Is there any part of the paper still safe to read anymore?

It was only because I was doing the sudoku that I even came across this: Ricky Ponting says Black Lives Matter most important issue in society.

Ricky Ponting, captain of the Australian side during its greatest racial controversy, believes the Black Lives Matter movement is one of the most important issues facing society and one Australian cricket needs to engage with.

The comments come a week after Justin Langer acknowledged that the Australians should have put more thought into taking a knee before the games against England, but said they were discussing a more sustainable way of addressing the issue of racism in society and the game.

Here are the first of the comments listed under “Best”:

Before embracing BLM first check the official BLM website and them check out some of the speeches given by the founders and current leadership. Then see if you want to bend the knee. The BLM movement is much much more than respecting people of colour.

Ricky – your support on this issue is a disservice to sport in general.

Ricky Ponting should stick to cricket and leave political liberal progressive bull dust to clowns that got the time for that. BLM is a marxists organization and these sports people should educate themselves before they get involved in things they don’t understand.

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37 Responses to Is there any part of the paper still safe to read anymore?

  1. mh

    Ricky don’t lose that number
    You don’t wanna call nobody else
    Send it off in a letter to Black Lives Matter

  2. pat

    22 Sept: Legal Insurrection: Black Lives Matter Website Scrubs Section Calling for Destruction of ‘Nuclear Family’
    by Mary Chastain
    Coincidentally, polling has BLM popularity down substantially over the last three months
    The Black Lives Matter organization deleted its “What We Believe” section. It has come under criticism since it was filled with Marxist language, including the wish to destroy the “nuclear family.”
    You can still view it via Wayback Machine (LINK)…

    21 Sept: Washington Examiner: Black Lives Matter ‘What We Believe’ page that includes disrupting ‘nuclear family structure’ removed from website
    by Anthony Leonardi
    The Washington Examiner reached out to Black Lives Matter for comment…
    Republicans have criticized the group’s co-founder Patrisse Cullors in ads, playing a clip from a 2015 interview (LINK) in which she identified herself and fellow co-founders of the organization as “trained Marxists.”…

    VIDEO: 23 Jul 2015: Real News: A Short History of Black Lives Matter
    by Jared Ball
    PATRISSE CULLORS, CO-FOUNDER, BLACK LIVES MATTER: …Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories…

  3. a reader

    When the NSOs try to be Political Parties this is what happens. Check out Netball Australia and the flack they’re copping this week because the only identified Aboriginal didn’t take to the court during Indigenous round. It was a rare occasion where the Firebirds were actually winning so logically the coach didn’t change her on-court team. Queue the outrage and people saying insane nonsense like the Firebirds can’t make the final so they should play everyone and who cares if they lose?!?

  4. Steve

    If BLM has marxist roots as it appears it does, then is “kneeling” for their cause effectively indirectly endorsing communism?

    Do the people who “kneel” actually understand BLM appears to have marxist roots?

    Just askin’……

  5. C.L.

    Ricky Ponting says Black Lives Matter most important issue in society.


  6. Mark A

    #3595522, posted on September 24, 2020 at 12:09 am

    Ricky Ponting says Black Lives Matter most important issue in society.


    Yes hitting a ball, running fast or able to mimic is a social license these days to make inane comments and expect to be taken seriously.

    PO Ricky, your dogs were shyte.

  7. steve

    Ricky, Labron James called, wants to know if you need lessons in defanning sport.

  8. David Brewer

    I used to call him Pricky Wanting, and even my mother ended up referring to him as Pricky.

    That’s cheap, I know, but puhleeze Ricky, do a bit of research before making these “feelgood” gestures. Just because one agrees with the sentiment in their name, doesn’t make the group and its real aims valid or admirable. And if you really believe that, in Australia today, this is “one of the most important issues”, then devote yourself to finding some positive actions that will actually improve the situation of black people, and spare us the kabuki genuflections.

  9. Gerry

    Ponting is a journalist now and has a nicely woke persona to build and maintain along with his wine business.

  10. Crossie

    Go ahead Ricky, insult the fans who don’t agree with you just as corporate sponsorships are drying up. He must have caught the Rugby Australia disease.

  11. Tintarella di Luna

    I saw that the other day and just rolled my eyes and thought – another woke idiot, as if there aren’t enought already – perchance, does Pricky live in Victoria?.

  12. GCRee

    Saw this on another comment about NFL in the US. But is pretty much applies here too. Billion dollar owners with millionaire athletes playing a children’s game lecturing me about why I’m everything wrong with the world. No thanks. I used to love cricket but interest is definitely losing steam after the ball tampering incident and poorly educated “celebrities” inserting themselves into things that they clearly don’t understand. I wish they’d just keep their opinions to themselves.

  13. Hoogan

    Who is actually saying that Black Lives Don’t Matter?
    If anything, by their actions the BLM activists are showing that they don’t believe black lives really matter since it is black businesses and property that they appear to be trashing, looting from, and burning down.
    Has Ricky Ponting been paying attention or are his views now given to him, like most celebs and sportspeople?

  14. Xword

    I think a lot of people are beginning to wake up to the fact that their lives don’t really revolve about others who throw, chase, whack and catch balls for a living. Put a sock in it you Pontificating little P…..

  15. Fred

    BLM want an end to capitalism. Ricky should give away all his millions.

  16. a happy little debunker

    captain of the Australian side during its greatest racial controversy

    This ‘racial controversy’ was when the Indian player called Andrew Symond’s a monkey and Cricket Australia & the world cricket authorities put their knees on the necks of the Australian team to kowtow to India’s demands that they drop the complaint of racial sledging.

