Vikky Campion on the dysfunctional Coalition partnership

See Cardinoma on the open thread at 6.16.

Just this week, the Liberals stole a seat from the Nats forever.

Port Macquarie has become the only Liberal seat in the nation where not a single soul voted Liberal – not even the nine Liberal branch members.

If former Nationals MP Leslie Williams has the courage of her conviction, she should call a by-election and see how well she does against the Nationals candidate when she has only nine volunteers.

In NSW cabinet there are 23 ministers – just seven are Nats (and it could drop to six), while in federal cabinet there are 23 ministers and only four Nats.

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10 Responses to Vikky Campion on the dysfunctional Coalition partnership

  1. Jonesy

    Yehnuh! Listened to theirbc on the 21st, Chris Gulaptis Nat member for Clarence made the comment “It’s like Donald Trump is running Queensland” Cannot find a podcast or direct link on this. The lowlife made at least four references to Trump…seriously dysfunctional local member that seems typical for the reason the FFS party is eating up support.

  2. notafan

    Yes, call a byebye-election. What’s a few more hundred thousand of taxpayers’ money wasted in intercinen squabbles.

  3. davefromweewaa

    Bloody Libs! They are all planet savers (and koala scammers) now.
    If we wanted what they are giving us we would have voted greens!

  4. I can’t believe the Koala bullshit.

    Anyone reckons Koalas and red gums are going extinct has not set foot outside of St Lucia or Newtown.

    The Nats are probably worse than the Libs.

  5. Roger

    Hard to get excited about internecine warfare between political hacks.

  6. A reader

    Their Koala legislation includes roundabouts in Newcastle and Campbelltown ffs

  7. Ah yes, the rare and colourised Hume Freeway koala colony.

    FFS, if the koalas are there of all places, how the fuck are they endangered in the millions of acres of National Parks at Yengo, Blue Mtns, Bazza Tops, Kosciusko, Royal NP,Ku Run Gai, Yowrie….?

    Just. Soy inspired. Petulant. Anti progress. Misanthropic. Undergraduate. Friggin’. Nonsense.

  8. miltonf

    A few years ago I was reading about National Party machinations in the NSW Central West- all seamed to be bloody barristers.

  9. Hay Stockard

    The Left have already infiltrated the Nats. A pox on their houses.

  10. Wrecked and Barra’ is copping the blame.

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