Will the Chinese pull the football away again?

President Xi Jinping recently told the UN General Assembly that China will aim for carbon neutrality by 2060 (how many of us will be alive then?) following the 2015 Paris pledge to hit peak emissions by 2030. Do we believe him?

How many times do we have to be dudded by communists before we get the message? Western greens are ecstatic, seeing China as a new leader in the battle to embarrass the US under the leadership of President Trump. The headlines proclaim:

an unexpectedly forthright pledge to galvanize global action against the climate crisis”, “a significant step in the fight against climate change”, “an audacious bid to lead the world into a low carbon future”, and so on. The Guardian gushed that China “will give fresh impetus to UN efforts to galvanize action on the ‘climate crisis’”.

Will the communist Chinese do the right thing or will they emulate Lucy who pulled the football away from Charlie Brown every year, even after she said that this year she will hold it steady?

Lucy herself has offered a myriad of justifications over the years for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory: physiological (1966: a “ten-billion-to-one” muscle spasm), Ecclesiastical (1980: “To everything there is a season … and a time to pull away the football”), psychological (1975: “I’m not your mother, Charlie Brown”), sociological (1971: “This year’s football was pulled away from you through the courtesy of women’s lib”), and philosophical (1974: “In every program, Charlie Brown, there are always a few last-minute changes”). In a meta-moment, Lucy even points to the larger meaning of this annual act: “Symbolism, Charlie Brown! The ball! The desire! The triumph! It’s all there!” (1996). This echoes a dialogue they had 10 years earlier (Charlie Brown: “Somehow, I’ve missed the symbolism.” Lucy: “You also missed the ball, Charlie Brown”).

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13 Responses to Will the Chinese pull the football away again?

  1. Bronson

    2060 yep I’m sure they really mean it this time, right after they finish building all those coal fire generators they have planned.

  2. stackja

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

  3. Rob MW

    What’s a rat-fucker?

    So Kevin Rudd called the Chinese delegation at Copenhagen the “rat-fucking Chinese” who tried to “rat-fuck” Australia. Rat-what? Piers Kelly explains the little known term.

    I rest my case !

  4. Fisky

    This pledge isn’t actually about the climate at all, it’s mere signaling what China is theoretically willing to offer in return for the West giving way on Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

  5. Bar Beach Swimmer

    Will the communist Chinese do the right thing or will they emulate Lucy who pulled the football away from Charlie Brown every year, even after she said that this year she will hold it steady?

    Rafe, Lucy gets the guernsey.

  6. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    The left are the party of the gullibles, they’ll buy anything as long as it sounds good, most of them would even vote for the biden crime family even if you showed them proof

  7. All that China is doing is what the climate worriers have been doing for the last 40 years, promising a date when the tipping point will be reached (about 30 so far?).

  8. Mother Lode

    Most of the UN are happy to be dudded by China – especially as they can then level accusations of environmental, geopolitical, social, economic etc. vandalism against the West.

    They want a world more like China.

    Besides which the UN and its inmates does not really see pronouncements as binding to any real world results. You announce something, there is applause, you move on. Internally you set up committees, set up meetings, plan overseas jaunts that report back in more meetings, compile, consult, interim reports, revise, issue statements – and when they begin to edge closer to the end of their timeline than they are from the beginning and still nothing has been achieved they put on with grim faces and announce that the problem is more serious than initially thought. They expand the committee and the whole circus begins again only bigger than before.

  9. H B Bear

    KRuddy was right?

    That’d be a first.

  10. Professor Fred Lenin

    So thats what they do with rats .
    I thought they would just stirfry them with garlic and soya sauce Like they do with covid bats .

  11. Squirrel

    They’ll do what they always do – i.e. exactly what suits them, and if they can be bothered they’ll back it up with some bullshit stats which will keep the useful idiots of the west happy.

    What’s going on here is a repeat of what happened last century with the Soviets – people who hated America could believe and excuse anything the Soviets said or did.

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