Democrat challenger says he welcomes Garbo endorsement

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37 Responses to Democrat challenger says he welcomes Garbo endorsement

  1. a happy little debunker

    Make Greta grate again…

  2. shady

    Russian interference in an election bad but a Swede interfering good? If you’re not a US citizen then you have no say.

  3. stackja

    Garbo: “I want to be alone”

  4. RobK

    Greta’s support for Biden may well increase some youth voting for Trump. I don’t imagine she is universally adored by thinking youth.

  5. Professor Fred Lenin

    Has she been back to the speciall scool yet? Or was she expelled for mouthing off too muck .?

    Her parents told her to go for Creepy Paedo Joe they want to be as corrupt as him .
    Look our Greta he is well ]known for ghis S;eaziness around youn girls \.

  6. Terry Andrews

    She can see carbon but not corruption

  7. Rusty of Qld

    Hey Greta, live by your green ideals show us how it is done. No aeroplanes,mobile phones, internet,travel by foot no pushbikes their made of steel,aluminium and rubber tires oh and those steel and concrete windmills plus those solar panels made of how many toxic materials? Winter in Sweden should be fun. Just in case you want to rely on Swedish hydro don’t forget all those thousands of tons of concrete and steel needed to provide hydro power.
    Greta you are a deluded, brainwashed child that only knows what your malleable brain has been forced feed.

  8. calli

    Attention seeking.

    Does she want him to sniff her hair?

  9. Carpe Jugulum

    Smart move Pol Tot

  10. Some History

    Yesterday someone mentioned that Greta™ is now referred to as the “Doom Pixie”.

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump gives her wonderful grandfatherly advice.

  12. duncanm

    “Chill Greta, Chill!”

    so awesome.

  13. miltonf

    That child is like something out of a horror movie.

  14. Bruce of Newcastle

    Oops, SH, didn’t read up. Delingpole is the perp for that one. 😀

  15. win

    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings and straight into the Lions den of very funny Americans who object to other countries telling them who to vote for. This should keep us amused up to the election date.

  16. Remember when our idiot Kevni Rudd took a little girl (along with 100+ bureaucrats) to Copenhagen?
    They use these girls because emotional blackmail works on the wymynses.
    Support for CAGW policies is and has always been higher among the wymynses.

  17. Biota

    Garbo = Garbage Endorsement

  18. Delta A

    Someone is suffering relevance deprivation.

  19. Lee

    What an overbearing, “look at moi”, attention-seeking, thoroughly obnoxious and ignorant person.
    No wonder she is the left’s darling.

  20. Tom

    The Swedish 17-year-old said in a tweet that she never engages in party politics, but that “the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that”.

    Ahahahahaha! Pol Tot thinks American voters are as dumb as she is.

  21. Xword

    Last election some labor twerp and four or five fellow metrosexuals headed stateside under the banner of Aussies For Hillary. Unfortunately travel restrictions have put this year’s Joeys For Joe tour on the back burner.

  22. Bushkid

    Foolish child!

    Despicable adults manipulating her!

  23. Bushkid

    I wonder – Does this count as interfering in the US elections??

  24. Kneel

    “Does this count as interfering in the US elections??”

    What? Don’t be ridiculous! Take your lead from the FBI – HRC actually colluding with Russians is not collusion, the output of that collusion proves the collusion is on the other side (the one you colluded against) – even when you know this in advance, you still need to dismiss charges against the left and persue them against those on the right. That’s law enforcement 101 – James Comey style.

    Oh, and if there is any risk of your duplicity being exposed, you should immediately any forthwith destroy any and all evidence of it. No evidence, no crime – well, none you can prove anyway.

    Plus use the left’s tactic of mirroring the truth – caught red handed, blame the other side and accuse them of this exact instance. By the time the dissonance of that has cleared from their minds, you have already “shown” by their stunned mullet looks that they simply must be guilty. Case in point: Trump wont accept the outcome of the election (after nearly 4 years of “not my president”, “not legitimate” and attempted impeachment).

    And don’t forget to get all the evidence against your opponent in the MSM in one go, while your own malfeasance is slowly dripped out – that way, half of what you did is “old news” and can be labelled “discredited” – plenty of “fact checkers” can arrange the “discreditation” for you, facts be damned.

  25. Tel

    Right now Greta Thunberg is the Democrat Party.

  26. Tel

    Russian interference in an election bad but a Swede interfering good? If you’re not a US citizen then you have no say.

    Facebook sincerely promised to put a stop to all this … we are in excellent hands … I’m sure they have blocked her account, put up warnings all over the place about political content. We can trust those guys, right?

  27. egg_

    Even Hughesy had a loop mocking Greta on radio: “How dare you!”

    How dare you interfere with US Elections, Greta!

  28. egg_

    Support for CAGW policies is and has always been higher among the wymynses.

    We can blame clueless bints and Karens for ruinables?

  29. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Delta A #3614455, posted on October 11, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    Someone is suffering relevance deprivation.

    One hallmark of the pandemic being on the decline is the fact the climate skeptics are starting to talk about climate science seance again instead of Covid19.

    Just one question. If we’re all busy being cooped up indoors afraid of Covid19, doesn’t that mean we have less exposure to the climate?
    After being afraid of the person sitting next to you on the bus right now, it’s going to be hard to get people back to being afraid of the sky of circa 2100 again. It might take a whole army of Gretas to achieve that.

  30. Mark M

    Further undeniable evidence that the low info -high skool dropout hasn’t heard of China.

  31. Get up early and Greta garbo – once a week in my suburb.

  32. notafan

    At least this time alp won’t get fined $14500 for breaching US election rules.

  33. mem

    Oh shucks. The kid is just a puppet for activists and is near her use-by date. What next? A climate monkey or is it back to a polar bear?At least the polar bear spruiked rum which has some benefits in the world. Not so Greta Dumbturd.

  34. Nighthawk the Elder

    This photo reminds us all of who Greta’s fellow travellers are.

  35. I am tired of listening to her. Why doesn’t she just go back to school?

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