The Oz is the New York Times of Australia

For myself, there is no insult I could make that is greater than that, but so it seems. Having discussed here  just this morning how bizarrely anti-Trump The Australian is, I now come across this from The NYT. A series of vague general statements with a complete absence of policy issues over which they might prefer Joe Biden instead.

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign poses the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.

Mr. Trump’s ruinous tenure already has gravely damaged the United States at home and around the world. He has abused the power of his office and denied the legitimacy of his political opponents, shattering the norms that have bound the nation together for generations. He has subsumed the public interest to the profitability of his business and political interests. He has shown a breathtaking disregard for the lives and liberties of Americans. He is a man unworthy of the office he holds.

The editorial board does not lightly indict a duly elected president. During Mr. Trump’s term, we have called out his racism and his xenophobia. We have critiqued his vandalism of the postwar consensus, a system of alliances and relationships around the globe that cost a great many lives to establish and maintain. We have, again and again, deplored his divisive rhetoric and his malicious attacks on fellow Americans. Yet when the Senate refused to convict the president for obvious abuses of power and obstruction, we counseled his political opponents to focus their outrage on defeating him at the ballot box.

Nov. 3 can be a turning point. This is an election about the country’s future, and what path its citizens wish to choose.

The newspaper of broken-record disseminates the lies for every shallow nitwit across the world to repeat ad nauseum. Let me just return to the comments section on Van Onselen,  and pluck just this from the hundreds of criticisms of his sophisms listed according to “Best”. This is from “Spud”; obviously from his aristocratic name a well-known and highly regarded non-deplorable:

“Trump’s poor performance”
He’s led the US into no new wars
He’s routed ISIS (remember them?)
He’s rebuilt the US military (you know, the military we depend upon)
He’s stood up against China’s rapacious trade policies
He’s forced NATO countries to front up more for their own defence
He’s relocated the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem (long promised, never delivered until Trump) and recognised the Golan heights as being part of Israel (a must-have for Israel’s defence)
He’s brokered peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (Nobel Peace Prize 2021?)
He’s curbed illegal immigration, including with a wall (OK, the Mexicans didn’t pay for it)
He’s replaced NAFTA with an improved trade deal with Mexico and Canada
He reduced regulations and taxes, producing US energy independence and, before COVID hit, the lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment on record; combined with an upsurge in real wage growth
He’s brought back manufacturing jobs when Obama and those in the know said it couldn’t be done
He’s promoted and signed the First Step Act to lessen the over-incarceration of black offenders
He’s established business opportunity zones in the inner cities to help minorities escape despair
He’s supported school choice and charter schools for disadvantaged children
He’s promoted and signed a bill to provide permanent funding for traditionally black colleges.
He’s appointed objective federal judges and Supreme Court justices to defend the constitution, as distinct from politically motivated activists.

It turns my stomach how straight-out ignorant our supposedly educated class actually is. Please bear this in mind next time you come across an editorial from The NYT.


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  1. stackja says:

    The educated class of Marx?
    I ignore them. I have for over 50 years.

  2. stackja says:

    NYT getting what from Joe?
    Slim want open borders?

  3. Joanna Smythe says:

    Republicans and Conservatives are their own worst enemy. It’s always defence, never attack. Even now when they have all this evidence against the Bidens, where is everyone. They should all be shouting from the rooftops. It will probably sink into the sunset, just like everything else they had on the corrupt Swamp and Dems.

  4. stackja says:

    JS – it seems only Trump attacks. Many GOP not aggressive enough.

  5. Joanna Smythe says:

    Have never read the NYT but the impression given is that it is 100% anti Trump. The Australian on the other hand has a few columnists who occasionally have a good word to say about Trump although their articles always have to include a few negatives. The saving grace is the readers’ comments to articles like PVO are generally pro Trump. He knows the response he is going to get when he writes his articles but still they appear every week, unfortunately.

  6. tombell says:

    Stalin was a wanker and mass murderer par excellence. But part of him was right. The only way to rid yourself of opponents (real or imagined) was to kill them. I think we’ve now reached that stage in our lives. Question: are we to kill or be killed?

  7. Sean says:

    NYT doesn’t really exist anymore. There’s a shell where a paper once lived but now is taken up by clickbait since technology has made the business model whereby they couldn’t be 100% sure of the tastes of their readers obsolete.

