Hey, Sarah: Follow The Money

AUSTRALIA’S own Miranda Devine took point for the New York Post on Tucker Carlson last night (video from 11:13) to talk about the biggest story in the world. Which was, of course, ignored in her own country. Two years ago, the ABC spent a fortune on an unprecedented three-part special – yes, broadcast over three weeks – called Trump/Russia: Follow the Money. Four Corners reporter Sarah Ferguson billed her expensive work of fiction about the US President “and his connections to Russia” as “the story of the century.” The non-deranged knew then – and it is now a matter of undeniable historical reality – that there was no money to follow and there was no “story.” Not about Trump and Russia anyway. The real story of the century was a coup d’état orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and various corrupt intelligence and Justice Department officials. To this day, the ABC has refused to cover the Russia Hoax and Ferguson has not retracted her utterly embarrassing magnum opus.

Joe Biden is a walking talking proof of the Dunning Kruger Effect – which leads dumb people to believe they are smart because they are too dumb to understand how dumb they are. In fact, in a party of Dunning Kruger archetypes, Biden is the king. If a ‘little knowledge is a dangerous thing’, Biden is a human atom bomb.”      – Wozzup

Unlike Ferguson, Devine and her Post colleagues have secured real evidence that a presidential nominee almost certainly betrayed the United States and broke the law as part of a harebrained commercial arrangement with some very unsavoury people in Ukraine. Part II of the paper’s exclusive exposé is hitting streets and screens in the United States as I write. The new installment proves that Hunter Biden – a drug addict with no saleable skills – was trading his father’s name to squeeze tens of millions out of China’s largest private energy company (CEFC China Energy) for himself and others – including a generous share package for the “big guy.” One of Biden Jr’s most prominent marks in China was then chairman of CEFC, Je Jianming, who has since vanished. Facebook and Twitter can do all the airbrushing they like but these scandals will not disappear as easily as the unfortunate Mr Je. The only thing meddling tech nerds are achieving is doubling the coverage.

Elsewhere: Ace’s master roundsman J.J.Sefton is a must-read this morning.

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  1. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    we all knew how incompetent the obama adminstration was, but just how corrupt it was is a new revelation

  2. Herodotus

    The ABC has the distinction of being nearly as bad as the left component (and it’s quite a large component) of the US’s MSM.
    How things have changed from the “bad old days” when big companies were perceived to be funding and generally supporting conservatism and when they attracted the attention of the trust busters.
    Now the Dems and their running dogs are ok with big tech because they are all on the same side.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    The MSM spent huge time on the fake Russian story. Yet this scandal gets zero coverage.

    All you can do is imagine what it would be like if a Republican presidential candidate had been caught with fingers in the cookie jar. It would be wall to wall coverage 24/7.

    And the Ukraine and China things aren’t even the worst of it. Biden was the guy who suggested the use of the Logan Act on Flynn according to declassified notes, which means he was directly involved in Spygate. And I suspect lots more stuff given the many green scandals, pay to play and sue and settle actions.

  4. Ed Case

    Saw this quote from Whittaker Chambers [Hiss Trial/Pumpkin Papers]:
    The Working Class tend to vote Democrat [this was the 1950s], the Middle Classes vote Republican, and the Upper Classes are all Communists.
    Chambers was from the Upper Classes, he wasn’t kidding.

  5. Daily llama

    I’ve met many a Collingwood supporter I suspect has that cunning droogy effect or whatever it’s called. I get confused with big words…

  6. win

    T here was uproar when Trump had his first phone call to the Ukrainian president . Is Biden being used as a sacrificial lamb gto get a hard nosed Communist into the White HOUSE.

  7. Ed Case

    Biden isn’t withdrawing, Trump will be doing well to carry 15 States and not take the Republican Congress off the cliff with him.

  8. A Lurker

    T here was uproar when Trump had his first phone call to the Ukrainian president . Is Biden being used as a sacrificial lamb gto get a hard nosed Communist into the White HOUSE.

    I suspect that is the plan.

  9. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Nothing the left love more than crooks and perverts

  10. OldOzzie

    Why has’t the FBI released detailsof what was on the Hard Drive?

    They obviously realised the importance of the Mac PC when they subpoenaed the Repair Shop to take ownership of the PC.

