High Tech Hayekians III

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  1. Phill

    Encryption may not be seen as a crime if the algorithm used has an exploitable weakness already known to government. There is good speculation available (Bruce Schneier for example) that some crypto algorithms may have been subverted to allow decryption. ECDSA, as used by Bitcoin is an example where speculation around subversion is discussed, but not demonstrated. PGP is an example where a very significant issue in the software allowed ready decryption in around 5% of encrypted emails.

    So, what if a major revelation (such as the Snowden leaks) showed that the ECDSA used by various cryptocurrencies was flawed, and was being exploited by some alphabet agency? Such a revelation, either true or untrue, might lead to a collapse of the crypto economy.

    Just my secp256k1 bobs worth.

  2. Seza

    As a long-time arms smuggler, I can remember signing up to send a copy ( or get a copy ) out of the Us years ago. Th3 FBI never turned up.

  3. Dot

    Thanks for this.

    Very important and great to watch.

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