  8. Colonel Crispin Berka says:

    Tim Pool catches up on the NY Post/Giuliani story and finds Hunter holding equity for Joe so Joe can make cash underneath the radar.

    Have to wonder what deals Hunter made with the China Entrepreneur Club. Does that mean China will go in to bat for Biden now?
    No wonder Americans are having trouble figuring who to vote for. The Russian candidate or the Chinese candidate? LOL

  9. Herodotus says:

    The Australian’s coverage of US politics belongs somewhere else- like Nein/Fairfax.
    It’s adding insult to injury to be subsidising creeps like PVO and Stewart as well as their ABC collective.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    That tract from the NYT is funny. I had to get to the third paragraph to find something which wasn’t an outright lie, and then one sentence of that – and it was a misdirection.

    The only paragraph that is actually true is the fourth and last one. But not in the way they mean.

  11. Gilas says:

    #3622587, posted on October 18, 2020 at 1:06 am

    Stalin was a wanker and mass murderer par excellence. But part of him was right. The only way to rid yourself of opponents (real or imagined) was to kill them. I think we’ve now reached that stage in our lives. Question: are we to kill or be killed?

    Disagree with “wanker”, but otherwise absolutely and indisputably correct.

    We are no longer dealing with rationality or logic.
    This is now a moral imperative, physical safety from these vile cretins is becoming a clear and present danger.
    Cancel culture is just the beginning.. wait until they feel empowered to use the Government’s weapons.
    Leftards inhabit an alternate, fact-free universe and are a direct PHYSICAL threat to people they disagree with.
    Evidence for this is overwhelming, it increases daily.
    Projection, intolerance and direct violence are their standard m.o.
    All couched in the post-modern abstractions of love, tolerance, compassion, fairness and safety.

    Regarding the NYT, WaPo, CNN etc.. aka the MSM:
    Their business model has changed in the last decade-plus.
    From providing some kind of news service, to confirming their readers/viewers’ biases, thus catering to their readership ie. retaining clients and clicks.
    Given the fact that a demented crony like Biden is in a winning position, the MSM’s model is working.
    Decades of school/academic indoctrination has provided the necessary lack of critical thinking and enquiry we now see everywhere.
    The MSM isn’t deranged, its model is working, working very well indeed.

  12. PB says:

    “I think we’ve now reached that stage in our lives. Question: are we to kill or be killed?”

    This is all you are left with once the subversion of your society’s Institutions is complete.

  13. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV) says:

    All these achievements are terrible, how on earth do they promote a marxist one world state???

  14. Mark M says:

    This is the FUTURE OF CURRENCY if the globalists get their way …

    Short twitter link of end 2 minutes of presentation:

    Full link (15.34 mins):

    “The Monetary Institute’s “Our Money, Our Banks, Our Country – Money Creation in the Modern Economy” conference was held in Zurich, Switzerland on February 5, 2018.

    Professor Richard Werner, Chair in International Banking, University of Southampton, England provided this overview of how money is created in nations throughout the world and the impacts and consequences of the current system.”

  15. cuckoo says:

    Went through the usual round of evening news last night (Nine, SBS, ABC). Endless bloviating about Trump and how his town hall had lower ratings than Biden’s. This was particularly picked over by SBS’ man-voiced Prue Lewarne. And not one word about the Hunter Biden hard drive. Not. One.

  16. OldOzzie says:


    you left out

    Nearly 80% of Saudis in favor of normalization with Israel – poll

    Nearly 80% of Saudis are in favor of working towards normalizing ties with Israel within the next five years, with 71% even thinking it likely that other Arab states will normalize ties without a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, according to a new poll from Zogby Research Services.

    The study surveyed attitudes among Israelis and Arabs from five different countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine and Jordan) from the period spanning June 24 and July 5. This was over a month before the landmark peace deals between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain were announced, which had resulted in the annexation of 30% of the West Bank, in line with US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, being pulled off the table. As such, annexation remained a real possibility at the time.

    What is notable, however, is that the survey still showed that many Arabs were being in favor of normalizing ties with Israel at the time, provided steps were taken to achieve peace with the Palestinians.

  17. Jim of Paynes Crossing says:

    I have given up on The Oz after being a regular reader since it was born. I objected to the recent 17% hike in the price. I think it is still a good source on business, technology etc so long as you go elsewhere for balanced political reporting.

