Reminder first Presidential debate Wednesday @ 11:00 am AEST

What’s remarkable in the video is the excerpt from Joe Biden is a known lie, but known only to around half the country.

The Senate Confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court are not until the middle of October.

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16 Responses to Reminder first Presidential debate Wednesday @ 11:00 am AEST

  1. Karabar

    LIES you say!
    Do politicians lie?
    Who’lda thunkit!

  2. Catcalling Inebriate

    Kates! Seriously. I’m no fan of Biden, but to suggest Trump had any handle on managing pandemic is patently ridiculous. There is now a list of former staffers from Homeland Security etc who have gone on record over his appalling ineptitude and desperate efforts to get elected.
    Maybe Kates forgets that the primary source of infection into Australia was from the US, until we closed the border.

  3. Mother Lode

    In the lower panel in the Bill O’Reilly segment, there is a part where Biden is talking near some of his supporters. He is standing in front of a lectern with a microphone built in and from which he seems to be reading.

    And he is holding another microphone.

    If he is reading from the papers on the lectern then his head will be near the microphone. Maybe it can’t be detached and he was planning on shuffling around later reliving random moments of his life into his mike. But it is odd.

  4. Professor Fred Lenin

    Trump encouraged the virus to destroy the economy he had mmended and kill thousands os Americans ,he wanted the riots looting murder and menace so the decromats would win this election . Then he can collecthis huge bribe from Soros like Obama did ,and collect billions from China and the Ukraine ,he will probably vote for Biden himself . Thats right Joe isnt it ?
    I call them decromats because to call these corrupt scum democrats would be an insult to democracy .

  5. Kneel

    “…to suggest Trump had any handle on managing pandemic is patently ridiculous.”

    So what should he have done differently?

  6. dopey

    Don’t remind us, remind Joe.

  7. Louis

    James O’Keefe has busted vote harvesting connected with Omar. In some cases it appears to be just straight out theft of absentee ballots.

  8. Patty Duke

    “…to suggest Trump had any handle on managing pandemic is patently ridiculous.”

    Weren’t the state governors responsible for most of the decisions affecting their states?

  9. exsteelworker

    Hey Catcallng inbred, do you seriously believe that if Trump had ordered US citizens to close down all businesses and lock themselves up for months, the MSM would have backed Trump and gone along with it? Or would the MSM have branded Trump a Dictator, like they have been doing from day dot. Everything good Trump has said and done the MSM have ignored, so what makes you think they would have listened this time. Wake up and smell the FAKE MSM, cause they stink!

  10. pat

    anyone who followed the story:

    Trump initially asked about “herd immunity” – FakeNewsMSM etc mocked him.

    Trump said about lockdowns “the cure cannot be worse than the disease” – the FakeNewsMSM etc mocked him.

    Trump didn’t wear a mask – the FakeNewsMSM etc mocked him.

    Trump took HCQ combo – ditto.

    Trump told the States to open up – ditto.

    Meanwhile, FakeNewsMSM “rock star” Andrew Cuomo forced covid sick, hospitalised patients into nursing homes, killing many thousands, when he could have sent them to the ship Trump sent, or to the empty Javits Center.

    MSNBC: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a Rock Star

    other Dem Governors did likewise.

  11. miltonf

    I wonder Dementia Bidet will poo his pants like Nadler.

  12. Rob MW

    Moderator: Gentlemen welcome to the first Presidential debate of 2020.

    Trump: Thank you, it’s good to be here.

    Biden: Joey wants a cracker.

    Trump: Oh shit…….. here we f****ing go.

  13. Colonel Crispin Berka

    By the way, here is the link to where C-SPAN’s live stream will be. It has a countdown currently showing 21 hours to go.

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