Trump v Biden Debate I Open Thread

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753 Responses to Trump v Biden Debate I Open Thread

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  1. Carpe Jugulum

    1st question on RBG replacement

  2. Infidel Tiger

    Aderall working for Biden so far.

  3. Top Ender

    What does Biden mean “Tens of thousands have already voted”???

  4. Mak Siccar

    Go Orange Man!! Show no mercy.

  5. Sinclair Davidson

    Socialist – Drink

  6. Sinclair Davidson

    200,000 died. Drink

  7. It’s started!

    Biden: “Two Hundred Million people…. er.. Two million…er… Two Hundred Thousand… have died of coronavirus”

  8. Sinclair Davidson

    Going to be sloshed by the second segment

  9. Tom

    Did Sleepy Joe just say that Trump had killed “200 million people” with Kung Flu? The transcript will be fun.

  10. Mother Lode

    What I would like is for Biden’s earpiece to start picking up police radio frequencies.

    Or better – a golden oldies FM station. Then he can burst into song.

  11. Mother Lode

    Did Sleepy Joe just say that Trump had killed “200 million people” with Kung Flu? The transcript will be fun.

    CNN Fact Check: Mostly true.

  12. Carpe Jugulum

    Going to be sloshed by the second segment

    Bugger, i’m at work

  13. Moderator strongly overrides Trump to get his question about repealing Obamacare.
    Narrative established: Obamacare badly needs repealing.

    Over to you Joe….

  14. lotocoti

    The God Emperor needs to dial it back a bit.
    Give Joe time to be Joe.

  15. Infidel Tiger

    Comfortably Smug
    Biden is stunningly bad.

    I didn’t want to lower expectations for him too much ahead of the debate, but shit, it’s almost sad.

    The dude isn’t all there. I wouldn’t let him drive a car, let alone debate Trump or run a country.

    Biden is terrible.

    Trump needs to let this pudding head speak without interruption.

  16. Sinclair Davidson

    Recession Drink

  17. Zatara

    Trump needs to cool his jets a bit.

  18. The God Emperor needs to dial it back a bit.

    Trump needs to stop interrupting.

  19. Mother Lode

    Going to be sloshed by the second segment

    Bugger, i’m at work

    The weirdest thing is that, as you get drunker, Biden will start making sense.

  20. Thaddeus

    Give Joey a little more rope

    Mr Vice President…???

  21. Right now John Wilkes Booth would probably shoot the moderator for failing to stay in his role.

  22. PK

    Lack of a live audience not favourable to Trump.
    “Moderator” seems to be making speeches rather than asking questions.

  23. Infidel Tiger

    Dementia makes people angry.

    Joe is frustrated and angry that his brain don’t work no more.

  24. Carpe Jugulum

    Dementia Joe – öh shutup man”

  25. stackja

    Biden is Carter “go again”.

  26. Tom

    Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, came to this debate with a single objective — to stop Trump winning too big. But he can’t control the president. Already, he just looks like a bumbling incompetent.

  27. stackja

    Biden trying to smile through it all.

  28. Sinclair Davidson

    I closed the border Drink

  29. Biden has awfully young-looking hands for a 77-year-old.

    Are we sure it’s not Hunter in a Daddy-skin mask?

  30. Dr Faustus

    Biden playing to his strength: nodding and chuckling.

  31. Sleepy; “How many of you have an empty chair at your kitchen table because a member of your family died of covid?”

    Umm, 0.002 per cent?

  32. Sinclair Davidson

    We’re almost at the stage of not watching and just drinking.

  33. calli

    Violins playing…empty chairs, horrid phone calls.


    Let’s move on…

  34. Zatara

    Biden playing to his strength: nodding and chuckling.

    And feelz i.e. ’empty chairs at your table from COVID deaths’.

  35. Mother Lode

    Maybe Trump is focussed on beating Wallace.

    Biden is like one of those little tragedies playing out in the background – like Icarus falling into the sea unnoticed in Bruegel’s painting.

  36. vlad

    “The people understand. 47 years you’ve done nothing.”

  37. Sinclair Davidson

    Now in the previous segment Trump was dissing big Pharma … now they providing the vaccine.

  38. calli

    Bleach! Biden believes it!


  39. calli

    Drink some fish tank cleaner Joe.

  40. cohenite

    Wallace is a prick. And biden repeating the bleach bullshit.

  41. calli

    Millions of scientists! Thousands of scientists!

