Fairfax and the ABC suddenly very concerned about violence

They’ve cheered a years-long coup attempt by Obama holdouts and a street war that has killed dozens.

The President is justified in qualifying the nature and timing of any hypothetical concession of defeat.

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18 Responses to Fairfax and the ABC suddenly very concerned about violence

  1. The Beer Whisperer

    Hitlery still doesn’t accept the last result of the last election.

    They can go suck pus.

  2. Leo G

    Fairfax and the ABC suddenly very concerned

    Synchronised spinners.

  3. Snoopy

    Donald Trump refuses to commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses US election.

    When did you stop beating your wife?

  4. Gerry

    He knows that with ballot harvesting The Dems will not stop rioting and burning down businesses until they get their own way …..

  5. He keeps using the laser pointer, they keep chasing the dot.
    It’s amazing to see in real time.

    Trump minimum 326 electoral college votes even with rampant cheating.

  6. Steve

    I think what Trump is talkin about is whether the mail in voting has shown to have fraud in it.

    Presumably is it is shown to be fraudulent, why would you accept the outcome? The ABC appears to not to be able to deal with the idea that mail in voting could be rife with fraud…..funny that….

  7. Lee

    The Left and most in the MSM’s attitude to the violence, rioting and looting in the U.S. this year by their side is “nothing to see here, move along.”
    Suddenly they are all high and mighty about the purely hypothetical prospect of their opponents doing exactly what they have been doing.
    If the Left didn’t have double standards they would have none.
    Utterly shameless and beneath contempt.

  8. candy

    He’s stirring the media up just for the fun of it to see them go rabid. Not that he expects to win, by any means.

    I reckon most voters know who they will vote for, at this stage. I can’t see a whole lot of undecideds.

  9. Hay Stockard

    Socialists are scum. Doesn’t mattter how they dress themselves up.

  10. Squirrel

    Perhaps that pair have started to think about which candidate most of the frontline US military and police would support.

  11. Sunbird

    “Fairfax” doesn’t exist anymore.
    The company has been broken up and sold off.

  12. cuckoo

    Trump should just answer that stupid gotcha by saying that he will respect the outcome of the 2020 election to the same extent that the Democrats and their proxies respected the outcome of the 2016 election.

  13. Roger

    Meanwhile, mail in ballots for Trump are being found in the trash and in roadside ditches in the US.

    Don’t expect the ABC to report it.

  14. Oh come on

    This is so ridiculous. Trump could lie and say of course he’ll accept the result; a pledge Gore and Bush would certainly have made in 2000. If Biden’s asked this, he too will lie and say he’ll accept the result. No, he won’t accept the result; if he doesn’t win, that is. His people are already prepping for a legal challenge. There is wall-to-wall hysteria in the MSM regarding all of the things they say Trump is doing to steal the election. You have Hillary Clinton screeching that Trump cannot win without cheating and that a Trump victory must not be accepted. All of the legal experts who are worth paying attention to (many of whom are not particularly partisan) say the result is almost certainly going to be a messy, messy ending that’ll finish up in SCOTUS.

    Trump is absolutely right to be willing to challenge (or defend) the result. Who wants to be Richard Nixon back in 1960? Trump is more honest than most politicians would be when asked this question, though.

  15. Oh come on

    The unsolicited mail-in ballots are a joke. There’s a very strong chance these will be deemed invalid. If these end up being a decisive factor in the election outcome, the physical ballot papers are going to be scrutinised and it will be exceptionally difficult to prove that these votes were cast on or before election day, let alone that they were cast by eligible voters.

  16. H B Bear

    Fauxfacts (RIP) please. We should acknowledge the efforts of staff and management.

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