Trump v Biden Debate Open Thread

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367 Responses to Trump v Biden Debate Open Thread

  1. Catlady

    Enjoy. Watch it for me. I can’t.

  2. Arnost

    Fox commentary team on the debate is Chris Williams, Donna Brazile and Juan Williams. LOL. Fox is dead.

  3. mh

    Melania looking hot in black.

  4. Oh come on

    Fox commentary team on the debate is Chris Williams, Donna Brazile and Juan Williams. LOL. Fox is dead.

    Wtf are you SERIOUS? That is pretty damn brazen.

  5. Colonel Crispin Berka

    I kinda wanna watch Crowder’s live commentary instead of the real thing.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Ok. I am here. Watching on Fox. Making a cuppa.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    90 minutes is a long haul.

    Will Joe have a hidden earpiece?

  8. Another Ian

    ANyone get money on the double?

    “Roogh Row, Kamala is implicated in Biden Deals: ”

    Link at

  9. Herodotus

    Anyone who is undecided at this point has not been paying attention for years.

  10. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump on top of the Covid numbers.

  11. nilk

    I see the first question is recycled from the first debate about how each candidate would handle the pandemic.

    This is beyond stupid because Trump’s already got a program that he’s rolled out, and Biden will do what Trump did or what his carers let him do.

  12. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Biden 200000 dead still coming. But wear a mask.

  13. nilk

    Trump says what he’s been doing and what he’s planning, Biden starts with noting how many are dead, and oh, wear masks, and Trump has no plan.

  14. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Now he’s verballing the NEJM on Trump

  15. Arky

    I don’t think this mask obsession plays the way they think it does.

  16. Zatara

    Mandatory mask wearing?

    Yeah Joe, say that a little louder.

  17. Herodotus

    Moderator already showing signs of favouring sleepy Joe.

  18. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump’s vaccine timeline in query. Vaccine issues. Biden says process must be transparent.
    Trump being positive, Biden carping.

  19. nilk

    Trump tries to answer question properly, Biden says Trump has no plan, and has nothing much of substance to say other than that.

    Trump reminds everyone of swine flu happening under Biden’s watch.

  20. Tom

    Biden’s only point: Donald Trump caused Kung Flu and killed 220,000 people. Will the few undecideds fall for it and the 24/7 Get Trump propaganda?

  21. Herodotus

    Forty countries had already stopped flights from China?

  22. nilk

    LOL at Biden bagging Trump for saying nice things about Xi back in January.

    Hey, Joe, how’s old mate Xi?

  23. Woolfe

    He can afford to lock himself in a basement, he must have made a lot of money somewhere. Kaaaazing

  24. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Oh, Trump referred to Europe as a country. That’s gonna be in the bloopers tape.

    Trump correctly points out the virus was not well understood in the early stages.

    And huge slam dunk on Biden for being in the basement!!! Boom!

  25. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump, we’re learning to live with it. Not like basement Joe. I caught it, I learned a lot – we can’t close up. Joe going on emotively about we’re dying with it.

  26. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Biden sees dead people. wow

  27. Zatara

    He can afford to lock himself in a basement, he must have made a lot of money somewhere. Kaaaazing

    Were you watching Biden’s eyes when he said that?


  28. nilk

    Trump notes that 99.99% of young people recover from wuflu. 99.9% of people recover.

    Biden reframes it to “We’re all gonna die! You’re gonna have an empty seat at the table!”

  29. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    It’s not Joe’s fault that it came here. Being nice to Joe. Trump being reasonably calm.

    Biden interjects. Loses out.

  30. nilk

    Talking about shut downs: Joe is going to shut down the virus, not the economy.

    Sounds like Joe’s been listening to Chow Mein Fuhrer Andrews.

  31. Herodotus

    BBC on February 1st:
    The US and Australia said they would deny entry to all foreign visitors who had recently been in China, where the virus first emerged in December.

    Earlier, countries including Russia, Japan, Pakistan and Italy announced similar travel restrictions.

    But global health officials have advised against such measures.
    If there were 40 countries that did it before the US, it wasn’t much before.

  32. Woolfe

    Trumps facial expressions are awesome.

    Pointing out failures of Democrat states.

    Trump being positive

  33. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Biden says virus due to Trump’s ineptitude

    He’s asked about shutdowns. Stresses safety. Especially in schools. Trump attacks Democrat governors re shutdowns

    Now spikes and schools. Trump says schools should open.

  34. Woolfe

    Biden’s eyes are really weird

  35. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Plexiglass Biden.

