Profiles in courage (and the lack of it)

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  1. stackja says:

    Biden didn’t take his meds?

  2. pbw says:

    Jim Acosta (what an appropriate name) –

    Trump did not stop for questions

  3. miltonf says:

    Dirty old grub

  4. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    Trump did not stop for questions

    = Fatty Trump could not be reached for comment …

  5. Robber Baron says:

    How dare he walk! Trump should have been carried by hood wearing white supremacists.

  6. m0nty says:

    Biden did not attack Trump at all. He wished Trump well and then focused on the economy.

    Four years ago today, Trump mocked Hillary’s bout of pneumonia in a televised speech.

  7. Zatara says:

    Trump did not stop for questions

    He also didn’t have the lawn sprinklers turned on to douse your lame ass.

  8. Zatara says:

    Four years ago today, Trump mocked Hillary’s bout of pneumonia in a televised speech.

    You forgot the link. We’ll wait.


  9. Tim Neilson says:

    Four years ago today, Trump mocked Hillary’s bout of pneumonia in a televised speech.

    Sure, m0nty, that’s what it was.

  10. Bronson says:

    Monty ‘misremembering’ again…….more geritol needed Monty.

  11. Up The Workers! says:

    KKKillary’s bout of pneumonia deserved mocking – just like her, it didn’t work!

  12. H B Bear says:

    Killary survived. Must have been that giant negr0 that followed her with a hypodermic for the whole campaign. A miracle she is still with us today. Somewhere.

  13. mareeS says:

    Goodness, the nasties are out in force tonight. Best to allow their say, nutcases have no shame.

  14. Perplexed of Brisbane says:

    Robber Baron
    #3606032, posted on October 3, 2020 at 6:47 pm
    How dare he walk! Trump should have been carried by hood wearing white supremacists.

    I don’t think Democrats would help him to the chopper even if they were allowed!

  15. Up The Workers! says:

    When the going gets tough…Creepy Old Joe shuffles off stage to change his incontinence nappy!

    What a man!

  16. Rob MW says:

    Profiles in courage

    Say what you like about Democrats and courage. Democrat heavyweight Congressman Jerry Nalder deserves a Purple Heart for this act of selfless courage while under heavy fire:

  17. miltonf says:

    They really depraved, decaying, geriatric crooks.

  18. miltonf says:

    I still don’t get why they chose the lying, decaying Bidet- why not run Harris? Anyway what about all this glass ceiling stuff? Woman of color only good enough for VP? Pale, very stale male for the top job.

  19. tombell says:

    let’s hope the HCQ is effective. It will drive the Left nuts.

  20. OldOzzie says:

    Joe Biden ready to stand for whatever you want him to

    By David Harsanyi

    Lost in the blinding gaslighting over President Trump’s remarks about white supremacists during this week’s presidential debate was the fact that Joe Biden proved again that he’s little more than a stand-in propped up by a compliant political press.

    Biden was unable to answer even the most rudimentary queries about his beliefs, never mind specifics about policy. Apologies to the Twitter expert class, but opposing Donald Trump is neither a moral doctrine nor a policy agenda.

    There is plenty to dislike about the president, but you rarely have to guess where he stands. Biden, on the other hand, says, “I am the Democratic Party,” and yet, after a half-century in American politics, we have virtually no idea what his presidency would look like.

    Biden’s already put a lid on his past, and the press has obliged. The same reporters who will comb over 15 years of Trump’s tax returns have shown zero curiosity in nearly 40 years of Senate papers Biden has buried somewhere in a University of Delaware basement. Then again, there’s not a single significant piece of legislation Biden sponsored in his 36 years in the Senate that he still supports, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

    The media’s greatest coup in 2020 was turning months of widespread leftist violence into a debate over a few hundred far-right-wing Proud Boys. Trump’s messy answer on the matter — in which, yes, he denounced “white supremacists” for the umpteenth time — made all the front pages. Biden can label Antifa, the leftist movement responsible for the majority of violence, looting and arson over past few months, nothing more than an “idea” and see no blowback.

    It was an interesting metaphor because Joe Biden in 2020 is just an idea — a suggestion imbued with an infinite number of possibilities. Joe can be anything you want. What will the reality look like? I don’t know. You don’t know. He doesn’t know, either.

  21. Farmer Gez says:

    Soy Boy Sutton bullshitting his way through questions from the media as to why regional Vic can’t move to lower restrictions without being tied to Melb.

    Seeding he says from Melb (Iron Ring?) caused by work movement and apparently regional Vics love him for graciously protecting them.

    Stage four only lets 50 people go gather in public, 20 at home, remaining businesses open, seated dining and entertainment with the safe distances still in place.

    How this will increase seeding from Melb is anyone’s guess.
    Sutton needn’t bother showing his face around country Vic when this is over as I suspect he’ll be told to piss off back to the city where petty tyrants are appreciated more.

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