David Speers compares 816 dead Victorians to Daryl Maguire

The Independent Commission Against Conservatives brought the goods but a journalist has set the price:

The Prime Minister, for his part, has gone into bat for Berejiklian…

“If she makes a mistake, I’ve never seen her make it twice”, Morrison told 2GB.

He’s even urged NSW Liberals contemplating a change of leader to back off.

“It would be a bit of a numpty decision” to dump the Premier over this, he says. The Morrison intervention pre-empts further evidence at ICAC and indeed a finding.

Andrews gets no such support

There was no such Prime Ministerial defence of Dan Andrews after his appearance at the hotel quarantine inquiry.

Morrison has not joined the frequent calls of his state Liberal counterparts for the Premier’s resignation. He is happier to stay out of it and leave the debate over the Victorian Premier’s fate to Victorians.

The very different approach from the Prime Minister to the two Premiers is hardly surprising. He’s a politician and a Liberal Party team player after all.

For a while there, the media displaced pneumonia as the Old Man’s Friend. Any conceivable amount of damage to society was worth it to save Just One Life. Suddenly one Daryl will buy you the lot.

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11 Responses to David Speers compares 816 dead Victorians to Daryl Maguire

  1. Herodotus

    Speers true colours were showing well before he left Sky.

  2. Ed Case

    Anyone considered Mrs. Maguire’s feelings?
    Daz might be in diabolical trouble at home?

  3. Wallace

    My blood boiled tonight like the rise in sea level which was the explicit fault of Trump and could only be fixed by electing Biden. This was on the ABC news inserted as a news item.
    It was nothing of the sort, just a blatent advert for the demo cats.
    They showed the sea level of Chesapeake Bay rising up to ankle depth in a backyard with a kid on a swing and gum boots.
    The truth is, of course, the land is sinking, the sea is not rising. Well documented on various sites, but that didn’t suit their narrative.
    A weak and ill advised attempt at indoctrination.
    Didn’t work!

  4. miltonf

    I though Barry O’Bummer said he was going to fix the sea level.

  5. Old Lefty

    Gerard Henderson pointed out that the 739 report produced only two brief reports during the entire period in which the Victorian hotel quarantine inquiry was sitting. Compare that with how Sales is all over Gladys.

    Of course the Spencer Street Soviet would never condescend to report a word O’Brien said.

  6. Roger

    Different jurisdictions, different legal issues.

    The desire for some sort of proportionate application of justice is understandable given the magnitude of Andrews’s failures as compared with the seemingly simple foolishness of Berejiklian’s choices, but that is not how our legal system(s) work.

    Having said that, I believe Andrews will get his comeuppance eventually.

  7. Squirrel

    The Speers piece is relatively anodyne by ABC standards, but one can still only wonder at the anguish and torment he must have suffered during all those long, grinding, years in the dark satanic mills of the Murdoch empire.

  8. A reader

    The interesting part about the Gladys ‘scandal’ is how the average New South Welshman quickly jumps to her defence. Even Labor voters. It’s like they’re saying she’s our spinster and we have her back.

  9. Up The Workers!

    Gladys might make a mistake but ScoMo has never seen her make it twice.

    Deadly Dan and the Australian Leprosy Purveyors (A.L.P.) make a mistake and then repeat it a further 815 times, and yet he and they are still unbelievably on the outside of a set of prison bars, and not behind them.

    Deadly Dan and his Caucus of performing dementia-afflicted morons, liars and imbeciles should all be locked up and be the first ones charged under his new “Industrial Homicide” criminal offence. How many more innocent Victorians do they get to kill before finally being charged?

  10. Up The Workers!

    The A.L.P.’s blinkered David Speers reminds me in some respects, of Daryl Maguires itinerant pizzle.

    It gets itself into all sorts of strange places where it has absolutely no business in being.

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