Betrayed woman is emotionally inconsistent about her ex

Thanks for the scoop, Yoni.

He’s been predicting the Premier’s ouster for a week. He’s now down to “senior Nationals” and moodiness.

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  1. mh

    Gladys is going through emotional turmoil.

    Normally women start playing the field at this point.

  2. Tom

    Never forget that political journalists — now and forever in history — regard themselves as kingmakers who should (but don’t) determine the result of elections (because they’re conceited knowalls). Political journalists in Sydney will never stop stalking Gladys because they want her head on a stick to confirm what wise men (and chickybabes) they all are. If they don’t get her head on a stick, there will be no apologies; they’ll just slink off into the long grass to stalk their next quarry.

  3. covid ate my homework

    No more journalists just “Agents of change”.

  4. Oh come on

    She comes across as such a pitiful person. It’s that hound dog face – all droopy, saggy, baggy and red eyed.

    Just resign already.

  5. H B Bear

    It’s not in Gladys’ hands now. J’ismists just filling column inches with speculation, as usual. Plenty said about the matter – on both sides of the argument. For the record, I will be surprised if she can continue as leader but I’m the wrong side of the country to speculate on NSW politics.

  6. Daily llama

    That’s a description of Walter Matthieu- maybe they’re related!
    The thing is, she had a fling. So bloody what? The real issue is what effect the relationship had on the governance of the state. And, I know this is off the topic, but I reckon Kim Jong Dan would be quite happy if Victoria was run like North Korea permanently. He seems pretty happy with the way things are going. Is there any truth to the rumour he’s going on a fact finding mission to Pyongyang and then to the Uighur re-education camps in Xingian?

  7. stackja

    NSW premier GB made a deal with Alex Greenwich. Then came the Koalas. Now her “love life”.

  8. C.L.

    Just resign already

    ICAC only dragged the tapes into the light to humiliate her and end her premiership. They already knew she had done nothing wrong vis-a-vis Maguire.

    I’m surprised by conservatives whose reaction is… she should be sacrificed on the say-so of phone-tappers and left-wing bureaucrats.

    It’s not a matter of liking her or admiring her decisions. The question is whether NSW is a democracy or a new Andrews-junta where the ALP’s surveillance wing is going to run successive Liberal premiers out of office.

  9. Helen

    I think people are judging Gladys by their standards.

    It is entirely possible that she was in love with the fellow and considered marriage – as many would in her situation – think about it what it might look like, what it might mean – AND NOT be in a physical relationship with him. She is a deeply private person from a strong moral background and it might be entirely the fact that she had not taken that step, yet remained very close with him, loved him and thought about those other things.

    Like a brother but different. Short of witnessing the act like the marriage bed witnesses of Kings and Queens of old I think we have to assume this is entirely a strong possibility.

  10. Helen

    But as CL says, or something like it, unless she profited by it she has nothing to answer for. And the idea that if she did marry him sometime down the track after she had finished her career or something she would have profited then, well that is too long a bow to draw.

  11. Tel

    She comes across as such a pitiful person. It’s that hound dog face – all droopy, saggy, baggy and red eyed.

    That makes the voters more likely to forgive her. The prospect of NSW Labor winning and turning into another Victoria is far more terrifying than some smarmy boy snuggling up to power. Let me be clear: Gladys done wrong, and in a righteous world she would be out … but we ain’t living in a righteous world right now.

  12. Roger

    I’m surprised by conservatives whose reaction is… she should be sacrificed on the say-so of phone-tappers and left-wing bureaucrats.

    The reason her position is untenable is because she failed to follow the ministerial code of conduct.

    She has only herself to blame for that.

    Whatever the findings of ICAC, it is the Liberal partyroom who will decide her future.

  13. Tel

    I think people are judging Gladys by their standards.

    She’s being judged by her own written code of conduct, and the requirement for public declaration of all potential conflict of interest. Mark Latham explained it for you.

    Problem is, the ALP don’t get held to any such standards because their voters simply don’t care.

  14. candy

    She’s reading the news cycle to see what is accepted more easily – the trusting woman in love waiting for him to be free of family commitments/kids grown up and marry her, or a modern feminist who had a special friend when needed but knew he was not up to her standards.
    Whatever really, none of these characters are truthful.

    She has PM Morrison’s support and that’s very important, as he is very popular.

  15. C.L.

    The reason her position is untenable is because she failed to follow the ministerial code of conduct.

    Pull the other one, Roger.
    We live in a country where the ex-pols are all millionaires within six months of leaving office.
    Her position is untenable to her detractors because she’s a Liberal.

    There is zero evidence she profited herself or made decisions to profit another.