    Interesting to note that the ‘New York Post’ which is also owned by Murdoch is running a strong campaign against Biden. It is picking up on the dirt about Hunter Biden making money in several ways including charging business, community etc people who just wanted to meet Vice President Biden. An interesting email has turned up in discovery that makes plain that all payments received by Hunter from all sources (China, Burisma – the lot) were subject to a 50% kick back to his father. So Joe Biden was creating his own nest egg from shifty deals whilst he was VP. Not all that different really to the Clinton Foundation receiving benefits when Mrs Clinton was the Secretary of State. This must be a Democrat thing!

  18. cuckoo says:

    For that matter, the ABC website currently has just one story related to the Hunter Biden matter, which is entirely about Jack Dorsey and the twitter ban. As for the ‘unverified’ New York Post story itself, there isn’t a single word in the ABC article to tell you what that story is about.

  19. bruce says:

    Just read Tom Switzer in SMH. Head won’t stop shaking.
    5 minutes of my life I won’t get back.
    I know I know what was I thinking reading Fairfax.

  20. OldOzzie says:

    An interview with President Trump: Why he’s confident in reelection and reopening

    The Washington Post

    Marc A. Thiessen
    Resident Fellow

    Three weeks before Election Day, President Trump is trailing in the polls, but he remains confident of victory. “We have tremendous enthusiasm,” he says in an interview. “They only have negative enthusiasm. … Negative enthusiasm doesn’t win races. Positive enthusiasm, meaning they like somebody” is how elections are won.

    Speaking with me and my American Enterprise Institute colleague Danielle Pletka for our podcast, he cites a Fox News poll showing that 49 percent of Americans think their neighbors are supporting him (“These people know their neighbors,” he says) and a Hill-HarrisX poll that many Americans think others lie to pollsters when asked about their voting preferences, as evidence that the polls are wrong.

    Trump has just returned to the campaign trail after contracting covid-19. I asked how getting covid-19 affected him and his outlook on the novel coronavirus. “You know, I’ve lost five friends,” he says, “some very close to me, and they were gone very quickly. And now, when I think of what I went through, I think that we would have saved those people. You know, we’ve had a tremendous increase in really great drugs. And whether it’s Regeneron or the Eli Lily version of a similar drug, the antibody drugs. So, we’ve done a lot of great work in a short period of time and FDA has been terrific.” Trump has promised that every American will have free access to the same drugs and therapeutics he got.

    Trump has been criticized for pushing too hard to end the lockdowns and reopen the economy. But just this week, David Nabarro, a doctor and special envoy on covid-19 for the World Health Organization, stated that “we in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus.” Nabarro noted the devastation lockdowns have wreaked around the world, especially for the poor: “It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition.”

    The president was way ahead on the dangers of lockdowns, so he would be right to feel vindicated. “But you look at depression, you look at drugs, you look at alcoholism, you look at all horrible things that were taking place with these — people are just locked in their homes, their apartments, they couldn’t leave. And it’s a terrible thing. And I came up — I think it was me — the cure can’t be worse than the problem itself.”

  21. OldOzzie says:

    2020: Year of the Black GOP Renaissance, Thanks to Trump

    Whether it is Joe Biden saying “You ain’t black,” or MSNBC calling Black Republican candidates Burgess Owens and Kimberly Klacik part of a “modern day minstrel show,” these men and women are leaders who care, and who are inspired by another leader – a man who took the opposition head on, ignored pundits and pollsters who doubted him, and won. That leader is President Trump.

    Hopefully, the mainstream media will report on these candidates as fairly and respectfully as they did the candidates who became known as “The Squad,” making them household names as well.

    Why not tell a different narrative, show there are Black Americans who think for themselves, care about their communities and are proud Republicans?

    The following 27 Black candidates are standing up for their values, standing up for their families, and deserve to be heard and not silenced or canceled because they are not running as radical liberals: Tamika Hamilton, Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy, Errol Webber, Aja Smith, and Joe Collins in California; Casper Stockham in Colorado; Byron Donalds, Carla Spalding, Vennia Francois, and Lavern Spicer in Florida; Angela Stanton-King in Georgia; Philanise White and Craig Cameron in Illinois; Rayla Campbell in Massachusetts; Kimberly Klacik in Maryland; John James in Michigan; Kendall Qualls and Lacy Johnson in Minnesota; Billy Prempeh in New Jersey; Laverne Gore in Ohio; Kathy Barnette in Pennsylvania; Charlotte Bergmann in Tennessee; Wesley Hunt, Wendell Champion, and Tre Pennie in Texas; Burgess Owens in Utah; and Leon Benjamin in Virginia.