  36. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    New York is dying, says Trump.

    Biden goes All American and get money out.

  37. nilk

    Trump replies: Joe’s always talking about shut downs, look at the Dem states.


    Reminds everyone that Barron caught covid and was over it in no time, btw with the shut downs you have increasing rates of depression, mental health issues, alcoholism, suicide etc. That’s before the economy.

    Joe attempts to mock Trump, wants businesses to have plexiglass in place.

    Trump: Look at New York City. The restaurants are dying, his beautiful city is in trouble. Putting up plexiglass is expensive.

  38. Herodotus

    Joe’s pumped up on goodness knows what!
    Moderator interrupts again.

  39. Tom

    Biden is on a loser backing the Democratic state government of New Tork and the other blue states..

  40. dover_beach

    Trump on message. We have to open. Cures that kill the patient aren’t cures. Biden is terrible.

  41. nilk

    Trump reminds of nursing home deaths in NY (11000 people)

  42. vlad

    Biden just tweeted one minute ago!

    So that answers that question. He’s not doing it himself.

  43. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump, we understand the disease and protect the elderly. I do listen to advisors, Fauci and others gave advice and I followed it. Early days not all was known.
    Biden now saying Trump played down panic.

  44. Herodotus

    It’s a lot like climate change – there are experts and experts.

  45. Arnost

    Well that is a third of the debate on COVID.

  46. nilk

    Trump is talking to the voters, not Biden.

    Biden still talking about back in January.

  47. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Little dif at Biden being the one who takes money from Wall Street.

  48. Herodotus

    Russia & Iran – not the Biden family.

  49. nilk

    LOL Trump mentions Biden taking money from Wall Street, Trump doesn’t. He doesn’t need money from Wall Street and he can beat Biden & co with money.

    And he beat hillary with hardly any money.

  50. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    National Security. Russia and Iran working to influence election. Biden says they will pay a price.

  51. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Biden just tweeted one minute ago!
    So that answers that question. He’s not doing it himself.

    Yeah he is. He’s a Ventwitterquist.

  52. Arnost

    OK Russia Russia Russia! And Biden says – “They will pay a price”. Thermonuclear toe-to-toe with the Ruskies!

  53. Herodotus

    No other country can interfere in anything like the scale that the MSM do every day.

  54. Zatara

    Oh Joe… you really didn’t want to go there

  55. Woolfe

    Biden slurring and RussiA Russia Russia

  56. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Biden calls Giuliani a Russian pawn. Trump won’t take on Putin.

  57. nilk

    Joe talking first about Rusha and Iran interfering with voter registration.

    The Rushans are interfering because he knows them and they know Joe an they don’t want him elected.

  58. Arnost

    Actually – given Biden is so in bed with China, its not implausible that Russia will want Trump to win…!

  59. Arky

    Biden will start grinning uncomfortably …

  60. Joe may regret bringing up Russia.
    That week locked down in the basement swotting for the debate wasn’t enough time for Joe.

  61. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Crowder correctly points out that Biden refuses to say the emails are not real despite it being the easiest possible counter to say.

  62. miltonf

    IT summed up bidet- a nasty old crook. The embodiment of everything that is wrong with professional politicians.

  63. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump claims Russia and Iran want him to lose stands on his tough record there.

  64. Pretty tame so far. This isn’t going to move any needles.

  65. mh

    Wow. Biden lying about the millions of dollars he has taken from foreign entities.

  66. Herodotus

    Mont is much like a donut – well much like the hole in it.

  67. nilk

    Trump reminds about the money Hunter got from the wife of the mayor of Moscow, and btw, let’s look ath the money from Ukraine. You owe the American public an explanation.


    You have to clean it up and talk to the American people. You can try it now.

    Biden says I haven’t taken any money from foreign sources and look! Over there! Trump is getting money from China, not paying enough taxes and he’s got businesses overseas.

  68. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    The emails! Money you and your family are taking in. You owe the American people an explanation

    Biden says Trump’s China bank account and say he Biden pays his taxes

    Trump defends his prepaid tax record.

  69. Herodotus

    Moderator wants to move on from Bidengate.

  70. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Has a go at Joe making money from Russia and China, with you The Big Man, Joe.

    Gets the knife in.

  71. nilk

    Trump notes that he prepaid millions in taxes.

    “I don’t make money from China. You do. I don’t make money from Russia, you do. What about the money from Hunter and the emails?”

    Mod wants to move to something else.

  72. dover_beach

    Plexiglass in restaurants? Trump nailed him on that.

