“The Victorian Premier is under intense pressure”

I already know you cannot trust the media to get anything right, but this today reached the absolute limit of my credulity:

The Victorian Premier is under intense pressure …

Pressure? From whom? Where? When? State? Federal? There is, of course, we at Catallaxy. There is late night Sky: Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Paul Murray. There are The Outsiders. And then, what, who?

Had Daniel Andrews done nothing at all, absolutely nothing, which would have included not banning HCQ, there would almost certainly have been fewer deaths in Victoria, and the economy, both state and national, would be miles ahead of where we now are. Andrews is a true contender for having been the worst political leader, with the greatest cause of harm and damage, of any leader Australia has ever had. Part of the reason is that Victoria may also now have the worst opposition party in Australian history. I went looking for “Michael O’Brien belt and road” and this is what I found: ‘Dud deal’: Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien vows to scrap Belt and Road initiative. It begins:

Victoria’s Opposition Leader says he will dump the State Government’s controversial involvement in China’s Belt and Road Initiative if he is elected leader at the next state election.In a statement issued on Saturday morning [obviously designed for maximum impact], Michael O’Brien said the decision was not made lightly but the deal was “not in Victoria’s interests”.

“It doesn’t support our sovereignty, our security or our jobs,” he said.

“Daniel Andrews’ dud deal has failed to advance Victoria’s interests.”

“Has failed to advance Victoria’s interests” !!!!! Wow! As bad as that, was it? Failed to advance Victoria’s interests. Talk about fire and brimstone, that has gone to the far limit. If we are looking for a more edgy approach to a critique of Daniel Andrews, you will have to turn to Power-hungry Premier Andrews must consider partyroom views on coronavirus in today’s Oz by Adem Somyurek, a former Labor minister for small business and local government, who now sits on the crossbenches in the Victorian Legislative Council. Two comments really say it all:

C’mon Adem – you’re the numbers man. If Victorian Labor believes that Andrews has overstepped the mark, there is an easy way for them to fix that. The Victorian people have to wait for the next election, BUT the Victorian Labor Party can act now, if they truly give a stuff – but I think they don’t.


Mr Somyurek, If you feel so strongly on this issue, why did you abstain from the vote to extend Dan’s powers?

This is a bit more like it.

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39 Responses to “The Victorian Premier is under intense pressure”

  1. Kev from Canberra

    Two Sides, One Coin. Government is a Beast that needs a big leash. Unfortunately, us Aussies don’t really have one. The Lucky Country indeed. For the extortionists. For the tyrants.

  2. H B Bear

    I guess if you are dead your interests are not being advanced.

  3. vlad

    O’Brien has a Twitter account, where he has said *nothing* about the Omnibus Bill that proposes police and others have the power to lock up citizens before any offence has occurred. He should be fighting that bill tooth and nail on every possible platform.

    With the State in political, legal and social crisis, and with him as the alternative Premier, this is his pinned Tweet:


  4. Boxcar

    What’s with calling this clown a “leader”??
    Stop now.

  5. Megan

    Only pressure I want to see him under involves a steamroller and a steep hill.

  6. Hay Stockard

    Victoria’s problem. The joys of Federalism.
    However FOAD you fascist filth is encouraging and by no means a death threat.
    Wish we could help.

  7. nb

    China ALP:
    ‘We didn’t get Australia to destroy, so we took it out on Victorians.’

  8. nb

    Julian Burnside announces new name:
    Liberty Studies, Victoria

  9. Robbo

    Andrews is not only a bloody disgrace, he is a truly dangerous individual. He has ruined the economy of Victoria and is doing enormous damage to the economy of Australia, he has crippled many hundreds of businesses, bankrupted thousands and brought numerous people to the brink of suicide with many of them giving up and taking that final terrible step. In short he has blood on his hands but he remains unrepentant because like every cruel despot he refuses to even think there is a possibility he could be wrong. On top of all his other sins he lies to the public, he gags democratic debate by shutting down the State Parliament, he refuses to answer questions from both the media and the State Opposition, he has rules that discriminate against some vulnerable members of the community and he has turned the Victoria Police into a goon squad of uniformed thugs that prey on people for no good reason. He is a power mad dictator who leads a weak and incompetent crowd of MPs too cowed to stand up and say enough is enough. Andrews will go down in history as the worst political leader ever in Australia. His lasting legacy will be the revulsion of those he mistreated and ruined.