  42. Dr Faustus

    Trump needs to SFU and let Biden do the job for him.

  43. Geez, Sinc; I hope you didn’t open that bottle of The Balvenie for this…

  44. Top Ender

    Biden not finishing his sentences.

    Bloke needs wheeling away.

  45. Thaddeus

    Millions of scientists

    “Trump’s a liar” fact check that

  46. calli

    Jugular attacked! Go for it Orangeman!

  47. kaysee

    Trump needs to stop interrupting.
    Let Confused Joe talk non stop for 2 minutes. Then, pick apart what he said.

  48. custard

    “You’re not smart Joe!”

  49. Zatara

    Bleach! Biden believes it!

    Nah, just spreading the lie a little wider.

  50. The BigBlueCat

    Trump: “Don’t ever use the word smart with me” … classic

  51. calli

    Pelosi and Schumer have a plan!

  52. cohenite

    All Trump had to say was the demorats were impeaching him when he was dealing with the chunk virus.

  53. Zatara

    Trump needs to stop interrupting.
    Let Confused Joe talk non stop for 2 minutes. Then, pick apart what he said.

    Absolutely agreed

  54. The BigBlueCat

    Why doesn’t Biden have a plan?

  55. This is what an old hand looks like.

    Hiden’s hands look way younger than that.

  56. calli

    Trump is swarming him up front. I like the tactics.

  57. mh

    Trump is right.
    You cannot shut down again.

  58. Zatara

    “He wears a mask by himself in his basement”

  59. Trump: “Nobody shows up to his rallies.”


  60. The BigBlueCat

    Masks work, but Biden wants to make them mandatory (like Victoria). Let the individual decide.

  61. calli

    Nobody shows up to his rallies. LOL

  62. custard

    “nobody shows up to his rallies”

  63. calli

    Joes has three people at his rallies. 😂

  64. cohenite

    Biden must have a gallon of Donepezil in his decrepit veins.

  65. Thaddeus

    Let me shut you down for just one second😀

    If you could get the crowds you’d do the same thing😀

  66. EconomicsCats – WTF is a “K-shaped recovery”?

  67. Joanna

    Donny calling it “the China Plague”. Champion!

  68. Carpe Jugulum

    On to the economy, orange man bad’s strong point.

  69. Megan

    I missed the beginning but I knew I could rely on you guys. Just tuned in and Joe makes no sense whatsoever.

  70. Carpe Jugulum

    I think the dementia medication is starting to wear off

  71. The BigBlueCat

    “Do I get my time back?” … no, Joe, dementia has already taken it from you.

  72. calli

    Trump touching on the collateral damage to shutdowns. Well covered.

    K Shape tells us that front line people are dying and losing their jobs. Presumably at the same time.

  73. cohenite

    People who are paying the most tax are the people who are dying says joe; fucking death duties.

  74. Megan

    EconomicsCats – WTF is a “K-shaped recovery”?

    Something about millionaires and billionaires but not Joe.

  75. Megan

    The moderator is ridiculous.

  76. calli

    Now we get a lesson on how income tax works.

  77. Megan

    Let’s see Joe’s tax returns.

  78. Megan

    Why won’t the moderator let him finish?

  79. cohenite

    The moderator is fucked. If this keeps up Trump is going to tell them to both piss off.

  80. calli

    Ahahah! Now we have our Kerry Packer moment!

  81. Top Ender

    Trump handled the tax question well – “I paid millions” in 2016 and 2017.

  82. Sinclair Davidson

    Good point – Trump paid tax under laws passed by Obama

  83. Thaddeus

    K shaped recovery
    Joe wants America to stay under the blanket.

  84. calli

    How much tax do you pay Joe?

  85. Megan

    The whole idea is not to pay more than the tax code requires.
    Or have I got that wrong?

  86. Tom

    Why won’t the moderator let him finish?

    Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat.

  87. mh

    Biden going to raise taxes for business.

  88. Megan

    7 billion more jobs? Really?

  89. Megan

    Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat.

    And a fully registered mormon.

  90. calli

    Figures aren’t his strong point.

  91. cohenite

    Mistake for the Orange God to blame obama for his tax benefits. Biden conditioning enables him to respond to that. At least wallace hits him about the increases in taxes.

  92. Top Ender

    Biden confuses 19 and 91….poor old guy – he should be lying down watching Lassie re-runs

  93. Infidel Tiger

    Is Wallace running for President?

  94. cohenite

    Wallace says obama created more jobs: Trump doesn’t note they were all bureaucratic jobs. Damn!

