Australia is stuffed in so many ways

It’s bad enough when supposedly private sector organisations behave like the worst of the public sector.

It’s worse, much worse, when public sector organisations behave like the worst of the private sector.

This is a link to the Australia Council of the Arts.  What is the Australia Council of the Arts:

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian government’s arts funding and advisory body.

They go of their way to say they are not public servants, but they exist only by virtue of government legislation and are funded by government:

Our staff are engaged under the Australia Council Act 2013 and are not part of the Australian Public Service.

To fund its $212 million of expenditure in FY19, it received $208 million, or more than 98% of its funding from Government.

So what kind of people does a government agency funded by government need?  Good question because the Australia Arts Council is currently recruiting for a government lobbyist, a Head of Public Affairs.

Reporting to the Executive Director Advocacy and Development, this newly created role will lead a diverse public affairs function to advance the strategic priorities of the Council and inform the Council’s advocacy and government relations activities.      

Oh and this:

Leading Council’s interactions with key government stakeholders including briefings, advice and submissions

And the key accountabilities include:

Build and deliver a political engagement strategy that supports the Australia Council’s role as the Australian government’s principle arts advisory body


Oversee and lead the Council’s daily interface with government stakeholders, including the Office for the Arts, the Minister’s Office, other government departments as required, and state and local government officials

Australia is stuffed in so many ways.  We are SOOOO STUFFED!

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24 Responses to Australia is stuffed in so many ways

  1. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    the Australia Council of the Yartz

    Shut it down.
    Fire them all.
    Mound of skulls.
    Salt the earth.
    Nuke from orbit.

  2. Albatross

    Good start Spurgeon, but is it enough?

  3. Texas Jack

    The party of limited government proving for all time that it’s a complete sham.

    Best we channel a thumping Trump win – and hope Morrison cops a couple of difficult by-elections and loses both. Minority government is all these worthless frauds deserve.

  4. Terry

    ‘Good start Spurgeon, but is it enough?’

    With these kinds of Zombies, you MUST double-tap…

    …then nuke from orbit…AGAIN! It’s the only way to be sure.

  5. bollux

    Stop funding the Left!
    Should be the mantra of the Liberal government. This is how they operate against us, never having to work, produce, earn, pay tax and generally white ant Australia, along with people like Harry Triguboff and co.

  6. ACTOldFart

    … the Australian government’s principle arts advisory body …

    They are getting $200 million a year and there’s no-one in the organisation who can tell the difference between “principle” and “principal”? I support all the honourable Monkfish’s proposals.

  7. Terry

    ‘they are not public servants’

    This is true. They do not serve the public (nil value to society).

    They do however feed vigourously from the public teat. These are “glorified” dole bludgers, quite deliberately fooling themselves (but more importantly “us”) that they are engaged in some kind of noble endeavour (the “arts” don’tchya know).

    This kind of largesse must be removed from the purview of government – they have no right to steal from taxpayers and re-direct those funds for pet vanity projects – it is theft. simple. Those engaged in these kinds of activities should be in prison for fraud.

  8. Bronson

    Government funded art now that will be original and innovative and uplifting and and and and …..

  9. Terry

    ‘Stop funding the Left!
    Should be the mantra of the Liberal government.’

    They ARE the Left!

    The controlling faction of the modern “Liberal” party has been infected/infested (take your pick) by The Greens. Big Government, Big Environment, Crony-Capitalism. They’re all-in.

  10. But how would all those ‘yartists’ survive without government funding? No one would actually pay for what they excrete, so how could they exist on their own and thus contribute to Australia’s betterment?

    I would actually be happy for the Council to exist, if the general public were to determine what ‘yart’ was funded.

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    Australian governments can never fund too much vaginal knitting.

    I have an idea. We should combine the foreign aid budget with the Arts budget. Then send all the government supported yartz people to other countries to help the poor and underprivileged. Win-win!

  12. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    but is it enough?

    Given these yartist types are as resilient as cockroaches, possibly not.

  13. Des Deskperson

    ‘they are not public servants’

    All this mean is that they are not employed under the Public Service Act 1999. They are still budget funded employees with, the same – inevitable in a taxpayer funded agency – organisational and personal biases toward inefficiency.

    The Public Service Act attempts to deal with this with several sections delineating the standards of diligence, integrity, accountability and behaviour that those employed under it are obliged, individually and collectively, to abide by and uphold.

    The Australia Council Act 2013 imposes no such obligation on those employed under it.

  14. areff

    Australian governments can never fund too much vaginal knitting.

    Or poo art

  15. H B Bear

    Another legacy of The Great Man. Brought to you by theUniParty and your taxes.

  16. liliana

    the Australia Council of the Yartz

    I would prefer the money be burned in a pit than fund these parasites. At least then we would have to live with the garbage they produce.

    I don’t think most people realise how much money these tax hoovering parasites get.

  17. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    The AC fund lots of leftist ‘literary’ and political commentary magazines and writers’ gab fests but they removed all funding from Quadrant some years ago and Quadrant receives no AC funding that I know of. No Liberal seems to have had a go at them for this. Yet Quadrant has been a responsible centre-right forum since the 1940’s and provides a diverse perspective on many issues in a high quality format. No such diversity suits the AC though.

    When all government Arts funding is captured by the left there is no voice for change nor representation of the views of half the electorate. Young writers who don’t write with a left perspective have absolutely nowhere to go. Similarly, visual artists with something new to say, i.e. non left or simply aesthetically different to the mainstream orthodox ‘adventuring’ such as vaginal knitting, have no forum to show their works.

    Diversity of opinion and ideas in the Arts has been mostly killed off in Australia. The leftists at the AC have done that and it is disgraceful.

  18. Fitter of East Melbourne

    Once it was that Sir Leslie Colin Patterson was considered an outrageous exaggeration of the Australian Arts setup. He wouldn’t get a game these days.

  19. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Australian arts and letters have been turned into ‘approved’ arts and letters. The result is the sort of hogtied artistry and predictably dull literary output that we are currently experiencing.

    Something fundamentally ‘soviet’ about it. Different stuff (vaginal knitting will do as its metaphor) but equally as stultifying as all of those heroic worker and peasant thrills the Soviet grip produced. Politically driven sludge.

  20. Shy Ted

    Which idiots parted with $4mill? I very stupidly clicked on this link –
    I hope you won’t be as stupid as me but if you are, looking at the pictures tells you all you need to know. There are even some token Australians among the yartists.

  21. NuThink

    All explained in this YouTube video about what happens when government gets involved in the arts.

    Peter and the Commissar by Allan Sherman from 1964.

    Just listen – there is no thing to see. It is very clever.

  22. covid ate my homework

    They’ve obviously got someone in mind for the job, the successful applicant is a feckless, shiftless, annoying, fat, ugly, gross fuckwit that just has to be promoted.

  23. Squirrel

    Long before WuFlu reached our shores, Straya was suffering grievously from viral bullshit – and so much of it taxpayer funded.

    If a coalition government can’t (or lacks the guts to) shut down outfits like this, they should move them from their salubrious inner city locations to somewhere much further out from the city centre, where they will get to mix with a much wider cross-section of society……

  24. Crossie

    #3618965, posted on October 15, 2020 at 11:05 am
    the Australia Council of the Yartz

    I would prefer the money be burned in a pit

    And it would be more artistic and aesthetically pleasing than anything espoused by the AC.

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