  10. Cynic of Ayr

    Ya know, here on Cats most of us are jumping up and down about Governments – Feds and State, especially Victoria – but where is the real problem?
    Why does Andrews think like that?
    Why do medical professional people apply “feeling” – mainly “political feelings” to the situation?
    Why this absolutely blind faith in computer models? Even when they turn out wrong?
    Why should a Judge of the land’s legal decisions be reliably expected to be by his political beliefs, not his legal knowledge?
    Why do so many so-called Professors exhibit so much stupidity?
    Is it for monetary gain?
    Is it for influence?
    Is it because they want to “lead” but don’t want to be asked to do so?
    Where did this start?
    Older people do not exhibit this sort of insanity. With a few exceptions, and I would put a few Shekels on this being the case, the exceptions are university educated.
    A second wager would be that, a significant – significant – proportion of the youngsters involved in rioting etc, are university educated.
    If so, the pattern of mindlessness is instigated in schools and universitys.
    And, why is that allowed?
    Simply because those in a position to correct the situation, are themselves, products of the same situation.
    When, not if, when, this Socialist idea takes over, severe damage is done to Australia, as in Venezuela and other countries, and eventually after decades the situation is reversed – if it can be reversed – historians will write the books, and ask the above questions.

  11. Rob MW

    Had Daniel Andrews done nothing at all, absolutely nothing, which would have included not banning HCQ,…………

    Of course commie Dan could have, but failed to do so, specifically targeted what was/is the most at risk of death from the virus, the vast majority of whom were/are retired from the workforce AND this was extremely well known at a very, very early stage. But alas, the mongrel c not only failed in that but then also denied them the well documented use of the potential life saving treatment in HCQ.

    Way to go Dan you fucking commie moron. I’m thinking a nice piece of Hickory.

  12. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    And yet the Newspoll just out shows his approval rating is marginally up.

    Go figure, as they say.

    We are in the territory of trying to understand what happened in Germany in the 1930’s.

  13. Steve

    Watching an ABC talk show, its nausiating seeing people calling rioters “peaceful protesters”……..

    Lest we forget….


    “The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, Patrisse Cullors, was the protégé of a communist-supporting domestic terrorist for over a decade, spending years training in political organizing and absorbing the radical Marxist-Leninist ideology which shaped her worldview.

    “Eric Mann, who mentored Cullors for over a decade in community organizing, was a member of radical-left militant groups: Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground, which bombed government buildings and police stations in the 1960s and 1970s.

    “In a newly resurfaced video from 2015, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors reveals that she and her fellow BLM founders are “trained Marxists.”

  14. mundi

    The sheeple love dictator like leaders.

    Just look at FDR, he single handily turned a minor recession into a work economic depression with his insane antics, such as banning business from firing staff, burning crops and bulldozing livestock into the ground to “stop falling prices and increased demand”.

    He was bat shit insane, yet even today is still regarded by the general sheeple population as a great president.

    Andrews will be no different. This will probably set him up with a 3+ term legacy.

  15. Mak Siccar

    If accurate and true, we are well and truly stuffed.



    9:25PM SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 247 COMMENTS
    A majority of Victorians have backed Daniel Andrews’ management of the second COVID-19 outbreak, with two-thirds of voters across the country also rating the state’s lockdown as “about right”.

    The Australian’s Newspoll shows 62 per cent of voters in the state agree that the Victorian Premier has handled the crisis well, despite hotel quarantine failures and mounting criticism from the business community and medical experts over the prolonged Melbourne lockdown.

    Separately, 61 per cent of voters around Australia, including 57 per cent of Coalition voters, say the ­restrictions, which have locked Victorians at home and prevented them from travelling interstate, were appropriate.

  16. Fair Shake

    Day 127 working from home in Melbourne. The survey results from the Australian revealing 62% of Vics back Chairman Dan have to be the most depressing thing I’ve read all year.

  17. Roger

    If accurate and true, we are well and truly stuffed.

    It would appear so; mind you, the pain hasn’t hit home for most yet.