    At the recent unveiling of his plan for Black economic empowerment known as the “Platinum Plan” in Atlanta, President Trump singled out these candidates running to join him in Washington to implement many aspects of this holistic plan for the Black community to help Make America Great Again, again!

    From the Comments

    It’s about time blacks leave the party of the KKK. They’ve been on the plantation for far too long.

  22. flyingduk says:

    Why bother with the MSM at all these days – apart from keeping an eye on what the current propaganda is?

    You can find endless alternate views on Youtube (until they ban them – so best to know about bitchute etc also). In short format, I find Tim Poole surprisingly good, as are American thinker, Bill Whittle, Bill Still and Steve Turley. In longer format, Scott Adams, Crowder and Shapiro might be agreeable.

  23. OldOzzie says:

    Biden’s plan to overhaul 401(k) tax breaks could force some companies to cut retirement benefits

    ‘Tens of millions of people’ could lose their plans as a result of the proposed change, one industry expert estimated

  24. OldOzzie says:

    John James fires back after Biden calls him a disaster: ‘Don’t forget your place in Black America’

    Joe Biden took a shot at Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James during his campaign speech Friday in Metro Detroit, and James didn’t hesitate to fire back.

    Biden was accusing Trump, James and their fellow Republicans of trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and leave millions of people without health care.

    “Your opponent calls it a disaster,” Biden said to Democratic incumbent Sen. Gary Peters during the speech. “Talk about a disaster – there’s a disaster. (James says he) is 2,000% or 200% – or whatever it is – with Trump. I hope everybody remembers.”

    James responded on Twitter with a video, saying he plans to be a disaster for the Democrat narrative.

    John [email protected]
    US Senate candidate, MI
    . I am a disaster for national Democrats’ narrative. A black man who thinks for himself. #YouAintBlack ?!

  25. LOL

    Hunter Biden.

    Imagine if our Dazza was involved.

    That would be funny as fark.

  26. Noddy says:

    The first sentence of NYT article reads “Donald Trump’s re-election campaign poses the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.”
    Today the word ‘democracy’ is synonymous with ‘communism’ and can be replaced with ease in the NYT commentary!

  27. OldOzzie says:

    Exclusive: Larry C. Johnson Interviews John Paul Mac Isaac — The American Patriot Who Was Hired to Fix Hunter Biden’s Computers and the Rest Is History

    This is the story of an American patriot, an honorable man, John Paul Mac Isaac, who tried to do the right thing and is now being unfairly and maliciously slandered as an agent of foreign intelligence, specifically Russia.

    John Paul Mac Isaac is not an agent or spy for anyone. He is his own man. How do I know? I have known his dad for more than 20 years. I’ve known John Paul’s dad as Mac. Mac is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, who flew gunships in Vietnam. And he continued his military service with an impeccable record until he retired as an Air Force Colonel. The crews of those gunships have an annual reunion and Mac usually takes John Paul along, who volunteers his computer and video skills to record and compile the stories of those brave men who served their country in a difficult war.

    This story is very simple–Hunter Biden dropped off three computers with liquid damage at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 2019. The owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, examined the three and determined that one was beyond recovery, one was okay and the data on the hard drive of the third could be recovered. Hunter signed the service ticket and John Paul Mac Isaac repaired the hard drive and downloaded the data. During this process he saw some disturbing images and a number of emails that concerned Ukraine, Burisma, China and other issues. With the work completed, Mr. Mac Isaac prepared an invoice, sent it to Hunter Biden and notified him that the computer was ready to be retrieved. Hunter did not respond. In the ensuing four months (May, June, July and August), Mr. Mac Isaac made repeated efforts to contact Hunter Biden. Biden never answered and never responded. More importantly, Biden stiffed John Paul Mac Isaac–i.e., he did not pay the bill.

    When the manufactured Ukraine crisis surfaced in August 2019, John Paul realized he was sitting on radioactive material that might be relevant to the investigation. After conferring with his father, Mac and John Paul decided that Mac would take the information to the FBI office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mac walked into the Albuquerque FBI office and spoke with an agent who refused to give his name. Mac explained the material he had, but was rebuffed by the FBI. He was told basically, get lost. This was mid-September 2019.

