Breaking bombshell …

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  1. Hay Stockard

    The left. Sometimes they can surprise one as to what depths they can sink. Cannot think of anything nice to say about them.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Amy Coney Barrett obliterated Bakersfield in the nuclear attack of 2009.
    And caused the abomination of the desecration, the Great Tribulation and the overthrow of Obamacare in 2021. Plus the Armageddon, the heat death of the universe and Ragnarök.
    She’s a powerful lady.

  3. …and from that day on, Christine Blasey Ford was afraid of flying to Africa.

  4. Rob MW

    Yep………………cross my heart and hope to die. They were all as drunk as maggots as well, so I ran out of the house and fell down a rabbit hole and the f***ing rabbit raped me as well you know.

  5. nb

    Vera Lynn provides more details:
    ‘Don’t know where,
    Don’t know when…’

  6. Clam Chowdah

    I was listening to some Democrat mouth piece on radio National insist that she is likely to reverse Roe v Wade and other decisions. But there are videos on YouTube of lectures she gave in 2016 that prove she is unlikely to do that at all. She is specifically opposed to political and personal biases influencing judicial decisions. The opposite of RBG in that regard! It’s an amazing thing to observe an entire side of politics all lie in blatant unison.

  7. candy

    When you look at the picture you think what a sad, mentally distressed woman who needs kindness from family, psychological therapy etc, to help her.

    But then when you think of her lies and causing such great distress to Brett Kavanaugh and his family, based on a complete framework of lies and fantasy, you think she should be at least under strict psychiatric care, if not incarcerated, depending on if it was deliberate lies or mental derangement.

  8. mem

    Is this what Democrat women have become. I guess if you wear pussy hats on your head after a while you start shitting in your kids sand box.

  9. Mother Lode

    We have already seen the psychotic left blame RBG for finally succumbing to her illnesses at an inconvenient moment.

    While Crazy-Fraud might have been honoured by those amoral creatures for her amoral performance, when ACB is confirmed, they will be searching for someone to blame. And it will be rather difficult to ignore the fact that what they did to Kavanaugh has fired up the right to not dignify the left with another opportunity to lie and smear a nominee to get around their qualifications.

    I hope they give Floozy-abroad hell.

  10. Markus

    That mad me really laugh hard. Brilliant. Posted the link on Breitbart

  11. Up The Workers!

    How does that famous old saying go again?

    “If at first you don’t succeed, Gillard, Gillard again!”

  12. calli

    She should be in prison for lying under oath.

  13. PB

    “She should be in prison for lying under oath.”

    Prison, or the threat of it, is now just a weapon in the arsenal of political provocateurs. She should be there, and had she been of the Right she probably would be, but as things are it will never happen.

  14. Up The Workers!

    They should bring the professional Leftard truth-mishandlers, Christine Blatant Fraud, Stormy Daniels and Jizzy Smellitt over here for treatment.

    Anal The Brothel-Hopper has his own preferred personal treatment for Stormy until she can get back off her feet, while the other two could be handed over to the tender mercies of Dodgy Dan the Chi-Com Man’s fully-armed Black-shirt Jack-booters and granny-bashers who recently publicly demonstrated their new Labor-approved therapeutic head-stomping treatment for the mentally ill after you’ve first bounced them off the bonnet of a fast-moving Gestapo Staff Car.

    Very progressive…in a Jack-booted Leftard totalitarian sort of way!

  15. Fair Shake

    She was also seen in Ukraine near a mobile missile launcher which took out Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

  16. H B Bear

    Poor woman. Of course it wouldn’t have happened unless Trump have driven the minivan to her hotel.

  17. Leo G

    An alternate universe of breaking bombshells:

    Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan personally briefed then-President Barack Obama and other top U.S. national security officials that Russia assessed Hillary Clinton had approved a plan on July 26, 2016, “to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services,” according to Brennan’s handwritten notes.
    Fired former FBI Director James Comey and fired former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok were even sent an investigative referral on September 7, 2016, regarding Russia’s alleged knowledge of Clinton’s plans to smear Trump as a treasonous Russian agent, Ratcliffe wrote.
    Rather than investigate at the time whether Russian intelligence had infiltrated the Clinton operation’s anti-Trump campaign and sowed Russian disinformation within it, the FBI instead used unverified gossip from a suspected Russian agent to obtain federal warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

  18. Kneel

    “If at first you don’t succeed, …”
    … skydiving isn’t for you!

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