    More importantly, I would assume the Computer Repair Shop Owner has the Serial Number of the Mac PC which should be able to validate who purchased and owned the Mac PC.

  11. duncanm

    The ABC will be right onto it – with their ‘fact check’ unit – trying to debunk the story.

  12. OldOzzie

    Can’t find anything in The Australian other than this which tends to indicate Hiden Biden and Camel Harris will go underground till the lection and avoid interviews

    Cameron Stewart
    37 MINUTES AGO | 7.35am

    Biden, Harris campaign teams hit by outbreak

    A person who travelled on Joe Biden’s plane to Ohio and Florida this week has also tested positive for the coronavirus, his campaign has announced.

    Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has also cancelled campaign travel until early next week after her communications director and a crew member on her plane tested positive for coronavirus.

    During our contact tracing, we discovered around noon today that a member of the company that charters my airplane has also tested positive for COVID. This crew member was on the plane with me, but was more than 50 feet away.

    My COVID test from last night came back negative.
    — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 15, 2020

    Not only was the individual 50+ feet away and wearing a mask, but I was wearing an N-95 mask. No members of my staff were in contact with this crew member either. My doctors have advised that there is no need for me to quarantine.
    — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 15, 2020

    The Biden campaign said that the person who tested positive on Mr Biden’s plane worked for the aircraft’s charter company but was not near the 77-year-old presidential candidate at any point before, during or after the flights.

    “The Vice President did not even have passing contact: this individual was over 50 feet from VP Biden at all times,” the campaign team said,in a statement, adding that the person sat in the last row of the plane, far from where Mr Biden sat.

    “Given these facts, we have been advised by the Vice President’s doctor and the campaign’s medical advisors that there is no need for the Vice President to quarantine,’ the statement added.

    The news came ahead of duelling town hall meetings on Friday (AEDT) for Donald Trump and Mr Biden after the second scheduled debate between the two was cancelled.

    Ms Harris has cancelled all campaign travel until Monday (AEDT) ‘out of an abundance of caution’ after her communications director Liz Allen and a crew member on her plane tested positive, Mr Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said.

  13. OldOzzie

    A tale of two COVID economies: Red state recovery, blue state recession

    In red states (those voting Republican for president in all four of the last four elections), the combined unemployment rate stood at 6.6%. Among blue states (those that voted Democrat in all of the last four for presidential elections), the figure was 10.5%.

  14. duncanm

    post election, Trump needs to re-assess twitter and facebook being classed as media outlets.

    They are clearly not acting like carriers.

  15. OldOzzie

    The Gordian Knot Protecting Obamagate Secrets

    By Charles Lipson – RCP Contributor

    An Excellent Article

    Donald Trump and Republicans are furious that U.S. Attorney John Durham has not brought indictments against senior people who spied on the president’s campaign, lied repeatedly to judges in order to do it, and based their intrusions on specious evidence, which they knew to be false — and had been commissioned by the opposition political party. We know the broad outlines of this coordinated operation, but we still don’t know its full extent, all those involved, and what precise roles they played.

    Attorney General William Barr promised major developments in this probe by late spring, then mid-summer, then Labor Day, and now sometime after the election. If, as Republicans say (and the evidence seems to show), there was a systematic effort to weaponize federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political purposes, the public has a compelling right to know. This need-to-know is urgent because the Democrats’ presidential nominee, Joe Biden, served as the second-highest ranking member of the administration that conducted these acts.

    Why have Barr and Durham delayed issuing indictments or producing a comprehensive report? There are two ways to view this riddle.

  16. Leo G

    The MSM spent huge time on the fake Russian story. Yet this scandal gets zero coverage.

    The MSM spent huge time on the fake Russian story which they knowingly helped to fake.
    The genuine corruption scandal gets zero coverage, presumably because it may more generally expose the MO of many legislative lobbyists.

  17. OldOzzie

    House Republicans Ask Director Wray if FBI Was in Possession of Hunter Biden’s Laptop During Trump Impeachment and Hid Evidence from Trump Defense

    House Republicans on Thursday sent a letter to Director Chris Wray asking if the FBI was in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop during the impeachment coup of President Trump.

    “If the FBI was, in fact, in possession of this evidence and failed to alert the White House to its existence that would have given even more weight to the president’s legal defense, this was a gross error in judgement and a severe violation of trust,” the letter says.

