For Lease – Finding a “Covid Normal”

Thank you for your patience regarding the Melbourne ‘For Lease’ photos montage. I received 500 photos and there are just under 1500 photos. I’ve squeezed them all into the first 5 minutes of this hour-long montage video, which consists of roughly 100 hours of condensed sound bites, videos, photos, interviews and more, painting a picture of 2020 and the consequences of trying to find a ‘Covid normal.’

I am not a film maker by any description and this was made with a budget of $0. If only I worked for the ABC … but I do encourage you to watch the first five minutes.

We’re not all in this together and we never were,

Sam McClelland

Director of True Arrow Events

(HT: min)

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30 Responses to For Lease – Finding a “Covid Normal”

  1. Fair Shake

    Well done Sam. I could only watch 12mins of it. Too distressing any more. That Xunt is still ruling us in Victoria today. He is an abomination.

  2. John A

    Same here, Fair Shake.

    There are fewer cases than even the common cold.

    This SMALL man (regardless of his position or physical stature) has totally repudiated his Oath of Office, in favour of self-aggrandisement.

    Sadly there seems to be no way to persuade the Governor to recall this government.

  3. Rob MW

    Shit, I had no idea it was that bad in Vic. I don’t think it matters anymore whether or not that arsehole stays the Premier because: 1) – the massive damage is done & too late to fix by a generation or two – 2) who would want the job to even attempt to fix the situation ?

    FMD, what’s that arsehole done ? – the Vic opposition should resign on mass from parliament effective immediately, if for no other reason, than they actually give a shit about the complete financial destruction of private equity in their State.

  4. Faye

    I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and I have only seen the first five minutes. The video with its haunting sad music is excellent. I want this to go worldwide. It represents just how easy it is to turn a thriving society into a hopeless dictatorship.

  5. H B Bear

    A useful reminder of why Dan Andrews is there – a majority voted for him.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  6. The BigBlueCat

    Let’s bell the cat … the fact is, COVID-19 is dangerous if you are over a certain age, or have certain co-morbidities. To shut down an entire economy is the disaster, not the virus. We knew in May who the vulnerable were – they should have been protected and cared for.

    But the Andrews’ government “decision” to use private contractors for hotel quarantine security rather than the ADF that were offered is the pivotal moment that resulted in virtually 800 deaths. If the inquiry doesn’t conclude that, and collectively deal with the Andrews government, then God help us all, because Dan Andrews won’t.

  7. Megan

    It’s been said before but every single one of those For Lease signs spells the end of someone’s dream.

  8. Steve

    The CDC In the USA published a report that sad 94% of “covid deaths”in fact were from pre-existing co-morbidities., not directly from covid alone.

    Now, the whole push appears to be predicated on the misnoma that covid is a super leathal – it appears to not be the case at all. Ergo, there is no need for draconian economy killing lockdowns.

    Although if youre a power hungry, NWO useful idiot , with a lust for power and love destroying the middle class through covid-commuinism and having Brown Pol brutlizing a population and arresting preganant women….. then, hey, the longer the BS about covid being truly dangerous does its intended purpose.

    Have you noticed Victoria was the NWO test case, and now the same brutal BS-fuelled lockdowns are being rolled out across europe?

    Grind the serfs into the ground… the plan…



    Its not about th evirus….never was. Its about power.

  9. Steve




    ( with no disrespect to those who died in the nazi concentration camps )

    We are experincing what appears to be a resurgence of nazism through the NWO Cult Of Covidism…..

  10. Boambee John

    the Vic opposition should resign on mass from parliament effective immediately, if for no other reason, than they actually give a shit about the complete financial destruction of private equity in their State.

    Passing thought, would that deny a quorum to Dan of the Dead?

  11. Howard Hill

    So justice in Australia will be allowing this scum to slip away to spend more time with his family on the tax payer dime?
    Hanging would be too good for this POS.

  12. Bar Beach Swimmer

    The film deserves a Walkley Award.

  13. The film deserves a Walkley Award.


    Quite effective is to show someone the companion video (click back to the account) which is Five minutes – whoever you’re showing it to is as the point of choking tears & saying “Fark, didn’t realise it was that bad…” then the video ends with: “For the full one-hour montage, go to …etc etc.”

    Floors ’em.

  14. Bar Beach Swimmer

    Thanks, Sal, I’ve sent the 5 minute version with a recommendation to check out the longer version to a few friends.

  15. Judge Dredd

    Great video, well put together!

  16. Bad Samaritan

    Salvatore and others. “click back to the account” means what?