  95. calli

    We handed him a booming economy!

    Handed? What happened to “Resist”?

  96. Megan

    Joe is just ridiculous. There are words coming out of his mouth but
    they don’t form a coherent sentence.
    Number 2!

  97. Joanna

    Joe is going to create a ‘buy American’ policy. Mmm-huh.

  98. Sinclair Davidson

    Bidens son drink

  99. Megan

    Let Hunter have it, Donald!

  100. Some History

    Wallace keeps referring to Biden as “Mr Vice President”.

  101. harrys on the boat

    I could only stomach 5 mins. Its a clusterfuck. A fucking shit stain on both. And the moderator is just as fucked.

    We all deserve better than this.

  102. cohenite

    Joe: I’m the guy and just one come on man.

  103. Megan

    Biden is totally out of his depth.

  104. cohenite

    At last Trump mentions joe’s son

  105. The BigBlueCat

    Hunter, Hunter, Hunter.

  106. Megan

    Saying its discredited doesn’t make it so, Joe.

  107. Joanna

    “My son did nothing wrong”. Oh Joe.

  108. Geriatric Mayfly

    Joe needs winding up again, like Olympia that singing doll in opera.

  109. Bundyrum

    Trump hits with Hunter money Wallace shuts it down.

  110. The BigBlueCat

    Trump should let Biden answer, so Biden can dig a deeper hole.

  111. Megan

    He just called the President a clown. That’s helpful

    Ear piece brings him back.

  112. Carpe Jugulum

    Creepy joe is quite rude

  113. cohenite

    Joe calls Trump a clown. FMD.

  114. Tom

    Bidens son drink

    Biden has the American media in his pocket, which is why he thinks he can just bulldoze his way through. He’ll never be held accountable for his corruption.

  115. Sinclair Davidson

    “Can I be honest”

    “Try to be honest”


  116. Megan

    Chris Wallace has lost control.

  117. Zatara

    “Millionaires and billionaires” again Joe?

    Did Biden forget he and Jill mysteriously made over $14 million in the 2016-2018 period after his time in power ended?

    Or how he became a multi-multi millionaire on a Senator’s salary? (His starting salary was $42K)

  118. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Just tuned in – who’s the frigging moderator???

  119. stackja

    Biden checking his notes again.

  120. miltonf

    Depends Bidet is the very model of of lifelong political parasite with zero accomplishments in the real world. Rude old turd too.

  121. Bundyrum

    Stakja, yes, Biden is reading from somewhere.

  122. Joe Zansag

    Going to be sloshed by the second segment

    Bugger, i’m at work

    Something for me to finally thank Dan for – work from home – day drinking is fine!

  123. Tom

    Just tuned in – who’s the frigging moderator???

    Biden’s deputy chief of staff.

  124. stackja

    Biden showed pen in hand. Now no pen.

  125. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Da waycism!

    Orange Florida Man (Bad) killing one in five hundred black people with da Bat Flu!

  126. miltonf

    Or how he became a multi-multi millionaire on a Senator’s salary?

    Like Pelosi slag

  127. Sinclair Davidson

    Radical left – drink

  128. stackja

    Biden reading notes again.

  129. Zatara

    Biden checking his notes again.

    Microwave brain implant.

  130. mh

    Trump brilliant on law enforcement

  131. Catlady

    Radical left. Yes! Name it. MAGA ❤

  132. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Excellent – Fatty Trump now laying in strongly on laura norder …

  133. mh

    Seizure time

    S s s s systemic

  134. cohenite

    The KKK came out of the fields spewing anti-semitic filth/something chasing the blacks; those J.wish blacks.

    Trump strong on law and order. Strong on blacks. But he didn’t say what joe said: if you don’t vote for me ain’t black.

  135. Zatara

    I ended it because it was racist.


  136. Leigh Lowe

    #3602087, posted on September 30, 2020 at 11:51 am
    “My son did nothing wrong”. Oh Joe.

    Bwah, ha, ha, ha.
    The “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” moment.

  137. Sinclair Davidson

    Critical Race Theory is racist – a form of apartheid.

  138. Dr Faustus

    Well, the Moderator is managing to showcase the US as a failed state, now and for the next four years.
    Messers Xi and Putin will be delighted.

  139. Megan

    Had to get dinner going. What did I miss?

    Oh nothing.

  140. Sinclair Davidson

    Biden keeps saying “Here’s the deal”.