  73. mh

    Biden wants America to be Melbourne.

  74. Tom

    What a whopper: I have never taken a cent from any foreign actor, says Joe. Why not when the lapdog media will endlessly repeat the lie?

  75. Missing from everything Biden is saying: Anything about what a Biden Presidency will bring.

  76. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Moderator now gives response time.

    Joe harpring on about taxes again.

    Biden echoes ‘Come on’ yet again. Sounds phoney.

    Trump brings back family money issue to Biden.

    Moderator asks re ethics vs Ukraine. Son has not made money from China.

  77. nilk

    Mod brings up foreign entanglements, Joe says, “Trump show us your taxes.”

    Trump: I was subjected to a phoney witchhunt even before I was elected. No President should ever have to go through that ever again.

    Joe’s brothers made fortunes, one out of Iraq, and the whole fam has done well out of Joe’s time in office.

    Joe on Ukraine: Because Hunter is on the board of Burisma Joe is being targeted. Trump had all these people during the impeachment trial.

  78. Terry Pedersen

    Another moderator who can’t control the orange motormouth.

  79. caveman

    Moderator being too fair, I think she will be beaten up after the debate.

  80. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    183 thousand a month to son. Biden says nothing wrong there.

    Trump re Q on China says he had many business accounts, closed it 2015. Unlike Joe whose family got rich.

  81. nilk

    Hunter had no job, then when Joe got to be VP, Hunter suddenly on the board of Burisma.

    Joe: Nobody ever said he did anything wrong.

    Mod: Trump didn’t divest from his businesses, and btw you said you didn’t take money from China but you have a bank account in China.

    Trump: I’m a businessman, I have business with China.

  82. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Q to Biden, would he make China pay, Joe goes for ‘the international rules’. Attacks Trump for denying US allies.

  83. nilk

    On China: Joe would make China play by international rules, make China honour IP (LMAO good luck with that).

  84. Colonel Crispin Berka

    The Bidens suck! LIKE A VACUUM CLEANER.

  85. Tom

    Another moderator who can’t control the orange motormouth.

    Haha, Googleory. It does indeed seem like the Orange Oaf is winning — before the media awards Hiden the unanimous victory.

  86. nilk

    Attacks Trump for denying US allies.

    How’s about Obama and the bust of Churchill from Britain? Obama crapped over US allies from a great height.

  87. Herodotus

    Joe’s getting punchy. Needs to go back to the blue corner for a cold towel.

  88. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump, Joe you never charged China anything.

    Joe going back to kitchen table, your family, middle class families, violins.

  89. Geriatric Mayfly

    Mularky on the scoreboard. Corn Pop next.

  90. Infidel Tiger

    Mute the moderator.

    What a xunt.

  91. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Biden’s just a Scranton boy!

  92. caveman

    Biden losing it, I blame the controlled debating conditions actually working against him.

  93. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump says he can talk peace to North Korea, unlike Obama.
    Biden says he did well on fronting NK.

  94. Herodotus

    It’s not just the monkey glands at work – he must have been tipped the questions.

  95. Arky

    He’s broken Joe.
    It’s done.

  96. vlad

    The muting is helping Trump. Biden is rambling often enough to damage himself (slightly).

  97. Geriatric Mayfly

    Hitler gets a nod.,

  98. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Biden calls Kim a thug but would meet with him. Trump says Obama couldn’t meet with him. Biden goes the Hitler line, Trump says he was left a mess in NK.

  99. Biden losing it, I blame the controlled debating conditions actually working against him.

    The cognitive load is building up on Joe, & he’s only halfway through this marathon.

  100. vlad

    Biden just mentioned Hitler.

    He lost the debate right there.

  101. Herodotus

    It’s only half time – she can’t keep saying not enough time.

  102. Lysander

    So Joe just called lil Kim “Hitler” – that’s going to go down well…

  103. nilk

    North Korea

    Trump points out that he’s got a reasonable relationship with Kim and we don’t have a war.

    Biden wants to bring the war to North Korea. He wouldn’t meet with Kim unless Kim agreed to drop his nuclear capability. Trump legitimises NORKs.

    Trump: Obama and Biden tried to meet with Kim but he wouldn’t meet them. he didn’t like them.

    Biden plays the hitler card. “We had a good relationshp with Hitler until we didn’t”

  104. miltonf

    Still don’t get why the demonrats would choose such an unappealing piece of shit with 47 years’ worth of baggage. Even Buttplug would have more appeal.

  105. Tom

    Biden losing it, I blame the controlled debating conditions actually working against him.