    Nor do I accept that a spy agency with a track record of hunting conservatives should be empowered to an unspeakable degree by offering up another victim.

    If the former is a principle in play, the latter is a bigger, more important one.

  16. H B Bear

    Whatever the findings of ICAC, it is the Liberal partyroom who will decide her future.

    This. Do they think she can win the next election? That is the test. Anyone else more likely?

  17. Fred

    She should have taken a leaf out of Tanya Plibersek’s book and married a drug trafficker. Less controversial.

  18. mh

    Albo is the model politician. Uncomplicated.

    Watch the footy.
    Rub & Tug.
    Mind back on the job.

  19. stackja

    Nifty retired before ICAC establishment. Good move.

  20. Oh come on

    I’m surprised by conservatives whose reaction is… she should be sacrificed on the say-so of phone-tappers and left-wing bureaucrats.

    CL, that’s not me. I must admit I don’t know a great deal about this case – haven’t been following it closely. It’s the soap opera optics that grate. So when I say ‘just resign’, well yes please do. Or don’t. Can we just move on, or do we need yet another emotional press conference? Oh, we need another presser. And you know what would be particularly topical reading at a time like this? A navel gazing op-ed from Annabel Crabb or someone of her ilk musing about double standards between men and women in compromising situations. I’d like to read 15 more of them before lunch, please.

  21. H B Bear

    mh -or Hawkey and Richo. Take the afternoon off, head out in the Love Boat. Arrive at the office tomorrow morning fresh and relaxed. As you say, uncomplicated particularly if everybody pays in cash and leaves their mobiles at the office.

  22. min

    Ren Gladys I have seen many women in my practice with similar symptoms , none in leading positions though but here is a picture . Hormones running low or amok as menopause approaches , feeling lonely , unloved and maybe grieving for what has been missed in life and now at the point of no return . So the lady is hormonally turned on by a man that probably she would not have even looked at previously and her fantasies give her hope . Probably it goes no further the “relationship “” is mostly in her fantasies not what actually was done.

  23. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Don’t know how many times this needs to be pointed out – Beryl G has been an appalling politician (involved in several debacles before being installed as premier by Photios) and even more appalling since the last election.

    This shemozzle clearly demonstrates her unfitness for office (again).

    The gliberals can afford to turf her, as it would be no great loss (and they should get rid of Manboobs Keane and Health Hazzard while they’re at it). She’s been all over the shop on the Maguire revelations and the indisputable fact is she was obviously aware of his dodgy (i.e. blatantly corrupt) behaviour for several years, all while conducting a clandestine relationship with the embarrassing idiot, including while she was premier*, a clear breach of the ministerial code of conduct.

    Whether she enabled or profited in any way from his corruption is utterly irrelevant, the fact is she was aware of it and took no action against Maguire.

    This is simply not good enough. She has to go.

    *The timeline is critically important here – Maguire admitted he was corrupt and resigned from parliament in July 2018, Beryl G became premier in January 2017.

  24. Mother Lode

    One of the most cogent arguments for keeping Gladys in is the calibre of the people who want her out.

  25. Bruce of Newcastle

    Wymminses. Dangerous men. Human history in three words.

  26. Up The Workers!

    Let’s be fair about this, folks.

    We need to interrogate and bug the Leftard phone-tappers, Leftard snoops, Leftard spies, Leftard keyhole-peepers and Chi-Com bureaucrats involved in this character assassination, to see if their personal sexual activities meet with our considered approval in every respect, and we should make our decision on the basis of that knowledge.

    Or as is the case with the A.L.P. in Australia and the Dementiacrats in the U.S.A., should we forgive in ourselves, what we condemn (even if we have to make it all up) in the others?

  27. Shane

    She doesn’t look like a happy white woman does she.
    Will Google has the solution.
    The solution was just so obvious when you think about it

    ”Great Right Hope
    Replying to @Natalia01Mateo
    Google Search: Happy Black Woman

    Then Google Search: Happy Asian Woman

    Then Google Search: Happy White Woman

    I guarantee you will be surprised.
    9:10 PM · Oct 20, 2020 ”

  28. Gyro Cadiz



    Yoni Bashan

    You are sh*tting me.

    Yoni means c*nt in Hindi street argot, even in polite society in India a gynaecologist is colloquially a ‘yoni doctor’.

    Bashan is obvious, say it slightly fast. So this dude styles himself a ‘c*nt bashing’ does he?

    What a jerk.

  29. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Grate – it’s now emerged that ranting loon O’Barrelaro has just been off on a taxpayer funded four week mental ‘elf break.

    Absolutely pathetic, the lot of them.

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