    The letter was signed by 19 House Republicans, including Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.; Louie Gohmert, R-Texas; Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz.; and Jody Hice, R-Ga.

    Fox News reported:

  18. mh

    Australia would be a better nation without the ABC.

    Shut It Down
    Fire Them All
    Save taxpayers $1 Billion per annum

  19. Nighthawk the Elder

    The Democrats are pissed off because this story was supposed to break AFTER sleepy Joe was elected POTUS. NY Times had been promised the exclusive by the DNC.

    “Shocked and disappointed”, they would have no choice but to impeach the old hair sniffer and inaugurate Camel Harris as the first female POTUS, a woman of colour and a Democrat at that.

    You know it makes sense.

  20. OldOzzie

    TRUMP LANDSLIDE: Data From Trump Rally in Des Moines Spells Doom for Joe Biden and Democrat-Socialists

    Ronna McDaniel

    Great data from
    @realDonaldTrump’s rally in Des Moines shows support the pollsters are missing:

    – 10,139 voters identified

    – 48.5% (!) NOT Republican

    – 29.4% (!) Democrat

    – 25.0% did not vote in 2016

    – 13.7% did not vote in the last 4 elections

    Thank you, Iowa!

  21. OldOzzie

    New Hunter Biden Emails Show Sales of Influence to Chinese Interests – Millions Paid to Biden Family for “Introductions” and Legal “Assistance”…

    One of the reasons we are not seeing more DC politicians talking about the Hunter and Joe Biden story is because they too participate in exactly the same system. It isn’t only Joe Biden, his family and democrats selling influence and assistance to foreign governments; most of the senate and legislative leadership use exactly the same process to build wealth for their family. At this point all those who remain silent are doing the same thing.

  22. sabena

    As of last night:
    Seven news covered the story.
    The ABC did not.

  23. Ed Case
    #3620037, posted on October 16, 2020 at 6:51 am

    Biden isn’t withdrawing, Trump will be doing well to carry 15 States and not take the Republican Congress off the cliff with him.

    This election, more than any other is all about enthusiasm and turn out.
    Since labor day, 800,000 people have ATTENDED Trump rallies. Biden rallies? 84 people attended.
    People who can’t be bothered supporting their candidate during the heat of an election, are NOT going to line up for hours to vote for him, especially on a working day when so many need income after COVID shut downs.

    This will be the mother of all landslides. Possibly as big as Reagen 2014.
    Happy to take bets.

  24. duncanm

    The ABC ‘covers’ it here

    There’s more words spent pushing the line that the information is fake then there is listing any of the allegations.

    Mr Giuliani has repeatedly pushed unfounded claims about Mr Biden and his son in the past.

    The New York Post published alleged emails and photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was allegedly left at a computer repair shop.

    In it, he thanks the younger Biden “for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honour and pleasure.”

    The wording makes it unclear if he actually met Joe Biden.

    The actual origins of the emails are unclear. Disinformation experts have said there are multiple red flags that raise doubts about their authenticity, including questions about whether the laptop actually belongs to Hunter Biden

    Another potential alarm has been the involvement of another associate of Mr Trump, Steve Bannon
    Thomas Rid, a disinformation expert at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, said it was not clear to him yet whether the emails were hacked or forged but said they “could be either or both”.

  25. duncanm

    Ed Case
    #3620037, posted on October 16, 2020 at 6:51 am
    Biden isn’t withdrawing


    It’d be own-goal by the Trump campaign if he withdrew at this point.

  26. I dont understand – Having programmers and friends, being mathemathical, grown up practical, I cannot understand these people in google etc.

    The programmers I know see through things immediately.

  27. Speedbox

    The MSM spent huge time on the fake Russian story. Yet this scandal gets zero coverage. All you can do is imagine what it would be like if a Republican presidential candidate…..

    This is the aspect I find most galling. For months, wall-to-wall coverage of the Russia Russia Russia story. Remember the allegation about Trump urinating on some prostitute in a hotel room. False dossiers, contrived stories. Any rumor, story, guess or simply made up rubbish was published with all the gravity the MSM could muster. And millions were taken in – I still hear the occasional barb that ‘Trump was helped by the Russians’.

    Yet now, precious little about the Bidens in what may turn out to be the biggest political story in US history (which is saying something!). Perhaps that is why it is being suppressed.

