What’s the difference

Some do it on video.  Some do it metaphorically in words.

Jeffrey Toobin is/was a long time writer for New York Magazine.  In the last 24 hours, he was suspended by his employer for”

allegedly masturbating during a Zoom work call earlier this month.

Peter Van Onselen is a writer for the Australian and also the political editor for Network 10.  And as he likes to sign off, he is:

is a professor of politics and public policy in the business faculties of the University of Western Australia and Griffith University.

One does the actual deed (allegedly) on streemed video.  The other does it (allegedly but) metaphorically in his writings in print and in appearances on TV.

What’s the difference?

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9 Responses to What’s the difference

  1. Terry

    ‘What’s the difference?’

    The latter is more offensive and harmful to society.

    Note: No animals were harmed (allegedly) in the making of JT’s home relaxation video.

  2. Infidel Tiger King

    Not many jobs where you can jerk off at work. Journalism is one of them.

  3. Sinclair Davidson

    That is a bit harsh.

  4. H B Bear

    Not quite the same as a pre-Covid rub’n’tug. So I’m told.

  5. Epicurious

    “Not many jobs where you can jerk off at work. Journalism is one of them.”

    Given journalism died last century the comment would be more apt if referred to Activists dressed up as Opinion Writers although Jeffery of Tooling was less than dressed. Do they use the term Wanker in the US? Perhaps we could get PVO to give an opinion on that.

  6. John A

    Ephesians 5:3 But immorality or any impurity or greed must not even be named among you

    Or in the words of The Highly Esteemed Goon Show:
    “I don’t wish to know that!”

  7. candy

    Poor taste and a certain pointlessness in this post, to my mind.

  8. Rob MW

    On Twitter some have referred to Toobin’s public proclivities as “cranking the hog” so I think that the difference would be one did cranked the hog while the other is hogging the crank.

  9. Shy Ted

    And I’ll bet he does all his writing for the private gigs in university time.

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