The Andrews Labor government has killed nearly 800 people

Naturally, ABC “Fact Check” responds by investigating what role Tony Abbott played in all this.

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39 Responses to The Andrews Labor government has killed nearly 800 people

  1. wal1957 says:

    “Their ABC”…always covering the hot issues.
    over 1Billion$$$$ for this crap!

  2. Up The Workers! says:

    Late term abortion?

  3. DaveR says:

    Niki Savva in todays Oz says that Andrews knows his government “cant survive a third wave”. Many millions of people in Victoria believe he shouldnt survive the second wave.

  4. stackja says:

    Victorian voters keep electing ALP into government expecting a different result. What’s a few hundred deaths? People forget. Why else is there still a ALP?

  5. Tezza says:

    Completely tendentious effort at ‘fact checking’ which becomes more ridiculously strained the more it drags on…. and on….and on.
    Where in their effort do they enter harassing elderly friends sitting in the sun, pregnant women handcuffed in their homes for Facebook posts, and so on?

  6. Bronson says:

    Voting themselves a pay rise – to the tax payers of Australia the ABC says screw you!

  7. Mother Lode says:

    over 1Billion$$$$ for this crap!

    And it is all so cheap and tacky.

    Undergraduate level insight, secondary school production.

    And the old claim that ABC ‘talent’ is paid to aid retention, otherwise they would go to the private sector? Emma Alberici showed us that isn’t true. The gig she finally got had nothing to do with her skill as a media presenter, but as political worm employed to burrow further into the already decaying flesh and corrupt it even further.

  8. Mother Lode says:

    Niki Savva in todays Oz says that Andrews knows his government “cant survive a third wave”.

    Maybe that is why he is spinning out this second wave lockdown so when a third wave comes he can pretend it is still the same one.

  9. Scernus says:

    Their ABC couldn’t find a fact.
    Even if it had a mirror on the bathroom floor.

  10. Bela Bartok says:

    one death (of a drowned illegal alien) is a tragedy.
    ~800 or so Victorians = just some nameless statistic.

    Should start w webpage with the photos of all those killed by Andrews. Maybe that’d jog the MSM-Labor-Media a bit?

  11. mizaris says:

    The alpbc has an absolutely anal fascination with TA and cannot bear to miss any occasion to discredit and heap shyte upon him. They are a bunch of overpaid, bloviating, useless, lying xunts.

  12. tombell says:

    and yet so called conservative governments continue to fund the ABC. presumably, more than half of the party room actually supports it.

  13. Leo G says:

    Mr Abbott’s claim is wrong.
    Many governments adopted individual policies similar to Victoria’s such as curfews and stay-home orders.Some rules were even stricter. For example, Spain and Argentina banned outdoor exercise entirely while Israel limited walks to within 100 metres of home.

    It’s the ABC strawman argument that is wrong.
    The “strictness” of public health measures must be stratified by the identified risk level. Spain has had 680 deaths per million of population, Argentina 374 deaths per million, Australia has had 35 deaths per million.

  14. Many governments adopted individual policies similar to Victoria’s such as curfews and stay-home orders.

    Note – “individual policies” in comparison to “the most severe”.
    Abbott points to the severity of the whole combination while the ABC can only find isolated single comparable examples.

  15. Makka says:

    Victorian voters keep electing ALP into government expecting a different result.

    You keep repeating this rubbish stack. Over a million Vic voters did NOT elect this turd.

  16. C.L. says:

    Exactly, Leo.

  17. Eyrie says:

    Nice A2A, Rick

  18. HT says:

    #3603143, posted on October 1, 2020 at 9:35 am
    Victorian voters keep electing ALP into government expecting a different result. What’s a few hundred deaths? People forget. Why else is there still a ALP?

    I know it’s a hypothetical but…do you really think Palachook is any different? She just didn’t have the “bad luck” Andrews had.

    And make no mistake, I have a burning hatred of Andrews. It’s just that the clusterf’k inflicted on Victoria was missed by Queensland in particular by sheer happenstance.

  19. Gerry says:

    How much money did they spend doing that ridiculous exercise that 30 people would normally see?

  20. RJH says:

    I wonder how many of these circle jerkers at their ABC it took to put together this biased & mendacious attack on Tony Abbott? Funny these same CJ’s don’t seem terribly interested in checking any of the blatant lies put out each day by that serial liar directly responsible for the deaths of over 760 people running Victoria & the rest of his nodding Sgt Shultz lackeys? Honestly in the real world, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried?

  21. Mother Lode says:

    It is their fact check unit?

    You realise check has additional meanings.

    2a: to slow or bring to a stop : BRAKE
    hastily checked the impulse
    b: to block the progress of (someone, such as a hockey player)

    When facts begin to work their work, the ABC blocks them and works to counteract them.

  22. Gerry says:

    I noticed the use of the words ‘Victorian Government’ and ‘managing’ in the same sentence. Now that seriously needs fact checking.

  23. dover_beach says:

    I wonder if the ABC will ‘fact-check’ Mikakos’s article just published in the Herald Sun that magisterially lays the blame on the hotel quarantine fiasco on Andrews and his office?

  24. Robbo says:

    It’s 800 killed by the Victorian Government so far. Remember that the game is nowhere near over. Who says that Andrews is not a leader. He has killed ten times more of his State’s citizens than other State and Territory leaders combined so he is certainly miles ahead of everybody else in the body count. How does he sleep at night because this disgrace of incompetence and mismanagement is due to him, and only him. He should be charged with 800 counts of manslaughter and brought to trial. He will go down in Australian history as the worst and most despised Premier ever. Andrews must be punished.

