Hey-dee ho everybody, here comes the party.

Hey-dee ho everybody, here comes the party.

That’s the call line from Bob Bullpit from one of TAFKAS’ favourite TV shows, Kingswood Country.  A show the PC police won’t allow to be screened on television any more.  Lord knows how it is still on You Tube.  But …

TAFKAS was recently asked by someone, if they were to join a political party, which one?

Well, not being a member of a party, TAFKAS dunno.  But no doubt there are Cats out there who are and could offer an opinion.

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11 Responses to Hey-dee ho everybody, here comes the party.

  1. entropy

    the only people that join political parties are sociopaths that want to stand for election or infest backrooms doing deals for mates (but I repeat myself). Joining the local branch is only for stacking purposes at the command of the relevant faction, in the hope it will one day be your turn getting access to the loot. You otherwise get no say at all on policy or who stands in your local electorate.

    Maybe the scones aren’t always stale too.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Our family used to have a gold Kingswood.
    Beat that.

  3. entropy

    HQ V8 metallic green station wagon with a white roof. three on the tree and a bench front seat.

    Awesome car.

  4. A reader

    Laurence Fox’s new party

  5. HT

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #3619740, posted on October 15, 2020 at 9:25 pm
    Our family used to have a gold Kingswood.
    Beat that.

    I owned a gold Kingswood and a maroon Belmont Premier 🙂

  6. Bob

    A gold Kingswood? Nope – you can’t beat that!
    Remember Neville the concrete Aboriginal in the front garden? And how Senator Neville Bonner (good bloke with a sense of humour) actually made an appearance on the show?
    It makes a mockery of the fools today who are always taking ‘offence’ by proxy.

  7. exsteelworker

    Every suburban, country pub is “Kingswood country” everyday, lol….The left live in their own little bubble, cafes of the major cities. Obviously ignorant of the real world.

  8. It doesn’t matter which party, join the one you can most conveniently attend consistently and vote against any nonsense. If you eventually get kicked out then you’re doing a good job. The hard part is just putting up with the bullshit the professional politicians will fire at you.

    The trade union party will be expensive as you’ll have to join a union and pony up $500 a year to be a member.

    I’ve joined the LDP and try to calm the farm a bit and encourage simple classical liberal stuff like not wasting money and having sunset clauses for things that cost money. But all our yoof think they’re in Tiananmen Square and need to overthrow the empire by friday week.

    The trade union party force lots of tiny incremental things the labor-lite party won’t undo because they’re basically lazy and too busy glad handling Chinese investors.

  9. Someone had to quote Groucho Marx:

    I don’t want to belong to any club [party] that will accept me as a member.

  10. My Dad had a HK in cream with a white roof. The colour was apparently called Kingston.

    Whenever I enjoy an Arnott’s Kingston Cream I think of it.

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