Feminist super-spreaders kill people for Joe Biden. Right?

The ABC recently ‘reported’ that Secret Service agents would die, thanks to Donald Trump’s Walter Reed drive-by. This morning the ABC reports on an anti-Trump swarm that’s totally safe:

Demonstrators were asked to wear face coverings and practise social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic…

Dozens of other rallies were planned from New York to San Francisco to signal opposition to Mr Trump and his policies, especially the push to fill the seat of Justice Ginsburg before election day…

Rachel O’Leary Carmona, executive director of the Women’s March, opened the event by asking people to keep their distance from one another, saying that the only super-spreader event would be the recent one at the White House.

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14 Responses to Feminist super-spreaders kill people for Joe Biden. Right?

  1. Shy Ted

    Thank God them ugly wymminses are facing the other way.

  2. Lee

    Democrat supporters/BLM protestors/lefties generally, hold a protest or parade = that’s fine, no harm caused.
    Republican/conservative or right wing protestors generally, protest or parade (à la PDT) = very selfish, we’re all going to die of the virus because of them.

  3. Farmer Gez

    Masks are a 100% effective in stopping the virus from spreading.
    The ABC has the data.

  4. dover_beach

    More evidence, not that it was needed, that the ABC is the PR affiliate for liberalism in Australia.

  5. Rob MW

    Joe Biden’s best absentee rally attendance so far. Seems to be a lot of fluid testicles in attendance as well.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    The ladies have probably read the epidemiology data which shows ⅔ of bat crud deaths are men.

  7. JohnL

    Can’t see many placards actually supporting pedo Joe. Can somebody with the better eyesight count the placards supporting Sleepy Cruked Joe and Kamala Whore Harris?

  8. I was wondering today that if you identified as an under-12 year old, would that mean you could go about without a mask and not be harassed by police? Given nowadays that it’s what you identify as and not what you may be biologically that’s considered legal, then you should be able to go about without a mask.

  9. candy

    These are probably women who will vote Democrat whoever is the leader however shady or shonky or just a bad person.

    They are orientated to liberalism. It’s not a preference.

  10. The unasked question is…
    Why are so many Lez-Bee-Yans so upset about abortion being restricted when they themselves don’t get Dick and will probably never get pregnant?

  11. Andre Lewis

    Good question Baa Humbug. But a recent report in Qld was about a ‘trans man’ who had a baby delivered and was upset that it had to be in a women’s ward full of pregnant women. – you know, the wards that have all the birthing equipment. It also wanted to be noted on the birth certificate as the baby’s father.
    If the world gets any madder I’ll have to get off.

  12. Kneel

    “Given nowadays that it’s what you identify as and not what you may be biologically that’s considered legal…”

    No, you need to be part of a minority, right?
    Umm, MALES are a minority, so where is the protest against the majority getting privileges (eg, “Minister for Women” but none for men).

    You can laugh at this if you want, but it seems that there are legal cases in the US against Universities for just such an arrangement – and they (men) are winning them too! Next step: same thing re: race.

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