value to the employer.

    The question isn’t “are women, on average, paid less than men?” (the answer is “yes”), but “why is this so?”
    Unless we know why, we don’t even know if we should fix it, let alone how to fix it.
    For example, if women are being paid less because they are working less hours because of family commitments, then “fixing” this (by paying women more per hour, eg) may disadvantage women, who now cost more to employ. Oops!

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