It’s being called the “dumbest tweet of 2020”

I’ll go further: the Governor of Washington (D) has given us one of the dumbest things ever typed by man:


[W]atch this 2-minute clip from Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings. You can see that Joe Biden has always been brain damaged. He thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, but he’s actually the dumbest guy in the room. And that’s saying something, because this is the U.S. Senate.

Here’s the clip… The now Justice Thomas’ own commentary on Biden’s imbecility is priceless:

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19 Responses to It’s being called the “dumbest tweet of 2020”

  1. JC says:

    Everyone watched that hearing. I even recall they had it going on the weekend. Most people thought Hiden was an imbecile in the way he conducted himself. Brings back funny memories.

  2. Leo G says:

    What aircraft carriers were in World War II, masks are today.

    Platforms used to launch attacks against political enemies?

  3. H B Bear says:

    Lucky he doesn’t have a real job or use heavy machinery.

  4. Tim Neilson says:

    What aircraft carriers were in World War II, masks are today.

    Platforms used to launch attacks against political enemies?


  5. Megan says:

    What the actual hell was that from Hiden Joe? Word salad with natural law dressing.

  6. Leigh Lowe says:

    “Ordinary folks might not get it. But you know and I know …”
    Desparately trying to pretend he is the intellectual equal of Clarence Thomas.
    What a spiv.

  7. The BigBlueCat says:

    “Natural Law” is something that a well-known troll on Catallaxy talks to … he’s an imbecile too.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Ironically Inslee’s aircraft carriers won’t have aircraft to go on them.

    Left Wing Governor Of Washington State Freaks Out As Boeing Moves Production To South Carolina (3 Oct)

    Jay Inslee, the left wing governor of Washington State, is freaking out because Boeing has decided to move production of its 787 airplane to the more conservative and business friendly South Carolina.

    Who can blame Boeing for making such a move, especially if it benefits them financially?

    Besides, in Seattle, leaders have shown that they will allow mobs of left wingers to destroy businesses.

    Maybe Mr Inslee could use the factory space to produce black masks and armour for his Antifa allies.

  9. Struth says:

    Ordinary folks might not get it. But you know and I know

    Thank god for the elite.
    Say the elite.

  10. lotocoti says:

    What aircraft carriers were in World War II, masks are today.

    Aircraft carriers were of little utility against a non-maritime nation like Germany, so masks are …

  11. candy says:

    Stunning bit of racism and condescension there from Biden to Justice Thomas. Biden was giving him hand signals as if he thought Justice Thomas could not understand words. Some kind of weird aggressive racism with a cheery smile.

  12. pbw says:

    There are stupid tweets, and there are stupid videos.

  13. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Paedo Joe saying he and justice Thomas were lawyers ?this from the guy who was 76th out of a class of 84 in a third rate law factory,comparing himself with a distinguished lawyer and nominee for the Supreme Court ?
    Amazinf how the old Paedo has bullshitted his way through life to be a corrupt multi millionare .
    He now thinks he can bullshit his way into the Presidency ?

  14. Rex Anger says:


    Aircraft carriers do not get soiled, nasty and unusuable after their first voyage, and the Japanese, German and Italian navies did not burn themselves out with minimal intervebtion apart from treating victims and keeping a minimum safe distance.

    Leftism truly is a mental illness…

  15. Patty Duke says:

    Love the look on Justice Thomas’s face. Priceless.

  16. Bazinga says:

    If Natural Law prevailed there would be no Lawyers , and there would be no morons either.

  17. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Thats priceless a , useless idiot trying to explain a speech some student intern wrote, Biden doesnt have a clue what he is talking about ,and pretending the Justice is dull because he doesnt understand the garbage ,nor does anyone else there . And this cretin is the best the decromats can offer , surely the billionaire lefty ownwers of the party know better than that ? And to put a woman with two grand parents from India up as a sop to the African Americans is sheer stupidity . No one does mindless stupidity better than the left .its natural law ,got the silly natural law phrase in context .

  18. wozzup says:

    Joe Biden is a walking talking proof of the Dunning – Kruger Effect. The effect which leads dumb people to believe they are smart because they are too dumb to understand how dumb they are. In fact in a party of Dunning – Kruger archetypes, Biden is the king. If a “little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, Biden is a human atom bomb.

  19. egg_ says:

    What aircraft carriers were in World War II, masks are today.

    Is that the yoghurt weaving soyboy comment of the year, right there?

    Beyond parody.

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