From little things, big things flow. Down the toilet. – UPDATED

This is from the CBD column in the Nine papers today:

Contrary to popular belief, there were some MPs in Parliament who didn’t receive a free, unauthorised copy of Malcolm Turnbull’s magnum opus, A Bigger Picture.

Parliamentary expense account declarations reveal eight MPs used their corporate cards to buy the book. True story.

Victorian Labor MP Julian Hill purchased a copy for $44.27, as did fellow Victorian Labor colleague Peta Murphy who got an inferior deal, paying $50. Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching got hers for a steal, at $36.35, while colleague Kristina Keneally paid $40.91.

But it is surprising to see a handful of Turnbull’s Liberal colleagues also bought copies. Liberal conservative Concetta Fierravanti-Wells purchased two. To be fair, the second book priced at $18.17 was a steal. Turnbull’s successor in Wentworth Dave Sharma also picked up a copy at the rack rate of $50, while Queensland LNP member Llew O’Brien paid $53 and fellow Queensland reformer Warren Entsch bought four copies for $155. That’s loyalty.

Why the hell should Australian tax payers fund the casual reading indulgences of parliamentarians?  What is the ‘business’ or constituent purpose for these purchases?

Yeah yeah.  They will say it is within the rules.  But so was Bronwyn Bishop’s helicopter trip, Sarah Hanson-Young’s whale spotting flight and Tony Burke’s family trip to Uluru.

Change the damned rules!

The debt of the Commonwealth Government is speeding to $1 trillion and these highly paid dilettantes can’t even pay for their own summer reading.

This is pathetic.  A pox on all their houses.  A bi-partisan pox.

And these parasites wonder why confidence in government is as low as it is.


Then there is also this in the AFR today:

The Department of Parliamentary Services on Monday tendered for the removal of the existing spa, and the manufacturer, supply and installation of its replacement, for the Health and Recreation Centre at Australian Parliament House.

Yeah.  Priorities.  Some pig are just more equal than others.

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17 Responses to From little things, big things flow. Down the toilet. – UPDATED

  1. mem

    At least the Liberal Party members didn’t get signed copies or did they?
    Off topic can someone re -post the link for watching the Biden/Trump debate today?

  2. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Given that Turnbuckle’s tome was leaked on the internet in its entirety the useless arrogant parasites didn’t even need to waste a cent of taxpayers’ money on it.

    Of course the only reason any of the irredeemable arseholes named above wanted a copy was to check if they received a mention (or more).

    Although I did enjoy Crudlin’s swipe about the tome becoming a best seller – “Turnbuckle and his son will ensure it is even if they have to buy enough copies to do so. Plenty of storage space at the harbourside mansion, no doubt.”

  3. mem

    Off topic can someone re -post the link for watching the Biden/Trump debate today?

    We now have new thread so query answered. Nothing else to do so will watch.

  4. Roger

    Government waste in a nutshell.

    It’s been marked down at Dymocks since it came out, soon to be remaindered I would think.

  5. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    soon to be remaindered I would think

    I’m surprised bookshops aren’t offering people money to take the excess copies away.

    Then again, there’s always the FitzSimians option.

  6. Michael Lewis

    What a miserable, jealous of them, thread. The sad purchases are interesting but to cast them as vile privilege is nasty spite. This seems like an opinion from a rabid leftist or just a rabid whatever.

  7. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    to cast them as vile privilege is …

    … stating the bleeding obvious. Once a parasite, always a parasite.

  8. wal1957

    This is pathetic. A pox on all their houses. A bi-partisan pox.

    to cast them as vile privilege is …

    … stating the bleeding obvious. Once a parasite, always a parasite.

    True…for these and many other reasons.

  9. candy

    I wonder if they even read it but just stuck it in their bookshelves with the other books bought on the Corporate card.

  10. Professor Fred Lenin

    Its an ideal book , }+fits perfectly under the shorter leg of the workshop table ,read it ? No I put it to better use .
    One day a descendent will find it and say “malcolm turnbull ? Who is he ? ” his Dad will say “dont know
    ” .

  11. herodotus

    To be fair, the second book priced at $18.17 was a steal.
    The right price will be in the remaindered bin any day now. I bid $5 max.
    No I don’t. Wouldn’t bother with it at all, and I have quite a few books by political figues.

  12. Des Deskperson

    ‘They will say it is within the rules. ‘

    Here are the rules. from the APH website:

    ‘Members must not claim expenses, an allowance or any other public resources unless the expenses are incurred, or the allowance or resources are claimed, for the dominant purpose of conducting a Member’s parliamentary business.’

    Are the memoirs of a former PM part of the purpose of conducting ongoing parliamentary business? I would have thought it is stretching it bit. The fact that only eight MPs used their corporate card to buy copies would seem to suggest that they are not considered vital or even essential items for the average MP in conducting his/her parliamentary business.

  13. @Des Deskperson

    There you go. Warren Entsch’s 4 copies must have been to make a standing desk – so clearly within the rules.

  14. EllenG

    So…. in a week where we learn the reds paid 10x what the state govt paid fir some airport land. We have a giant whine about people expensing a book?! Priorities. Much.

  15. Crossie

    A replacement spa in the age of COVID? The old one should certainly have been taken away and then the hole cemented over.

  16. Up The Workers!

    Gee, no wonder our pollies never manage to fix the problems they cause.

    It is not enough that they speak a load of steaming fly-blown ordure and unmitigated gillarding whenever their lips move; they also choose to read it in their spare time, just for relaxation!

    Turncoat’s Manifesto sounds like an expensive roll of Sorbent with all the crap pre-loaded.

  17. Michael

    TAFKAS – you are refighting a very old war. The original spa was built in 1988 – a mere 32 years ago – and was one small part of a $billion-plus building intended to, among other things, showcase quality Australian workmanship. It looks like they got their moneys worth!

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