    Two months passed and then, out of the blue, the FBI contacted John Paul Mac Isaac. Two FBI agents from the Wilmington FBI office–Joshua Williams and Mike Dzielak–came to John Paul’s business. He offered immediately to give them the hard drive, no strings attached. Agents Williams and Dzielak declined to take the device.

    Two weeks later, the intrepid agents called and asked to come and image the hard drive. John Paul agreed but, instead of taking the hard drive or imaging the drive, they gave him a subpoena. It was part of a grand jury proceeding but neither agent said anything about the purpose of the grand jury. John Paul complied with the subpoena and turned over the hard drive and the computer.

    Read the Rest

  28. OldOzzie says:

    John Paul Mac Isaac is not responsible for the emails, images and videos recovered from Hunter Biden’s computer. He was hired to do a job, he did the job and submitted an invoice for the work. Hunter Biden, for some unexplained reason, never responded and never asked for the computer. But that changed last Tuesday, October 13, 2020. A person claiming to be Hunter Biden’s lawyer called John Paul Mac Isaac and asked for the computer to be returned. Too late. That horse had left the barn and was with the FBI.

  29. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Paedo Joes international qualifications are impeccable , he takes bribes fromRussia ,Ukraine and China , also in the USA he takes bribes from Soros and the evil globalists the antifa fascists ,the blm communists , his benefactors are numerous ,he could never be accused of racism ,he will take money from anyone .
    Dont forget poor kids are as smart as white kids ,and truth always beats facts .
    Love his grasp of numbers ,a thousand fifty trillion million billion people were killed by Trumps virus
    His classic 150 million deaths from firearms last year,
    The Trump virus has killed 200million in the USA .
    The Biden population of the USAis anout about 30 million there are ten million illegals there .
    As my old Italian mate used to say , “Joe? “Heeza gorra the fekin tarras ”

  30. OldOzzie says:

    BREAKING: Email Sent to Computer Shop Owner John Paul Mac Isaac from Hunter Biden’s Attorney Is Released!

    Adam [email protected]

    Early Saturday morning Adam Housley released the email from Hunter Biden’s attorney to John Paul Mac Isaac from last week!

    Here ya go….this is the email sent to John Paul by Hunter Biden’s lawyer. It is in reference to returning the laptops. Also…the attorney said Hunter dropped em off in 2017. Nope..try April 2019. He didn’t even know when he left em there. Redactions on this document are mine

    Here is the letter from Hunter Biden’s attorney George Mesires.

    Hunter Biden’s attorney called John Paul’s shop a few days ago and asked for Hunter’s computers back. The letter was sent after the call. This confirms that the computers held by John Paul Mac Isaac were indeed from Hunter Biden.

  31. OldOzzie says:

    Joe Biden-Linked Firm Made Major Investments in Chinese Corporations

    Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son-in-law’s investment firm has made investments in Chinese corporations over the last few years.

    Biden’s daughter, Ashley, married Philadelphia head and neck doctor Howard Krein in 2012. Krein, who is currently advising Biden for his campaign, remains chief medical officer at the firm StartUp Health, which has tied itself in partnerships with Chinese corporations through the years.

    StartUp Health boosted two major China-based corporations in 2018 and most recently praised China’s response to the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

    “China’s systematic and urgent response to contain COVID-19 has become a kind of playbook for other countries working to ramp up similar impromptu yet systemized efforts to stay the spread of this novel infectious disease,” a StartUp Health post in March states.

    The China-based Medebound corporation, which connects Chinese patients with American doctors, has gotten help from StartUp Health in their initiatives venturing into the U.S. market.

    Likewise, StartUp Health considers China-based Ping An, one of China’s largest insurance corporations, a “StartUp Health Investor and partner.”

  32. Kneel says:

    “Their business model has changed in the last decade-plus.
    From providing some kind of news service, to confirming their readers/viewers’ biases, thus catering to their readership ie. retaining clients and clicks.”