  28. Terry

    @ Ed Case at 6:51am
    ‘Trump will be doing well to carry 15 States’

    Even using biased polling, Trump leads by double-digits in 15 States.

    For his vote to collapse so as to only carry those states, some kind of catastrophe would have to occur. Maybe something like his son implicating him in collusion and corrupt dealings with foreign governments.


  29. Rob MW

    Joe Biden is a walking talking proof of the Dunning Kruger Effect – which leads dumb people to believe they are smart because they are too dumb to understand how dumb they are. In fact, in a party of Dunning Kruger archetypes, Biden is the king. If a ‘little knowledge is a dangerous thing’, Biden is a human atom bomb.” – Wozzup

    It’s absolutely amazing that these dumb-f**** with unilateral unmitigated power successfully rely on like minded institutional creatures for the coverup, that in the end, it’s always the cover up that brings these f***wits unstuck. The publicly brazen dumbness of big mouth Biden really does staggers imagination, but then again, with the Clintons amongst other self enriching pay to play politicians in the U.S as roll models (who mostly keep the mouth’s shut) it’s hardly surprising.

    The FBI holding the computer since December 2019 is breathtaking in the extreme.

  30. Pete of Perth

    How are the sh*theads on Planet America gonna spin this?

  31. jupes

    Most of the information about Joe and Hunter Biden in the Ukraine has been around for years. I first saw that video of Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor sacked around the time Trump was being impeached for withholding money for a “quid-pro-quo” to get more info of Biden’s corruption.

    Of course Trump’s actions were righteous in that he was exposing corruption by a US politician, while Biden’s action was corrupt. There was enough evidence back than for Blind Freddy to see. However journalists such as Greg Sheridan could see no evidence that Biden had done anything wrong. None!

    The bias and incompetence of the press in this country goes a long way to explain the standard of our politicians.

  32. dover_beach

    Just posted latest Tucker on OP. Miranda interviewed again. Exposes Chicom grift that is possibly in the hundreds of millions.

  33. Rohan

    Baa Humbug
    #3620192, posted on October 16, 2020 at 9:45 am

    This will be the mother of all landslides. Possibly as big as Reagen 2014.
    Happy to take bets.

    Yes. I need to write a post on this from another angle. I believe he will flip 48-50 states red. #trumpslide

  34. Cynic of A

    I admit to a bit of confusion. Unkind souls may remark this is a common occurrence, but that aside.
    We all know that what looks like most of academia, most of the newspapers, most commercial TV channels, all of Twitter, all of Facebook, and all of the ABC, are in cahoots with the left, and socialism. Both here and in the USA.
    But why???
    What the hell is in it for them? How do they expect to be rewarded?
    Except for the ABC, all the others are commercial business, successful simply because of Capitalism.
    Why would they support a regime that will, without doubt, be to their inevitable detriment, as the struggle to compete to crawl the most to the commissars becomes harder and harder.
    This is a serious phenomenon. It’s not just a few nutters trying to get something for nothing. They are not, “the world owes me a living” loonies. They are not AOC, or Bernie Sanders.
    Most, if not all, of these people with unimaginable riches, could not have made this amount of money in a socialist system. The basic principal of Socialism itself prevents it.
    This does not explain the behavior of salaried media personalities though. They are not in the same position. Their high salaries are dependent on market exposure, which will be reduced to a value dependent on their continued lying for socialism. Stray from that, and the axe falls. Similarly those “Professors” in Universities. Continued subservience will be essential.
    I have a couple of theories, based on nothing but experience with people.
    They must continue on the path because:
    Once started, to reverse course would involve massive admission of both wrong doing, and worse, admission of gross stupidity;
    Fear of retribution, not from the Right, but from the Left, as we all know, “The Left eats it’s own”;
    A belief in the idea that they themselves will not suffer at all, because of their loyalty to the socialist cause;
    A belief that, because they are loyal soldiers, they will be rewarded ten-fold compared to Capitalist rewards, i.e. government money;
    Indoctrination in schools and universities. Continued lecturing on the evils of Capitalism does infect a significant proportion. I have no evidence or research, but in Australia, would it be fair to say that socialism is taught in Public Schools, but not in Private Schools, and students from Private Schools are able to withstand the onslaught of socialist teaching in Universities? I do know personally of at least half a dozen – perhaps more- with this attribute. The way they all did it was just go with the flow, but not to believe any of it.
    What is in it for them? Zuckerberg, as an example, has two goals. Riches, and control of people. Will socialism give him that?