    I see no button or anything else to click.

  17. Nob

    If this video starts to get any traction, ABC propaganda, I mean “Fact-check” unit, will be happily employed scouring and cross-checking all the For Lease signs until they find one that was, or even might be, pre-COVID, thereby “discrediting” the whole thing.

  18. Nob

    Also if they see “far right extremist misogynist wife-basher” Avi Yemini in there.

    Never mind that Avi is asking the questions that those cowards ought to be asking.

  19. David Brewer

    Found a 5 min version here.

    Starts with Dan saying “Do it, or people will die”. So stupid, so ignorant, and yet so sure of himself.

    In the long run, many more people will die, or have their lives ruined, than will have been saved by Dan’s masks, lockdowns, and curfews.

    Why on earth are the Feds continuing to bail him out? This should have been an object lesson in consequences and responsibility. Instead, federal cash is going to hide – even from Dan himself – the full costs of his obstinate, boneheaded repression. As horrifying and tragic as all the For Lease signs already are, they are just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of it will remain invisible thanks to the Feds’ bailing him out and thus spreading the pain over the whole country, and dragging it out for years if not decades.

  20. Jannie

    Its very good Sam, keep up the good work. Just a technical point; the technique of flashing from multiple pic to pic quickly, such as when highlighting the many different To Let signs, does not give the viewer a chance to focus, and it causes eye strain. You can get a more pleasing experience using fewer shots and allowing the viewer to follow it. Sometimes you just cannot use all the good material you have, but there are other ways to convey the volume, such multiple frames. Good stuff all the same.

  21. Salvatore and others. “click back to the account” means what?

    Each Youtube contributor has an account or channel, or whatever it is called.
    On that you will find their other videos.
    The name of the channel is in a clickable link under any video you watch.
    This one is named True Arrow.
    Click the name & you see the other videos uploaded by this contributor.

  22. Particularly good still from the five minute version (presumably on the one hour also)

  23. That worked well. It’s at the 2.36 mark – workers in hi-viz gardening in front of a vacated business.
    (presumably council or govt workers)

    Anyone know what the writing is on their backs? Looks like “Victorian… something”

    Bluddee good photo – it’s about the only one in the entire montage with people in it.

  24. Is protesting OK now? Were VICPol violating human rights for the last 6 months? Or are people only allowed to protest ‘online’ and that’s all you scum deserve.

  25. Bad Samaritan

    At the moment it’s predominantly “eateries and drinkeries” going under. And all manner of entertainment houses.

    Now, being a country yokel, I do not make much use of such places…..preferring to have the associates around for eatering and drinkering on the verandah etc, and then avoiding potential hassles, by allowing all and sundrey to collapse about the house if they don’t want to see the RBT on the way home.

    OK, so loads of people I know from the Big Smoke…especially from Melbourne and Sydney… are forever going on about how limited my choice of entertainments and culinary experiences are. Yeah…even in town where there are dozens of bars, clubs and restos. There is no theatre and no cinema and no art gallery either. It is a cultural wasteland I tell’s ya. Heavens to Murgatroyd!

    And here we are now. 90% of these City sophisticates are now very happy to be totally locked down. They are still in love with Dan, and are living proof that the smart-set is as dumb as dog-shit! Frauds the lot of em.

  26. mem


    #3629125, posted on October 22, 2020 at 11:31 pm
    Is protesting OK now? Were VICPol violating human rights for the last 6 months? Or are people only allowed to protest ‘online’ and that’s all you scum deserve.

    Apparently a protest is now a human right in Victoria? Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said protesting was no longer unlawful under Melbourne’s coronavirus restrictions.

    “It’s a human right and we’re now operating in a context where the chief health officer directions do allow people to leave home for recreation and for socialising, and people can choose if they want to, while they’re doing that, to also voice protest,” he said.
    I think Mr Andrews and Cabinet have become very worried about the supreme Court Challenge. Perhaps they think we are all so stupid we will forget that the Andrews government has been playing arbiter with its citizens rights. I know I won’t! I’d like to see the gang of five and several others behind bars for what they have done.

  27. egg_

    To shut down an entire economy is the disaster, not the virus

    That horse bolted back in March for Australia at large.

    Why did Scomoron hit the PANIC button?

    WHO recommendations?

  28. Richard Standley

    I’ve just come home to see my wife in bits over this montage…
    she’s inconsolable…
    It would be great if someone – anyone – could flick pass this to the major TV people to challenge them to run this as a “special” event…

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