  18. cuckoo

    With a sign that testing numbers are declining, Andrews was yesterday making a clear, if implicit, threat that unless testing numbers are kept to his satisfaction, there will be no getting out of lockdown. Does it occur to this moron that one reason the numbers of people presenting for tests is declining is because fewer people are experiencing even mild symptoms? And from the few samples I’ve seen, it appears that the rough rate of cases from tests in Victoria is 1/1000.

    The logical next step for this moron would be testing by conscription. Don’t think he wouldn’t do it.

  19. cuckoo

    Trying not to vomit when I see a photo of idiot-grinning Andrews on the front of the Australian(!) today under headlines proclaiming that a majority of Victorians support having a boot on their neck.

  20. mem

    The Newspoll is an extremely limited sample.The Newspoll of 2068 voters nationally was conducted between September 16 and 19. So that equates to about 300 people in each state. Now if half of those people in Victoria lived in the bush they would be going to the pub and playing golf whilst getting job keeper. So I wouldn’t like to bet my house on the results being correct.

  21. Rob

    The Australian’s John Ferguson has covered Victorian politics for years and managed to avoid, downplay, or minimalise the steady incremental decay in the way Victoria is being governed.
    “The Victorian Premier is under intense pressure … “ is typical of Ferguson’s way of somehow softening a criticism of Andrews.
    3AW’s Neil Mitchell presents similarly often saying “ I suppose we’ve got to cut him (Andrews) some slack”.
    Our media is not serving its audience well.

  22. DD

    Euthanasia has been legal in Victoria since June 2019. Covid has led to the harvest of a bumper crop.

    Other states not so much.

  23. notafan

    Matthew Guy has Dan nailed.

    Not the first time.

  24. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Coronavirus crisis: Former digger Stephen Spencer slams politicians for leaving Aussies stranded overseas
    Lanai Scarr
    The West Australian
    Tue, 22 September 2020 2:00AM

    A two-time Afghanistan veteran stuck in Dubai with his young family has penned an open letter to Australia hitting out at politicians for abandoning the spirit of mateship and forcing their stranded countrymen and women into a “financial Hunger Games” in order to try and get home.

    Stephen Spencer, who served in special operations as a commando from 2004 to 2010, including tours to Afghanistan in 2005 and 2008, said more needed to be done to help Australians who wanted to return home.

    He said the Australian passport, once the envy of many travellers, had lost almost all value given it could not even help to return its citizens.

    And Mr Spencer accused Mark McGowan of using West Australians who wanted to get home as “pawns” with the Premier digging in over caps on international arrivals.

    “State Governments are using this as a point they can gain some public favour over the Federal Government, but their arguments about all returning Australians bringing COVID home with them are so absurd. You have to have a negative COVID test to even get on a plane in the (United Arab Emirates),” the 40-year-old said.

    “State Premiers need to show some more compassion towards Australians who have been caught overseas.”

  25. Epidermis

    Polsters forecast No Brexit, a Clinton win and of course a Bill Shorten victory. Polsters enjoy the same reputation as our infamous Imperial College Medical forecaster. Hmm, why would we believe something like this?

    However if these numbers are anywhere near accurate then Australians of the future have a lot to worry about. The industrious few will have to carry those that worship idleness, something for nothing. We all know where that will end.

    SLOMO, give Kim Jong Dan 30 days to remove the lockdown, which we all know do not work (if you disagree then you haven’t done the homework) and on the 31st day announce those of Jobkeeper are no longer on it and the Jobseeker drops back to its old level. Dan can pay should be the catch cry from day 31. Do it SLOMO, watch the smug looks make a hasty retreat.

  26. cuckoo

    Okay, this poll says one thing, but remember the Age twitter poll on Andrews’ roadmap, which totalled a not-shabby 112k+ responses and ended up recording an 81 percent NO vote. I repeat, an Age poll.

  27. mem

    The media would have you believe that the Newspoll figures represented views of all Victorians. Imagine if you stood outside the MCG and randomly polled 300 fans coming out of the match as to whether they thought the umpire had done a good job. Guess what, the team that won would be more likely to say he’d done a good job say 62%. Now if you then assumed everyone else in Victoria would respond in the same way ie 62% of all Victorians think that the umpire did a good job, this is what Newspoll does. It takes a small sample figure, in this case about 300 Victorians, and then applies the statistical percentages to the total population of 6 million. a process called extrapolation. Such types of polls are primarily used for propaganda purposes and as we know from all the failed polls around elections, are often totally wrong in their analysis.

