Oh my oh my.

Phillip Coorey is a/the political editor for the AFR.  TAFKAS does not generally ready Coorey because he finds him hit and miss.  But he gave him a go today and my oh my.  What a performance.

Dan’s fans and Trump’s base: spot the difference.

One can give points to Coorey for trying to point out the political culture and cronies that seek to defend Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and his government’s recent performance.  Shame though that Coorey won’t call out his media colleagues for performing the same Praetorian purpose.

But this line from Coorey … this is just offensive .. and needs to be called out:

Briefly, let us just state objectively what has gone wrong in Victoria. A government has made mistakes, with terrible consequences. That’s all. It happens.

That’s all.  It happens.

Yes.  But when such things happen leading to the deaths of hundreds, the decimation of an economy and the extra judicial house arrest of millions, the perpetrators usually wind up in a small room in the Hague waiting for their day before the International Criminal Court.

Mistakes were made.  It happens.  ARE YOU FOR REAL Coorey?

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  1. Leo G

    Briefly, let us just state objectively what has gone wrong in Victoria. A government has made mistakes, with terrible consequences. That’s all. It happens.

    Of course, that is NOT all! Not unless you include as terrible consequences, the chain reaction of further mistakes, evasions of responsibility, blaming of victims etc.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Yep Phil it happens that no one is responsible for diversity hires who spread the virus from quarantine. And no one is responsible for killing grannies either.

    Oh wait.

    Experts urge coronavirus cases in Victoria’s aged care homes to be moved to hospital (21 Jul)

    But Victoria’s chief health officer, Brett Sutton, has said not all infected residents would be moved from aged care homes.

    “Sometimes the safest place for them is to remain in that facility … it’s really done on a case-by-case basis,” he said.

    Experts have cautioned that keeping positive cases where they are risks putting other residents in danger, and that infection control is much more difficult in an aged care home than in hospital.

    Victoria’s ‘disposable people’: Aged care residents with COVID-19 turned away from hospital (12 Aug)

    Elderly people in aged care facilities who are infected with COVID-19 are being refused hospital admission and are instead being sedated in nursing homes.

    A letter provided to the families of residents at Glenlyn Aged Care in Glenroy reveals the Royal Melbourne Hospital turned away two patients with coronavirus who were wandering around the nursing home, increasing the risk of the virus spreading in the facility.

    Dr Robert Hoffman, who visits eight nursing homes, including Glenlyn, says he has seen the “appalling” situation happen at two facilities, but he understands it is more widespread.

    Yep, Dan’s government refused to allow infected elderly to be taken out of nursing homes, therefore causing the same wildfire to burn through them as occurred in New York under Cuomo. The only positive is he relented after a few weeks, whereas Cuomo didn’t.

  3. A government has made mistakes, with terrible consequences. That’s all. It happens.

    But it hasn’t stopped, it just keeps repeating and getting worse.

  4. Lee

    Except out of eight states and territories in Australia, “it” only “happened” in one state – and the one that adopted by far the harshest, most draconian restrictions on civil liberties.
    He reckons that is exculpatory?
    What an idiot.

  5. Tom

    Phabulous Phil is a tribal leftard and, therefore, an anti-intellectual pygmy.

    For tribal leftards, nothing matters but the supremacy of the tribe over the individual and everything they do — and write — is to advance the crushing of the individual.

    That especially applies to the leftards like Phabulous Phil who rule the roost at Australia’s anti-business daily, the Australian Financial Review.

    Phabulous Phil and the rest of them at the AFR are cheering on the current Keynesian government spending orgasm, which will saddle the rising generation with needless debt, because they are fiscal illiterates.

    For Phabulous Phil, Daniel Andrews is one of the tribal left’s Big Men, who are beyond criticism. That’s why he is making excuses.

    For tribal leftards, the crushing of the individual by the tribe is essential. There is no room for flights of fantasy like the freedom of the free market.

    That is why the AFR’s circulation has collapsed.

    Hope that helps, Spartacus.

  6. Blair

    Briefly, let us just state objectively what went wrong in Nazi Germany. Hitler invaded Poland. A government made mistakes, with terrible consequences. That’s all. It happens.

