Gold Standard Hopeless

Performance is a relative thing.  A bad performance against a worse performance is really a good performance.  Relatively.

Consider that when reading this about Corona-management in New York State and City:

Throughout January and February, far too many leaders at all levels downplayed the Wuhan virus, but by March 17, New York City’s mayor (Bill de Blasio) had seen enough. Schools had shut down the day before, and de Blasio said in a news conference that New Yorkers should prepare to “shelter in place” to slow the spread of the virus. The governor’s team immediately jumped in to tell de Blasio this idea sounded “crazy.” “Phones were ringing off the hook,” de Blasio’s then-press aide Freddi Goldstein told the Wall Street Journal in an exhaustive, damning tick-tock of Cuomo’s horrific decisions. Cuomo’s officers told Goldstein’s crew in City Hall that “de Blasio was scaring people. You have to walk it back. It’s not your call.”

Five crucial, lethal days went by before Cuomo decided de Blasio was not crazy. As he has done on many other occasions, such as hiking the minimum wage to $15 an hour (de Blasio proposed this, Cuomo opposed it, then Cuomo enacted it and bragged about it), Cuomo furiously opposed de Blasio, then switched sides while calling himself the true author of the idea. Millions of New Yorkers went to work, packed into mass transit, and otherwise crowded together. Yet “if everybody had done exactly what they did one week earlier, more than 50% fewer people would have died by the end of April,” Jeffrey Shaman, a professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University and co-author of a study on the matter, told the Journal. Shaman pegs the number of lives that could have been saved by acting one week earlier at 17,514 in the metropolitan area or 36,000 nationwide. Cuomo’s March 25 order that nursing homes must accept those infected with coronavirus was a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe; and Cuomo has sternly resisted all efforts to launch an independent investigation into how much damage the virus did within such long-term care facilities. Cuomo’s claim that only about 20 percent of the state’s 33,000 deaths from the virus were linked to nursing homes is risible given that the percentage is far higher in other states; the true death toll in New York nursing homes is likely to be something like 11,000, maybe more. Cuomo’s continuing refusal to allow an independent look at this is simply a coverup. “I think you’d have to be blind to realize it’s not political,” Cuomo has said, as he prepares to publish a book celebrating his stewardship of the crisis. A bipartisan bill to authorize such an investigation is pending.

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18 Responses to Gold Standard Hopeless

  1. stackja says:

    NYC and NY state voters keep electing Democrats to government expecting a different result.

  2. bemused says:

    #3602451, posted on September 30, 2020 at 4:18 pm

    You really are a despicable human being. You can’t stop tarring everyone with the same brush, no doubt taking another cheap pot-shot at Victorians. You must live a miserable life to be so wretched.

  3. Genghis says:

    Trunp should have talked this up in the debate. It was democrat Governors that refused to lock down not Donald Trump, yet all the news is about Trumps dereliction of duty!

  4. Roger says:

    I was trying to explain to a relative who Cuomo is and why he is ultimately responsible for so many American covid deaths (over 80% of all US covid cases have been traced to NY):

    “Think of him as the American Daniel Andrews.”

  5. feelthebern says:

    Cuomo must hang.

  6. Pyrmonter says:

    Decision-taking in the face of uncertainty is hard. In retrospect, it seems almost self-evident that moving potentially Covid-infected patients into care facilities – as happened not only in NY, but also in the UK – was dangerous. Yet in both cases, it looked like hospitals were about to be overwhelmed, as they had been in comparably wealthy Lombardy.

  7. Steve says:

    Speaking of hopeless…..who carrys the can if a vaccine cripples someone? Or causes paralysis? Or stops someone working again?

    The mantra of “safe and effective” is very relative.

    The authors of this Perspective examine liability and compensation issues as they relate to the future distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. They provide a brief history of how the U.S. government has addressed liability and compensation concerns in previous public health threats — specifically by providing liability immunity to manufacturers and distributors of vaccines should lawsuits arise as the result of serious side effects, as well as by setting up compensation systems that provide some, but not all, benefits of traditional tort litigation.

    “That the COVID-19 pandemic is global complicates issues of liability outside the United States because an act of Congress cannot determine legal procedure in other countries. The authors also consider the possibility that volunteers for vaccination campaigns might be hesitant and suggest consideration of appropriate compensation for any adverse effects.

  8. Bronson says:

    bemused wtf?

  9. cuckoo says:

    I’m as wary of these studies as I am of every other, but if they help to hang Cuomo and De Blasio, good. Just as I’m happy to hang every covid death in Victoria around Andrews’ neck, while privately admitting that a lot of those people were going to die of the flu this year anyway.

  10. bemused says:

    bemused wtf?

    This knob keeps on with the same prattle about Victoria, using the exact same words, insinuating that every Victorian votes Labor. His comment in this post was not about NY, it was another none too subtle insult to all Victorians. You need to understand his history.

  11. Roger says:

    Decision-taking in the face of uncertainty is hard.

    I recall vacant military bases being offered at the time.

    Should have been a “no brainer”, to borrow an Americanism.

  12. egg_ says:

    Decision-taking in the face of uncertainty is hard.

    Not the “lack of information”/but Italy! bulldust from back in March.

    Some just aren’t cut out to handle the “trolley problem”, period.

  13. egg_ says:

    bemused wtf?


    Stackja1942 is one of the most innocuous guys on the forum.

  14. bemused says:


    Who is this Stackja1942?

  15. Roger says:

    History repeats:

    Police yesterday took over hotel quarantine at Melbourne Novotel after concerns re poor infection control by security guards were raised.

    Gold standard.

  16. egg_ says:

    Who is this Stackja1942?

    Stackja(1942) has been around for yonks and is one of Nature’s Gentlemen, you abusive fool.


  17. Jannie says:

    Why is a comment on New York some sort of secret code about Victoria?

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