    Yes, it changed from reporting the news and selling advertisers “eyeballs” or “ad views”, to having the reader pay and keeping the advertising revenue. That means that their reporting focus also changed – from selling the most number of readers and the subsequent advertising “eyeballs”, which was of necessity non-partisan, to keeping paying subscribers happy and hence pandering to their desires. NY in general and NYC in particular is one of the “homes” of the left, so they followed and went full left.
    Which would be fine if there was an equal number of right-leaning publications of similar statue – but there isn’t. ALL the major players live in the left coast/NY “bubble”, where the vast majority of those they speak with daily are all of the same left-leaning mob. They think that this is representative of the entire country. It isn’t.
    Even this may have been recoverable, but they went even further in a typical media hype-up – they had to be more leftist, more radical to try and get the most paying readers. Which pushed their readers further left, which pushed them further left…

    And now we have Twitter (and Facebook) clearly acting as a publisher and making editorial decisions – their pathetic attempt to deflect by saying it was an “unreliable source” and contained “private and personal information” that may have been obtained illegally certainly didn’t apply when Trump’s tax returns were “outed” – Trump had clearly and repeatedly publicly said he didn’t want them released, and so any such release would be a federal crime, yet they let the links stand, didn’t ban the posters or block the content, or reduce its reach etc like they did for the Hunter Biden emails story.
    So let’s see, according to Twitter:
    * The New York Post, a century old, well known and respected newspaper is not “authoritative” or “reliable”;
    * Information that a presidential candidate from one of the leading parties may have been involved in illegal and immoral bribery and nepotism with huge sums going their way from foreign powers is not in the public interest less than 3 weeks before an election;

    Oh. Right. Suuure. Move along, nothing to see here…

  33. Daily llama says:

    Yeah whatever. It’s a bit rich for Steve to bemoan anything even remotely connected with the guvmint when you work at RMIT, with all the security and benefits that go with an academic sinecure.

  34. stackja says:

    Critics doing Dan’s work?

  35. Visiting American says:

    I’d imagine people here know the Australian is a conservative newspaper. So when it finds Trump to be a failure it’s unlikely to be an ideological judgment. Much as the long list of Republicans or the extensive number of military leaders now openly promoting Biden is a statement on the disgrace that is currently in the White House.

  36. OldOzzie says:

    Ronna McDaniel

    Nearly 4 years since he took office, and @realDonaldTrump is still drawing new voters.

    From tonight’s Muskegon rally:

    ✅ 11,842 voters matched

    ✅ Only 48.3% Republican

    ✅ 36% who did not vote in 2016

    Thank you, Michigan!!

  37. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I’d imagine people here know the Australian is a conservative newspaper. So when it finds Trump to be a failure it’s unlikely to be an ideological judgment.

    The Australian is same stable as Fox, and as you know Fox have been loading up on Wallaces, and Ryans and similar RINOs. Even far lefties like Ms Brazille. Tucker Carlson would be fired except that would just about bankrupt them.

    Lachlan and James are both very lefty and once Rupert is gone I suspect gravity will exert itself.

  38. RJH says:

    Daily llama – From my perspective, if we have to have these institutions paid by taxpayers I would suggest it is nice to see for a change to see a non-Leftist being an actual recipient of this largess? The Gramescians have proven conclusively of their ability to well & truly game the system to their advantage & I see little evidence/stomach from the “leadership” of the centre-right in trying to fix it?

  39. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Visiting American
    #3622819, posted on October 18, 2020 at 10:20 am

    Oh dear, someone has sand in their vagina

  40. Roger says:

    Much as the long list of Republicans or the extensive number of military leaders now openly promoting Biden is a statement on the disgrace that is currently in the White House.

    Generals and their political anablers want more wars. Imagine that.

  41. Roger says:


  42. Terry says:

    @Visiting American
    ‘the Australian is a conservative newspaper’
    Overruled: unsubstantiated allegation.

  43. Whalehunt fun says:

    Is an anabler (as apposed to an enabler) someone who can do stuff competently with their anus? Fart the national Anthem perhaps? Or repeat one of Dan Andrews speeches about lockdown. The latter priba ly as Andrews always talk out of his …

  44. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Fart the national Anthem perhaps?

    Le Pétomane could fart La Marseillaise.
    Extraordinary guy.

  45. OldOzzie says:

    Budapest Blasts Biden on ‘Son’s Ukrainian Energy Deals’ After Attack on Hungary and Poland

    Joe Biden has triggered a huge diplomatic row with NATO members Hungary and Poland after appearing to lump them in with Belarus as “totalitarian regimes”, with the Hungarian government demanding answers on his family’s alleged corruption in Ukraine.

    “You see what’s happening in everything from Belarus to Poland to Hungary and the rise of totalitarian regimes in the world, and, as well as, this President embraces all the thugs of the world,” said the 77-year-old presidential hopeful at a recent town hall event.