  28. Dinky

    Do it SLOMO, watch the smug looks make a hasty retreat.

    Completely agree Epidermis. The feds are essentially footing the bill for Andrews’s folly but a bit of financial pain will make a lot of those Dan lovers see him in a different light pretty quickly.

  29. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Coronavirus: Judges, QCs call on Daniel Andrews to drop ‘COVID-19 Omnibus’ bill
    Damon Johnston
    Victorian Editor
    5 minutes ago September 22, 2020

    An eminent group of retired judges and high-powered Queen’s Councils has written an open letter calling on the Victorian Parliament to reject legislation that makes it easier to detain people during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Fourteen legal figures have taken the unusual step of coming together to launch a scathing attack, warning the Andrews Government’s COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 (Bill) endangered the freedoms of Victorians.

    “We are deeply concerned by the passage of the … Bill through the Legislative Assembly,” the letter states. “The Bill would also allow any person the Secretary considered appropriate to be authorised to exercise emergency powers. There would be no requirement that persons authorised be police officers, or even public servants.

    “Authorising citizens to detain their fellow citizens on the basis of a belief that the detained person is unlikely to comply with emergency directions by the “authorised” citizens is unprecedented, excessive and open to abuse.

    “We call on the Legislative Council to amend the Bill, or to vote against it.”

    Retired High Court judge Michael McHugh, AC QC, and former Federal Court judges Peter Heerey, AM QC, and Neil Young, QC, headline the list of respected legal figures who have signed the letter.

    Other QCs who have joined the push are; James Peters, Peter Collinson, Maryanne Loughnan, Mary Anne Hartley, Philip Crutchfield, Georgina Schoff, Philip Solomon, David Batt, Stuart Wood, Felicity Gerry and Michael Borsky.

    Breaking, from the Oz.

  30. vlad

    You have to remember though that he’s a Stalinesque thug who respects nothing but force.

    QCs and judges won’t mean anything to him.

    What would dissuade him would be the ALP state apparatchiks paying him a private visit and making him an offer he can’t refuse.

  31. vlad

    Remember, he told a unanimous 7-0 High Court it was wrong.

  32. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    “The Victorian Premier is under intense pressure”

    the economy and small business perticularly, apparently not so much?

  33. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    “Authorising citizens to detain their fellow citizens on the basis of a belief that the detained person is unlikely to comply with emergency directions by the “authorised” citizens is unprecedented, excessive and open to abuse.

    democratising fascism

  34. Robber Baron

    What this crisis in government has revealed is that a government does not need a majority in both houses of parliament to remove property rights and indeed human rights of law abiding Victorians.

    Our Westminster system has failed to be honoured because the Governor of Victoria has not stopped the government from exceeding its powers.

    Wake up to the coup! It happened and nobody was paying attention.

  35. You lot are coping well with the Newspoll numbers, I see.

    I’m sure the Herald-Sun’s campaign will turn the tide some day! LOL.

  36. Boambee John

    Good to see that m0nty is cool with spending the rest of his life in the basement.

    Did he see the bit yeaterday about taxing fantasy sports? Not only trapoed in the basement, but taxed extra for thd privilege.

    Cheer up m0nty, your sacrifices are for the inner party!

  37. John A

    cuckoo #3593713, posted on September 22, 2020, at 10:56 am

    Okay, this poll says one thing, but remember the Age twitter poll on Andrews’ roadmap, which totalled a not-shabby 112k+ responses and ended up recording an 81 percent NO vote. I repeat, an Age poll.

    I commented last week that I had seen a Media Watch snippet decrying the hijacking of that and one other poll.

    I put the unfounded proposition that the hijacking was engineered by the YES side to discredit such polls and the voters who dare to vote NO. It just looks like the kind of low tactics which fit with the mentality of activist projection.

  38. John A

    Kev from Canberra #3593151, posted on September 21, 2020, at 6:54 pm

    Two Sides, One Coin. Government is a Beast that needs a big leash. Unfortunately, us Aussies don’t really have one. The Lucky Country indeed. For the extortionists. For the tyrants.

    This particular government is a vampire that needs garlic, a cross and a stake through the heart.

  39. Squirrel

    Opinion polls aren’t going to change economic reality – Victoria is stuffed, and to a large extent so is the rest of the country.

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