  141. cohenite

    Wallace defending radical race theory.

  142. Catlady

    Biden has now called Trump a clown and a racist.

  143. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Critical race theory – this will be good …


    It’s racist, radical, people want me to end it, very bad and sick ideas, teaching people to hate our country, horrible racist place, I won’t allow that to happen …


    OFMB is a waycist …

  144. Sinclair Davidson

    Been calling him a clown from the beginning.

  145. Megan

    Critical Race Theory is racist – a form of apartheid.

    Absolutely. And needs to be repeated until it sinks in to the thick heads who spout it.

  146. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    GJ mouthing the most banal dishonest platitudes imaginable …

  147. cohenite

    Violence went down 17%, 50% during my time says joe.

  148. Megan

    So does a registered Republican ever get to host a debate? Or is a Republican media an actual unicorn?

  149. miltonf

    Dementia Bidet’s entitled to be president and Dr Jill is entitled to be first ‘lady’ dontchaknow.

  150. mindfree

    I tend to agree with Harry. If Biden’s strategy was to get Trump to continually interrupt and talk over and make him like a bully, then that will play into the MSM’s narrative “Trump desperately trying to hide/avoid Joe’s carefully considered punches and fails”

    Yes I know it’s BS and Wallace is an asshole but that is what the MSM will take away. Trump just has to let Biden talk now as the endurance pills will start to run out of puff but he (Trump) has to control himself

    A few times it looked like Biden was losing it but Trump wasted those opportunities

  151. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    GJ – I was raised in the suburbs 180 years ago …

  152. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Geriatric Joe

  153. Sinclair Davidson

    Police walking a beat like we have in Victoria now.

  154. The BigBlueCat

    This debate is really unwatchable.

  155. mh

    Biden wants psychologists to talk to MS-13

  156. Tom

    Biden: “I’m totally opposed to cutting the funding of the police officers…”

    Woops! There go the Bernie Bros!

  157. Cassie of Sydney

    “but that is what the MSM will take away”

    Who cares?

  158. Megan

    Decent question about stopping the violence.

  159. Zatara

    Hard to have police walking a beat when you cut their funding in half

  160. Mother Lode

    Democrats will find a way to argue the rambling idiot won.

    Trump supporters will be getting the irrits with their guy having to take on two people at once. And might swing a few more voters his way.

  161. stackja

    Trump can’t stand Biden BS.
    Trump being honest.

  162. The BigBlueCat

    “I don’t hold public office now” … FMD, he’s the DNC candidate – he can call them!

  163. Megan

    Woah, accusation against Kelley Anne Conway.

  164. mh

    Biden just talking shit now.


  165. miltonf

    Still surprised the evil old grub even turned up to be honest.

  166. pete m

    Biden does not answer any question.

  167. cohenite

    I’m taking a lot from this about the veracity of dementia drugs.

    Trump scores a big hit: name one law and order group which supports you joe; joe says there isn’t time.

  168. herodotus

    Anyone keeping count of how many gotchas Chris Wallace sends at Trump?

  169. Sinclair Davidson

    Violence coming from the left.

  170. Sinclair Davidson

    Antifa is an idea not an organization?

  171. stackja

    Biden podium has recess for Biden notes? HRC Deja Vu.

  172. Tom

    Biden: “Antifa’s an idea, not an organisation.”


  173. mh

    “Antifa is an idea, not an organisation”

    — Joe Biden

  174. Megan

    Antifa is an idea. Who are all those guys in black, burning, looting then?

  175. dover_beach

    Every time Trump raises ANTIFA Wallace moves on.

  176. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Fatty Trump correctly calling out collectivists for being responsible for 97% of the violence

  177. cohenite

    ANTIFA is an idea says joe because the FBI head says so; if Trump wins wray is dead meat.

  178. Zatara

    Funny how Wallace didn’t ask Biden to denounce Antifa
    While he was demanding Trump denounce…who exactly?

  179. Biden: “Antifa’s an idea, not an organisation.”



    +1, Tom

  180. Makka

    Barr should have done much more about Antifa and BLM. They should have been declared terrorists by now.

  181. Cactus

    This debate has been really bad.
    Mostly shouting over the top of each other.
    Moderator terrible and injecting himself into the debate.

  182. stackja

    Sinc – ANTIFA is another group.
    Like other leftists groups.