  35. OldOzzie

    I will repeat the question – the Computer Shop Owner must have the serial number of the Mac PC and this can be used to identify purchaser/owner

  36. Terry

    ‘all the others are commercial business’

    Not in the Peoples’ Kleptocracy of Australia. Very, very few “Commercial” businesses (pretty much just mining/quarrying) that exist without the Crony-Capitalism of ‘Big Government’

    ‘What the hell is in it for them?’
    Constant redistribution of wealth from the (very few) productive enterprises left and into their own pockets via the public trough for very little effort, risk, or investment of their own capital.

    ‘their inevitable detriment’ is tomorrow morning’s concern – “The Hangover”. Tonight, we party like someone else is paying (because they are). They’ve fleeced the country’s credit card and they intend for someone else’s great-grandchildren to carry their tab. Plus, someone else will clean it all up, right? (The job the Centre-Right – when we still had one – used to do).

    As for journo’s. To the extent that they are not “employed” directly by the swamp (the ABC), it fits their political disposition inherited from the indoctrination received in lieu of an education. The theatre of “the machine” provides plenty of outrage, distractions, and salacious scuttlebutt to peddle, which aligns far better with their inherent laziness and lack of curiosity than it does with actually doing some journalism.
    These are not very bright people and would struggle to earn a living if they were made to be productive.

    ‘The basic principal[sic] of Socialism itself prevents it.’ Really? Name one place this has happened? Each and every Socialist shithole that has ever existed (including contemporary Australia) involves a self-appointed “elite” (of which these “journo’s” erroneously consider themselves to be a part of) syphoning out the wealth of the productive members of society and hoarding it for their own benefit. The “theory” never survives first contact with reality – never has, never will.

  37. Was there one particular point, Currency Lad, where you made a conscious decision to love Trump and all his works like a Koresh cult devotee, or was it just something that happened gradually over a long period of time without you realising?

  38. m0nty
    #3620759, posted on October 16, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    Was there one particular point, Currency Lad, where you made a conscious decision to love Trump and all his works like a Koresh cult devotee, or was it just something that happened gradually over a long period of time without you realising?

    Donald J Trump abandoned his billionaire lifestyle to get into the blood bath sport of American politics and dispatched the woman who would have been singularly the most corrupt and damaging president in Americas history. That makes Trump eligible for life time president.
    All who cross his path should bow and throw rose petals at the man’s feet.

    The fact that you are so naive about the catastrophe that awaited America and the West in general if Clinton was elected means none of your other opinions are worth a bag of dog shit.

  39. herodotus

    Monty’s not like a real troll.
    His stuff’s more like extracts from Spongebob Squarepants.

  40. pbw

    About your Tucker Carlson link:
    This video has been removed by the uploader.

  41. Grazza

    Month, you are the only sane blogger – a very perceptive question!

  42. Cynic of A

    No, not enough.
    As for “commercial” business, there are literally hundreds of Small to Medium Businesses that have nothing to do with government, other than suffer the red tape. I’d change your, “Very, very few “Commercial” businesses (pretty much just mining/quarrying) exist with the Crony-Capitalism of ‘Big Government’”
    The basic principal of socialism does prevent it. Only the chosen get to be in charge, and of the hundreds if not thousands of fools who think they are in the running for special treatment, only a few will be chosen. The rest are going to be pretty shitty about it.
    No, there’s something else going on.
    Personally, without evidence again, I suspect it is the Public School and Public University system. Train kids young in a certain way or dogma, and it is almost impossible to reverse.
    However, in hindsight, that was all plain to see in it’s developing stages. The removal of males from the primary school teaching profession for starters. The radical actions and words from what were described as “Educated People” and, therefor by definition, smart. That just is not true anymore.
    I didn’t see it coming. I’d say most of the population didn’t see it coming. and, as sure as hell is hot, the Governments of any day did not see it coming, or, if they did, they chose not to do anything.
    As a simple example, does anyone really imagine that Morrison and his motley crew will ever, ever, ever, chastise or shackle the ABC? No, they will not.
    I do not think there is anyone alive today, that will see the correction of this situation. It will just have to run it’s course.
    Venezuela over the next few years will be a window to what can happen. Eventually, it must collapse.

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