We’ve all done this to help an old-timer finish a sentence

But few of those old-timers were asking to be in charge of nuclear warfare codes.

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23 Responses to We’ve all done this to help an old-timer finish a sentence

  1. stackja

    MSM will help him when the fan hits.

  2. stackja

    Comment not typo. It’s Joe!

  3. cuckoo

    Maybe we could ask Joe who ordered the curfew and private hotel security in Victoria.

  4. cuckoo

    The anchorwoman can barely hide her disgust.

  5. JC

    He’s now sundowning in mid-morning.

    Dan Bongino

    In NO way, shape, or fashion is Joe Biden running a presidential campaign. He thinks you’re all morons who will vote for him for the very act of existing.

    The Biden campaign called a lid for Saturday 9/26 in-person events at 9:32 am

  6. Mother Lode

    Biden hopes to be Lidder of the Free World.

  7. H B Bear

    Bernie ain’t going to see out the weekend. It will all be up to the Democrat envelope stuffers.

  8. Mother Lode

    The Democrats are perhaps wanting to avoid having as unruly and petulant a losing candidate as last time.

    The morning after the election Biden will wake up in his Star Wars pyjamas, beaming with childlike innocence to his nurse. Then, after eating his sugar frosties and taking those icky ‘Joes special tablets’, sombrely ask her why everyone seems so sad this morning.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle

    He’s now sundowning in mid-morning.

    When he gets that far.

    ‘It’s not like there’s much going on’: People are wondering why Joe Biden called it a day at 8:30 a.m. with an election around the corner (Twitchy, 19 Sep)

    Harris is invisible too. The Dems mustn’t have much confidence in her. Or maybe they’re afraid that seeing too much of Kamala will lead to questions about where Joe is.

  10. Exit Stage Right

    I presume Joe will be given the questions that will be asked in the debates, just as Hilary was, which everyone in the media thought was fair enough.
    He will be given the preferred answers as well but won’t be able to memorise those.
    No Teleprompter or faithful wife allowed in the debates, Joe.
    Judging by exposed form, the debates if they happen, are going to be one-sided Kick ass Orange Man shows.

  11. Fat Tony

    Dems don’t need no steenkin’ campaign – they got electoral fraud plus the Courts

  12. Pete of Perth

    Perhaps the Dems want the orange man to win so then they can really go to town distroying the joint.

  13. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    It’s Ruth Ginsberg all over again. As long as he’s alive, he’ll do. Everyone expects someone else to take over, and if they’re hiding Kamala then it’s because she’s the next in line and she’s just another sort of trouble.

    It may be that at the last minute Biden’s ‘health’ will fail and they will roll in another well-known candidate. Oprah or Michelle Obama, backed up by a cabal of Democrat advisers already well-organised, because this was always going to be a behind the scenes rule.

    Stay safe, please, President Trump.

  14. stackja

    Pete of Perth
    #3598882, posted on September 27, 2020 at 10:56 am

    Abe won. Democrats attacked Fort Sumter.

  15. Bruce of Newcastle

    Abe won. Democrats attacked Fort Sumter.

    They don’t have a Robert E. Lee this time.
    If they start a conflict it will be nasty, brutish and short.

  16. C.L.

    If you watch carefully, Biden’s “1 percent” line is being fed to him through an off-screen prompter. Watch his eyes.

  17. cuckoo

    Watch his eyes.

    I dunno, he seems to be staring at his own finger, because it represents the digit 1. At least he didn’t ask the anchorwoman to pull it.

  18. Kneel

    @dbongino …

    … has picked up on several of Joe’s “fallbacks” when he forgets what he’s talking about mid-sentence:

    * the ubiquitous “you know the thing”
    * I’m talking too much
    * I’ll stop now before I say something I shouldn’t

    Once it’s been pointed out, it’s damn easy to see it happens way too often for the guy who has his finger on the big red button – remember the video for the Genesis song “Land of Confusion”, where there’s two buttons beside Ray-guns bed “Nurse” and “Nuke”? That might actually happen if they get Joe in!
    Speaking of which, is it safe to have someone with such a bad memory have to remember which of the three codes on the plastic card is today’s actual launch confirmation code? Talking reaction not preemptive strike – they could be gone in a mushroom cloud before he gets it right!

    And they are keeping Harris out of the way because Joe is there as a “moderate”, and Camel-A is/was the most left-wing senator the Dems had (Bernie is technically an “Independent”)

  19. Tim Neilson

    He’s now sundowning in mid-morning.

    There’s an article on American Thinker which suggests that the Dems are adjusting Joe’s body clock by a full 12 hours, so that 9pm Tuesday (debate time) will seem to him like 9am, so that he won’t suffer from sundowning during the debate.
    If that works, and they pump him full of enough drugs, he might get through the debate without imploding.

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