  7. dover_beach

    I replied to this on Twitter following a reply from Uhlmann. It’s pure ‘pox on both their houses’ trope. Nothing substantive has been exposed re Trump, nothing. It is all lies. But we are supposed to believe that pointing this out is up there with the attempt to whitewash the corruption of Biden and the incompetence and misrepresentation of Andrews that is being performed by BigTech and the MSM.

  8. Shy Ted

    You don’t get to be a beta male with a regular paying gig on Insiders by leaving the plantation. Don’t waste your money, TAFKAS.

  9. H B Bear

    Phabulous Phil is an idiot looking for a village. He has found it at Australia’s leading anti-business business daily. I would not even rate him as hit and miss. He is pure miss.

  10. Texas Jack

    For those who have trouble with simple stuff:

    Step 1 – Cancel your AFR subscription
    Step 2 – Remember why you took step 1 –
    Step 3 – Repeat Step 2

  11. H B Bear

    Trump is like a Rorschach test for Leftists. Given any random blot they see the Donald madly at work destroying their world. As has been previously observed, it is a mental illness.

  12. H B Bear

    Does the AFR still run La Tingle on Friday since she won JournoLotto and joined the hive mind at the staff co-op?

  13. Up The Workers!

    Maybe Coorey just happened to miss the 816 individual notches carved into the barrel of Deadly Dan’s A.L.P. (Association of Leprosy Perpetrators) incompetence weapon?

    After all, a mere 816 is easy to gloss over where there is still room for 6 million more.

  14. stackja

    It’s all fine by Dan.

  15. stevem

    That’s all. It happens.

    A perfectly fait and reasonable comment – if it was made months ago.
    The hotel quarantine scheme was set up from conception to implementation in just 2 days – there were bound to be fairly significant problems. The damning criticism doesn’t come from those inevitable problems. It is, as always, from what happened later.
    Despite the problems presenting themselves early on, there appear to have been no attempts at rectifying them. The problems were ignored until it was too late. The government then tried to pretend hotel quarantine wasn’t the cause. Once DNA evidence proved it was they tried fobbing it off, then set up a sham enquiry.
    They’ve spent months stoking Stockholm syndrome among captive Victorians doling out small favours, expecting gratitude in return.

    That’s all. It happens

    was an appropriate comment once, but those days have long gone.

  16. tombell

    Aaaagh the Sarah Hanson- Young defence. Not very original is Phil…

  17. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Every year the left get more brazen and more insane, just when you think we have reached peak lunacy they reach higher to the point where satire is more real then the bubble the left inhabit.

    It’s time to put the left out of its misery.

  18. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    A governmentbusiness has made mistakes, with terrible consequences. That’s all. It happens.

    said no one ever

  19. Anonandon

    Coorey, like Paul Kelly, hides his bias with psuedo intellectualism.

  20. Truth—in-Footnotes

    Who is this “Miss Phil”? . . . Never heard of her . . . him . . . they . . .

  21. BM

    A reasonable person in Andrews’ position would not have made the decisions that he did (ADF, BLM, contact tracing etc. etc.), which has resulted in over 800 deaths and severely impacted the quality of life of another 6 million for months now.

    That is not a mistake. It is gross negligence.

    And in defending it, Coorey is a grub.

  22. Bronson

    Phil ‘shit happens’ Corey – all the insight of blind Pew.

  23. RobK

    That’s all. It happens
    Consequences follow.

  24. Steve

    ” That’s all. It happens.”

    Yep…like putting people under what appears to be house arrest for weeks, inflicting a form of PTSD on a whole population, placing people under prison-like ocnditions, putting troops on the street and areresting pregnant women for thought crime…..then destroying the economy all based on a virus that according to the US CDC has only has a 6% true death rate, all the other deaths are from underlying existing comorbidities.

    Nothing to see here…just bulldoze the corpse of the communist ravaged dead victorian economy into an open grave, chuck some diesel on it and light it…..then go suck up to the CCP some omore…job done.

    At least its only the economy in the open grave…this time…..( anyone who knows history should feel rather uncomfortable about now …)

    And lets not forget this is just the dry run…the globalists havent finshed yet. Nope.

    So in the near future, if someone is on the street with a light blue coloured beret, how do we categorize them? Friend, or other?

    Just wondering….