  183. mindfree

    Agreed once Trump lets Biden talk, Biden will hang himself metaphorically

    Cassie, unfortunately the MSM still has sway particularly among the indies and swingers. Having said that hoping the effect will be the same as 2016 but circumstances and the impact on voters do change

  184. herodotus

    If it’s this bad with a Fox moderator (well, a Claytons Fox guy), how bad will it be with the others?
    Wallace showed his true colours when he interviewed Trump some weeks ago.

  185. Professor Fred Lenin

    How the hell did Creepy Joe ever count the bribe monety he got ,? Hes useless with figures .

  186. Biden says Trump is Putin’s puppy.

    Another laugh out loud moment.

  187. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Everything that ol’ idiot has just spouted is a lie – poorer sicker more violent …

  188. dover_beach

    Love Trump on the laziness of the Obama/ Biden years leaving over a hundred judicial offices open.

  189. gafa

    Trump may be trying to crack Joe but coming across as a loud mouth blustering bully, may need to dial it back a bit and just let Joe disassemble.

  190. Megan

    What has Hunter got to do with this question?

  191. stackja

    Biden reading notes yet again.

  192. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Enough with the unrelenting bullshit …

  193. Megan

    Let Biden ramble on. Here comes the climate scam.

  194. Zatara

    Your son was a fucking RESERVIST LAWYER who never saw more danger than a tragic stapler accident and got decorated because you were Vice President.

    I’m waaaay tired of hearing that one.

  195. Cassie of Sydney

    “Cassie, unfortunately the MSM still has sway particularly among the indies and swingers. “

    No. The general regard for the MSM in the US is even lower than here.

  196. cohenite

    joe repeats claim that Trump said military are losers.

  197. herodotus

    Wallace injects Climate Change!

  198. Oh come on

    Biden is actually holding up quite well.

  199. Megan

    Chris won’t accept that Trump is not a Handmaiden of Climate Change.

  200. Infidel Tiger

    Biden is being held by Wallace.

  201. Zatara

    Wallace doesn’t just inject climate change…. he fights the case

  202. Geriatric Mayfly

    Joe gives his Greta doll a squeeze.

  203. Oh come on

    Oooh Joe just told a lie I think.

  204. mh

    Funny how Wallace didn’t ask Biden to denounce Antifa
    While he was demanding Trump denounce…who exactly?

    Richard Spencer maybe?
    He said he is voting Democrat.

  205. Makka

    Biden is actually holding up quite well.

    Yes he is. Did they check him for an earpiece.

  206. Catlady

    The religion of climate change, Moderator Sir

  207. Oh come on

    Kellyanne Conway said violence helps their cause?

  208. Fair Shake

    Wallace another climate change believer. Assumptive questions.

  209. cohenite

    wallace is a kunt. The climate change issue is his sugar hit. He is continually interrupting Trump.

  210. dover_beach

    Wallace: what do you believe about the science of climate change?

    Trump is rightfully putting the focus on forest management re wildfires in the West. This Wallace fellow is a effing clown carrying water for Biden. How is this ‘moderating’?

  211. Megan

    Kellyanne Conway said violence helps their cause

    According to the Book of Biden.

  212. herodotus

    Biden holding up better than expected (stewards should take a sample), but all things considered nobody with half a brain and a “love for the USA and the constitution” would vote for him and his left mob. The Dems have proven themselves totally unworthy of governing anything, large or small.

  213. Bundyrum

    Wallace is just chasing gotchas.

  214. vr

    Wallace just destroyed his reputation

  215. miltonf

    Wallace is just another demonrat operative posing as a germalist

  216. Makka

    Trump should have mentioned the fires that were lit by leftist Antifa vermin.

  217. Fair Shake

    Houses emitting gas and oil . Huh?

  218. Major Elvis Newton

    So Chris Wallace is now debating Trump.

  219. cohenite

    joe is drugged to the eyeballs and either has an ear-piece or brilliant notes. Still the senile old prick completely disavows coal and oil; goodbye Penn.

  220. Oh come on

    Hmm some slips creeping in from Joe. The dexies are wearing off.

  221. mh

    Green New Deal

    Biden says YES

  222. Megan

    Bullshit bingo…rainforests in Brazil

  223. Zatara

    This Wallace fellow is a effing clown carrying water for Biden.

    Wallace has form in doing so.

  224. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    That stupid ol’ geriatric is lying incessantly, absolutely pathetic.

    Green Jerbs! Millions of ’em …

  225. PK

    Hard to stomach when the “moderator” is acting as a third participant in the “debate”.

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