  25. dover_beach says:

    Sorry, it’s by Adem Somyurek.

  26. John A says:

    DaveR #3603136, posted on October 1, 2020, at 9:27 am

    Niki Savva in today’s Oz says that Andrews knows his government “cant survive a third wave”. Many millions of people in Victoria believe he shouldn’t survive the second wave.

    The only “third wave” I would like to see is me waving goodbye to the worst premier and government since, well, the Cain/Kirner era.

    Some might be rude and wave with only a finger or two, but I am prepared to be generous and give him a full hand wave – as long as I don’t have to see or hear from him again!

  27. duncanm says:

    Tony still lives in their heads.

    Its beautiful.

  28. Rob says:

    With the ABC’s appalling level of bias, and a relentless level of abuse and ridicule hurled at those of conservative bent, why would the RMIT choose to associate itself with political fact checking which ought be the province of the opponents of conservatism.
    The RMIT really needs to dissociate itself from this political game- playing.

  29. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    So has she been arrested at home and handcuffed in front of her family for this monstrous and clearly illegal act of provocation against Disasterstan Dan xi-Man?

    C’mon, Vikpol, she looks about 17 and appears to be barely five foot. Easy meat for you stupid incompetent violent cowardly knuckleheads.

  30. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Has the AFParrested them for genocide yet? 800 premature deaths , “theyhad pre existing health problems we only hastened the end ” . “I was only following orders from my leader ” . ” it is the feds fault for not insisting we follow their quarantine procedures ” .
    Just running a few defence arguments their counsels may use ,I dont think any of those will go down well , their counsel will have to adopt a creative defence policy ,perhaps diminished responsibility . Trial by judge only might be best, I cant imagine a jury buying the above defence stories . Do they still haveCapital Punishment for Genocide ?
    It was Ageist Genocide wasnt it ?

  31. Greg J says:

    “The only “third wave” I would like to see is me waving goodbye to the worst premier and government since, well, the Cain/Kirner era.”

    I agree Cain/Kirner were pretty bad. I was around at the time trying to survive as a tradie, so remember it well.

    Andrews and his technocrats however are far worse than Cain/Kirner ever were. At least C/K didn’t attempt an East Germany type takeover, as Andrews has done. Frankly, I do not know how Victoria can rid itself of this stain. There is no point in relying on the Victorian Opposition to do it; they are completely and utterly hopeless, and O’Brien needs to resign due to his complete and utter inability to check Andrews’ grotesque excesses.

    As a long suffering Victorian resident, I don’t know where we go with it and how to fix it. I think we need another Jeff Kennett.

  32. cuckoo says:

    A private group of conservative Victorians has put together a fighting fund of almost $500,000 to sue the Andrews government for negligence over its bungled hotel quarantine program.
    Two lawyers who successfully represented player Israel Folau against Rugby Australia have been hired to lead the charge.
    The group has chosen to remain secret out of concern for the sensitivities of taking on the state government in a high-profile dispute.

    Good. (From the Age, hence the bolded bits.)

  33. John A says:

    Here is a copy of my latest to my local government-side MLA:

    The latest move of the goal posts

    Dear XXXX,

    Once again I am writing to express my concerns over the government’s efforts in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak.

    The statistics clearly show that the “crisis” so-called is over (see with cases falling every day this month. In fact, from ABS population movement statistics (1410.0 – Data by Region, 2014-19) it is easy to see that Victoria averages about 38000 deaths per annum (over the past four years) or over 3000 per month. This includes all forms of intractable illnesses as well as avoidable deaths (eg. traffic fatalities, homicides). Yet the DHHS reports daily statistics which have not exceeded double digits for the last three weeks. Yesterday the report was of just TWO fatalities attributed to the Covid-19 virus. We are yet to see if in fact that was the actual cause of death.

    The Premier announced the removal of the curfew from Monday morning and then went on to “create a new offence,” imposing a massive fine of almost $5000 on groups daring to have a party in a private home or outdoors!

    So Police will be looking for a collection of cars representing an inordinate number of people collecting in one place. This, instead of dealing with real crime against people and property.

    In the meantime the local press (, page 3) reports the Premier ‘continued to defend the decision not to issue any fines over the coronavirus outbreak [the Dandenong-Casey 34-strong cluster], saying “The last thing we want to do is to try and do contact tracing where people are not being truthful.’ So one must ask, what is the purpose of creating new offences and having fines as penalties if the penalties are not imposed when the created offences occur? The unintended consequences will certainly include disrespect for the law, further alienation of the people, and more anger at the heavy-handed enforcement efforts of Police.

    And, as if we don’t have enough worries about the lack of abilities in the government and especially the Premier, here is another report of procedural failure at another Melbourne hotel ( Novotel).

    We do not need a third wave of government malfeasance. Once again I urge you and your colleagues to deal decisively with the source of the problem – the Premier.


    (full name and address as required for political comment, although the staff have already said “we know you”)

    And I didn’t even mention the absurdities of allowing fishing but not golf or tennis, and keeping the 5km limits. How does an angler go fishing within 5km?

  34. John64 says:

    I’d like Mr Trioli’s Fact Check Unit to fact check the following statement:

    “The nepotism in the ABC is worse than the nepotism in the ALP.”

  35. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    we need another Jeff Kennett

    The actual Jeff Kennett has been looking and sounding so annoyed about all the idiocy in Disasterstan that he may yet make a comeback.

  36. Squirrel says:

    Aside from attention to their No.1 priority (their own pay rises), the ABC is now busily explaining how it’s all the fault of “Scotty from Marketing” for not spraying even more money around to compensate for the stuff-ups and “We’ll keep you safe” vote-buying of state governments.

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