    Biden’s seeming comparison of Poland and Hungary, both European Union democracies and parties to the NATO defence alliance in good standing, with Belaurs and other “totalitarian regimes” sparked outrage in both countries, with the Hungarian government of Trump ally Viktor Orbán launching an all-out counter-attack on the Democrats and Biden personally.

    “We may still remember the kind of Central European policy the Democrats pursued for eight years; we may still recall the continuous lecturing, accusations and attacks,” railed the country’s foreign minister, Péter Szijjártó, in a video message uploaded to Facebook, denouncing Biden’s comments as having “nothing to do with reality”.

    Szijjártó further recalled how, under Obama and Biden, “members of the U.S. diplomatic corps in Budapest openly took part in opposition protests and published ‘extraordinarily biased’ statements with the aim of supporting left-liberal parties and attacking the Hungarian government,” according to the official About Hungary website.

    The foreign minister went on the note that Biden seemed “particularly busy” when it came to foreign policy under the Obama administration, suggesting that for a time, “and I exaggerate a bit, Biden spent more of his time outside D.C. in Ukraine than in rural America.”

    Zoltan [email protected]
    16 Oct
    Hungary under the Orbán Government has been one of the US’s staunchest allies in NATO. So, this is what we can expect from the Democrats if they win the election? More condescension and lecturing?

  46. OldOzzie says:

    Hunter Biden also had business dealings in Kazakhstan: report

    Hunter Biden is facing fresh questions over business dealing in yet another nation — Kazakhstan.

    Between 2012 and 2014 — when his father Joe Biden served as Vice President — Hunter Biden worked as a go-between to Kenes Rakishev, a Kazakh oligarch with close ties to the country’s longtime kleptocratic leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, The Daily Mail reported.

    The British tabloid said they obtained emails from “anti-corruption campaigners” in Kazakhstan showing Hunter making contact with Rakishev and attempting to facilitate investment for his cash in New York, Washington DC and a Nevada mining company.

    Through his connections, emails show Hunter Biden successfully engineered a $1 million investment from Rakishev to filmmaker Alexandra Forbes Kerry — the daughter of ex-Sen. and former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, the report said.

    Hunter Biden also traveled to the country’s capital of Astana for business talks.

  47. OldOzzie says:

    Denver news station hired FOUR other unlicensed security guards in addition to far-left gunman who killed Trump supporter

    A bizarre investigative piece published by 9NEWS, the NBC affiliate that reportedly hired the unlicensed security guard who fatally shot a Trump supporter during a Denver “Patriot Rally,” exposes the news station for contracting multiple unlicensed security guards.

    An investigation self-run by the publication found that 30-year-old Matthew Dolloff—who is facing second-degree murder charges for the alleged killing of a conservative demonstrator during dueling Denver rallies on Saturday—is not the only non-credentialed security guard to accompany 9NEWS crews at riots during the past five months. In fact, Dolloff is one of five unlicensed security agents.

    Under a taunting “Training Matters” heading, 9NEWS admitted that “those guards were not required to go through the extensive training Denver mandates all private security guards receive.”

  48. EllenG says:

    Carpe Jugulum: is that similar to having an orange dick in your mouth?

  49. Cynic of A says:

    Steve Kates:
    It turns my stomach how straight-out ignorant our supposedly educated class actually is
    Jeez, are you just now waking up to that fact? It’s been staring you in the face for months and months, and right there in front of you, among your “educated” colleagues.

  50. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Think about this, the man who wants to be President entrusts the very secret task of collecting bribes from Ukraine ,Moscow and China for services rendered when he was vice President to his drug addled son . A useless article ,thrown publicly out of the Navy even though he is the son of a senator of 40 years in the job .
    Now anyone with half a brain knows you never trust drunks or druggies . Sleazy Joe could have found someone amongst the other Democrims ,they are all in it for the money . The choice of the druggie confirms Biden is a third rater ,he has lied and cheated all his life,he probably cheated to get 76th place in a class of 84 . This criminal is symbolic of the corruptness of the swamp ,filth ,human garbage the lot of them .

  51. Joanna Smythe says:

    Visiting American. People here who read the Australian only read it because it is a little less left than the other newspapers. What makes it appear conservative is that most of the people who comment on the articles generally hold conservative views. Most of the people who write articles in the newspaper are certainly not conservative and that is reflected in the comments to their articles. The Australian is just catering for its audience in order to make money and stay afloat.

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