Get your tickets for the launch of Climate Hustle

See the Jo Nova site for details.

Just in time for the US election. Climate Hustle 2 is almost a Who’s Who of the climate skeptic world. It’s a documentary of the power games, dirty tricks and brazen hypocrisy behind the push for a global governance through the excuse of carbon dioxide. It’s about the way children are used as pawns, trained in schools to “become a whole generation of obedient voters”. It’s Eisenhower’s warning, and Nineteen Eighty Four. It’s the Rise of the Climate Monarchy.

Marc Morano and CFACT have circled the world, interviewing everyone from Richard Lindzen, to the late great Bob Carter, to Vauclav Klaus and Patrick Moore, the man Greenpeace erased. There’s Christopher Monckton, Will Happer, Roger Pielke, Tim Ball, Don Easterbrook, Senator Malcolm Roberts, Anthony Watts… too many to name, even briefly, Jo Nova. This is aimed at a wider audience than the skeptics who will be familiar with the battles of the last ten years. But even for the die-hards, there’s something good about putting faces to so many names.

Worldwide, the online premiere is set to take place on September 24th at 8 p.m. (in every time zone around the world … including yours in Australia!). For those who can’t be there at 8pm, the replay of both Climate Hustle 1 & 2 broadcasts will remain viewable through September 27th. 1 hr 35 mins.

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6 Responses to Get your tickets for the launch of Climate Hustle

  1. woolfe says:

    As the comments in Jo’s site say no matter how good it is they are preaching the believers.

    Unless it is on free to air no one will watch it.

  2. Helen says:

    ‘Fraid so woolfe

  3. Herodotus says:

    The ABC might show an abridged version and then get a panel of local “scientists” like Flannery and Karoly to lecture the audience on why it’s wrong, wrong wrong. As I type, the BBC is banging on about reduced sea ice again!

  4. billie says:

    most people I know who are believers would not even know there is an alternative view and I imagine would treat it the same as anti-vaxxers or moon landing and 9/11 conspiracy nutters

    those of us with doubts or are skeptical, keep it to ourselves

    I wish it were different, but it’s a waste of time trying to educate people .. but I guess it’s good to let people know there remains an alternative view

    .. I continue to struggle with this topic

  5. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Since the world has only 12 years left before humanity destroys its self through not giving taxpayer subsidies to billionaire carpetbaggers ,why was the critical urgent climate crisis holocaust conference in Glasgow with 30,000 taxpayer funded experts left without a freebie because of a minor irritant like theChinese Biological Warfare Attack ,how do they explain the lack of action to assist China in its plan to wreck all economies but their own ?
    Interesting ,China Owns black lives matter totally ,would nt be surprised if the owned the antifa fascist blackshirts . And they own a lot of the ALP to.

  6. Colonel Crispin Berka says:

    Herodotus #3593585,

    The ABC might show an abridged version

    Tell him he’s dreamin’.

    For the last 8 years the ABC have taken the view that giving equal airtime to any side other than the doommongering side would be creating “false equivalence”, that there is so much consensus from the world’s leading scientists REEEE (etc) that it would be wrong to even hold a debate, as the debate has already occurred in the scientific literature, and aren’t we just going to make the planet better anyway (etc).
    The brainwashing is complete.

    Last week was the news that the UN’s biodiversity protection goals have not been met and planet earth is in danger. To be fair, with the amount habitat destruction going on that’s always a possibility. It was suggested in the fringes of climate skepticism 5 years ago that the Left were queueing up biodiversity as the alternative justification for all of their action plans on the off-chance that global warming got busted. The hypocrisy over China/India getting a free pass is doing more to erode political support for decarbonisation than any amount of unearthed scientismic skullduggery. With satellite temperatures still showing a clear linear rise over the last 10 years, the kind of killer evidence that skeptics needed is just not appearing in the real world at the time they thought it would.

    That doesn’t mean IPCC is right, but it does mean nobody can predict the climate and so nobody can be sure of what is happening. The only thing we can be sure of is that adaptation to climate change always works, trying to control the climate probably doesn’t. Again, we don’t know how much to spend on adaptation until we see the change in climate, as we can’t predict it.

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