  25. exsteelworker

    Yeah, just like ” accidents happen, tragedies happen “….the big difference is that a lefty said it with no consequence. Same as in Victoriastan, the left can’t do no wrong according to the MSM.

  26. Another Ian

    “Mistakes were made. It happens”

    So do ramifications

  27. Struth

    This is the response you get when you attack the process, not the core evil.

    It was all well intentioned but “mistakes” occurred!!!

    You can’t fight hard socialism from a soft socialism stance.

    This is in response to the questioning of the agrarian socialist wonder woman who is helping to push the narrative that the virus is deadly.

  28. Davey Boy

    As a government someone in charge of something once said, “What Difference At This Point Does It Make?!’”

  29. Des Deskperson

    During the South Coast bushfires in early January this years, Coorey, having driven his family back to Canberra after – one assumes – seeing the chaos at the coast and on the roads to and from it and heard the officials urging people not to return, decided never-the-less to go back.

    He did this not because he wanted to help fight the fires or assist the evacuees, but to fireproof his ‘bolt hole’; understandable but hardly noble.

    Had he got into trouble, brave men and women would have had to risk their lives to rescue him.

    The end he suffered no loss, but he wrote an AFR article moaning about the inconvenience he went through – presumably his mobile and laptop wouldn’t work – and blaming it all on Morrison and climate change.

    I wrote him off then as an arrogant, entitled basically stupid pratt.

  30. Reagent

    This is balance Fairfax-style. Coorey is mildly critical of Labor’s Dan Andrews but then trots out the names of five conservatives – John Howard, Donald Trump, Gladys Berejiklian, Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor – to show they’re just as bad.

  31. Terry

    ‘conservatives – John Howard, Donald Trump, Gladys Berejiklian, Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor’

    Based on his Presidency, one could make a convincing case for Trump being a “Conservative” where not so long ago that would be “stretching it”.

    As for the rest….really? Which one is conservative, based on their policies, not the label on the packet.

  32. mem

    Briefly, let us just state objectively what has gone wrong in Victoria. A government has made mistakes, with terrible consequences. That’s all. It happens.

    No that’s not all. Daniel Andrews is a running sore of mistakes. He continues every day to make more mistakes. We no longer have a pandemic, if indeed we ever had one, but he just can’t stop. My view is he is a psychopath and needs to be hauled off to a clinic as he has no perspective. Alternatively he is an evil lying leftist who wants to destroy as much as possible of the establishment so he can implement his grand Utopian vision, whatever that may be.

  33. John A

    Briefly, let us just state objectively what has gone wrong in Victoria. A government has made mistakes, with terrible consequences. That’s all. It happens.

    Except that the terrible consequences have fallen upon the innocent, not the perpetrators. And Phatuous Phil, make no mistake of your own, these events were perpetrated – they were NOT the by-products of a good policy gone wonky.

  34. Professor Fred Lenin

    Dndemic Dan must be fearfull each time he has a presser now ,afraid Peta Credlin will turn up ,she has said she wont attend unless she has a point to -make or new information . Nice little bit of Psychwar by Peta ,who is a much more experienced political insider than him ,she is also a trained lawyer ,not a tiny BA poitical science grad . He will never know what is coming next ,haha , his minders wont be able to protect him
    Couldnt happen to a more deserving bastard career pollicrim .

  35. Petros

    And the fin review wants $60 per month for these learned opinion pieces.

  36. Squirrel

    “That’s all. It happens.”

    The logical (sic) conclusion of that statement is that we really don’t need journalists, certainly not of the investigative or analytical kind – AI could produce reportage which simply re-hashes government and corporate news releases.

  37. nb

    Ukraine famine.
    ‘That’s all. It happens.’
    Trains to Belsen.
    ‘Oh, whoops.’
    Killing sparrows leads to insect plague.
    ‘But the science was certain.’

  38. Boris

    Agree with the outrage but should we also agree that Victorians richly deserve this treatment cos they elected this fellow and his cronies in the first place?

  39. 1735099

    Yes. But when such things happen leading to the deaths of hundreds

    It happened between 1965 and 1972, remember.
    But back then it wasn’t as a consequence of incompetence.
    It was government policy carried out as intended.
    As far as I know, nobody was jailed.
    They ended up on fat parliamentary pensions.

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