  17. dasher

    One again facts dont matter and they respond like Pavlov’s dogs. They could easily say that they are against racism and they work to ensure it does not arise in their sport, however BLM leadership and their manifesto posted on the web does not coord with our values. Not hard.

  18. Up The Workers!

    B.L.M. – Burn, Loot, Murder.

    Does the writer of the article speculate on whether Ponting is a gifted all-rounder in this vile Leftard field of racist activity, or does Ponting tend to specialise in one of those three skills?

  19. Mother Lode

    Black Lives Matter ‘What We Believe’ page that includes disrupting ‘nuclear family structure’ removed from website

    The destruction of the Black family is one of the prime causes the high crime rates and poor impulse control that escalates encounters with police to shoot outs.

    No role models, no stable environment within which to develop, no instilling of responsibility and sense of fairness, and a culture of narcotic hedonism, tribalism, and comical egotism.

    If you care about people in bad situations the last thing you should do is support BLM.

  20. formercricketfan

    One thing I’ve learnt over my years is that being a celebrity/sportsman doesn’t preclude you from being a dick or an idiot or even both.

  21. Farmer Gez

    Follow the money folks.

    Ponting is obviously reacting to threats by sponsors to withdraw after the media highlighted the Aussie team’s decision not to bow to mob pressure.
    He’s not called Punter for nothing.

  22. Greg

    Ricky, sportsmen shouldn’t get involved in race politics. Leave it to the experts, in Hollywood.

  23. The Fifth Bike Rider of the Apocalypse

    Gee zus! Dumb and dumber

  24. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    “captain of the Australian side during its greatest racial controversy”

    That would be when a team of black fellas baited a part blackfella in the Australian team for being a blackfella and he got pilloried by the power group running world cricket – blackfellas – for being r8cist.

    Australian management folded like a house of cards over it, of course, when they should have left the field and made the world game hobble along without their advertising income grunt for a decade.

    I would have seen just about every ball Denis Lillee and Jeff Thomson bowled, and marveled year after year as Ponting scored through the off with unique excellence. I couldn’t name an Australian bowler now, or first and second drop.

    We have a wider family of players, participants and dedicated volunteers in sport for whom spirited discussion about this player or that in rugby, cricket, golf, swimming, track and field, marbles and bottle tops was a way of life. They hardly get a mention at our marvelous turnouts now. Apart from a love for club rugby a couple of generations of avid supporters have been lost to these games and this is a common trait among our friends.

  25. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    That’d be Dennis Lillee.

  26. Professor Fred Lenin

    Dicky Who ? Send the narxist scum to Africa where black lives dont matter a stuff,
    Somalia ,Sudan ,Rwanda,Congo ,Nigeria etc. etc.
    Bolshevik Leninist Marxist is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party yiu know the people who gave us the Biological Warfare Virus Attack .

  27. flyingduk

    I stopped watching AFL when it became a preaching event masquerading as sport, I have not bothered with Formula 1 this year either, partly due to the entry of BLM politics into that sphere. I can quickly do the same for cricket Ricky. I bet i am not alone. The ‘current health crisis’ has nicely illustrated just how pointless and disposable professional sports are: Car races can be replaced with electronic versions online, crowds can be replaced by cardboard cutouts and canned crowd noise. Memo to ALL professional sports: you are now weaker than ever, don’t alienate those fans you haven’t lost already.

  28. Vagabond

    The BLM movement is intolerant of anyone who does not belong to their racial group. Outsiders may be sympathetic to them but will never be accepted in the “in” group if the colour of their skin is wrong. The clips of BLM agitators screaming at white people in a restaurant or beating up or shooting random white people in the steet are examples of that.

    I seem to remember that there once was a socialist political movement with a similar, and in fact openly genocidal, policy towards racial outsiders in the mid 20th century but can’t for the life of me put a name to them…..Ricky might be able to enlighten us but somehow I doubt it.

  29. Tim Neilson

    To be fair Ricky did give Australian sport one of its most memorable moments.
    When he had to front a press conference with two black eyes and apologise for bad behaviour after he’d been bopped on the schnoz by security at the Bourbon & Beefsteak at 5.00 am.
    I still laugh just thinking about it.

  30. Makka

    They always were as weak as piss. This is just affirmation.

  31. liliana

    What a virtue signalling plonker – hope he doesn’t become the next bandana man, one is more than enough.

  32. Mother Lode

    He really ought to be a bit more careful about immersing himself into social justice issues – considering what has happened to Rugby Australia.

    While he is at it he could look at the sports in the US.

    Do these morons really think people will think less of them if they don’t publicly take a side?

  33. Major Elvis Newton

    In the pantheon of hack Australian sports journos, Peter Lalor is one of the most precious petals out there.

    A truly pathetic individual with a crystalline glass jaw that can’t stand having his doe-eyed idolatry challenged or questioned.

    If you think the Ponting piece is bad, check out the fawning, race-baiting drivel he scribbles on Adam Goodes.

    Truly vomitous stuff.

  34. Hay Stockard

    There’s a heap of National teams without a white bloke in them. The Australian cricket team can do what they want. As long as none of them are coerced into kowtowing to a Red Chinese front their dwindling fan base won’t care. I kneel to both God and the Queen myself, which is more difficult than it sounds for an old raspberry ripple.
    Don’t get the Australian into your household or business. No good will come of it.

  35. Leo G

    … a more sustainable way of addressing the issue of racism in society and the game.

    By showing submission with the BLM kowtow?

  36. Robber Baron

    Sports people are generally stupid. Ponting is not the exception.

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