Public Choice Theory

Public choice theory.  The intersection of utopian wish thinking and politics.

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  1. Entropy

    Privileged Middle aged white man. I don’t have to listen to him. Nah! Nah! I have deplatformed him.

  2. RobK

    Jeez, between that and competition between smaller jurisdictions, we are really pushing the utopian boat out.
    How much can technology help to make this materialise.

  3. Tezza

    Weird second sentence of yours, Sparti. The ‘Utopian wish thinking’ is by those who think politicians are different from the rest of us, and enter public life to make us all whole again. Think of the ‘I stand with Dan’ crowd for a real ‘intersection of utopian wish thinking and politics’.
    Useful to think of public choice theory in the context where government growth has made the median voter a net benefit recipient and not coincidentally, a ‘safetyist’.

  4. Behind Enemy Lines

    That was a fine short intro by Geoffrey Brennan. I spent many years involved in the delivering and receiving end of public sector decision making, and found that public choice theory provided (by a considerable margin) the greatest explanatory and predictive power. It has important implications that range from the level of the individual right up to the system as a whole. The main shortcoming I see (and perhaps only for want of deeper study) is how it would account for the self-interested political class as a whole (ie as a class) locking itself into the sort of lose/lose spiral we’re enjoying at present. That is, how they can knowingly pursue short-term ‘gains’ that screw the public, smash the tax base, make their own electoral roles ever more impossible, and which will logically end up with political class heads being mounted on long-term pikes.

    But perhaps that’s a question for the metaphysicians, rather than GMU.

  5. Bruce

    It’s a perspective thing.

    How many bank-robbers plan and undertake their “capers” with strong possibility of “being brought to Justice” uppermost in their minds?

    Precious few, I suspect.

    Ditto Public Serpents and the rest of the political class.

    Generally, the WORST that can happen to a hapless “Member” is being rolled at the next election /pre-selection.

    Public serpents? The Nuremberg defence seem to work OK for them.

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