    Yep. Who knew their attempt to censor of Trump would backfire?

  106. Colonel Crispin Berka

    It’s only half time – she can’t keep saying not enough time.

    Don’t be silly. They’ve planned to cover many questions and divided the total time accordingly.
    Each question has a time budget.

  107. Infidel Tiger

    They are both pretty freaking awful at debates.

    Trump spews 6 talking points at once.

  108. Arnost

    We have “Biden Care”

  109. Geriatric Mayfly

    Time for a lackey to scurry out and wind that big key in Joe’s back.

  110. Tom

    Hahaha. Biden is going to rebrand Obamacare as Bidencare. What a great plan!

  111. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Healthcare, and Amy confirmedation.

    Trump seems more on top of the issues. Biden’s c’mons are a giveaway. He doesn’t feel secure.

    Trump argues for new system, better and protecting people with ore-existing conditions and Biden will terminate middle class. Oak, now in return the US will get super Biden-care which supports private ins. Biden hits on Trump being inactive so far.

    Hard to say who wins re this, too complex.

  112. flyingduk

    Surprisingly civil discourse on all sides. Sleepy Joe hasn’t tripped yet, the Donald managed to ask about the emails and whether Joe is ‘the big man’ getting the China money, but tame tame tame.
    All up … so far a nothing burger.

  113. Oh come on

    Ergh that was weak Joe.

  114. Oh come on

    I know you’re getting anxious heh heh…heh. Heh.

  115. Oh come on

    He didn’t do anything, keep pushing that line

  116. Bear Necessities

    I think from Trump’s performance he believes he’s ahead and winning and doesn’t have to mount offence against Biden.

  117. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump calls Biden’s plan a socialist plan. Biden goes the National Father on thus, Trump says Biden did nothing in 47 years, hit by Trump now on socialism with the VP and fracking.

  118. Lysander

    I think Trump’s doing okay actually.

  119. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Biden holding the dementia quite well, but another c’mon.

  120. Oh come on

    Oh dear, Joe is touting himself as Mr Credibility. No one thinks you’re that, Joe. Not even your voters.

  121. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Obamacare will become Bidencare! People automatically get State/ACA health insurance if they can’t afford private coverage.

    Joe says DJT cannot ever cover pre-existing conditions, but both DJT and the progressives have said ACA already covers pre-existing conditions. How can it be impossible if the ACA already does it.

  122. Oh come on

    Joe’s Scranton shtick is so tedious

  123. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Joe is just a Scranton boy! again!

  124. Viva

    You left Scranton behind a long time ago Joe and never looked back over your shoulder – until now?

  125. Tom

    Trump can’t help jumping into irrelevant rabbit holes — his big weakness as a debater.

  126. vlad

    401k – good answer from Trump.

  127. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Stock market booming says Trump and Biden goes the ordinary folk of Scranton. Trump gets in that Biden doesn’t come from Scranton. Good one.

    Now says Pelosi not approving a welfare plan.

  128. Oh come on

    He’s dropped the ‘man’ from ‘c’mon’

  129. Oh come on

    This moderator is doing a good job so far.

  130. calli

    Has Biden ordered anyone to Shut Up! yet?

  131. Colonel Crispin Berka

    What the hell did Joe just say about the recovery and the firefighters? It was gibberish!?

  132. Oh come on

    Adderall works wonders while you’re on it! Think I might take a handful myself

  133. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Moderator asks why he has not pushed Dems for the American people, answer is another excuse and a c’mon again. Trump points to badly run Democrat cities and states

    Biden goes the I am not red and blue state but all states. He’s sounding rattled.

  134. Oh come on

    Yep that line you stole from Obama

  135. Woolfe

    Biden going to turn All America into badly run Democrat state. Yep

  136. feelthebern

    Adderall, it’s a helluva drug.

  137. vlad

    Biden is losing it. The drugs must be wearing off.

  138. Tom

    Yes, OCO. The moderator is much less of a pro-Biden interventionist than Chris Wallace.

  139. Some History

    Joe is getting cranky.

  140. Bear Necessities

    It is the hour mark. Is Joe starting to go downhill?

  141. Oh come on

    Earlier he tried the ‘I don’t see red and blue states’ crap and then went on to talk about red states

  142. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    He may be beginning to lose it, going on about schools and money, Trump comes out in protection of small business and minimum wafmges, which should be a state option.

  143. Lysander

    Joe loves the first responders but the Democrat voters dont?

  144. Oh come on

    No one should work two job one job below poverty?

    First responders are on sub-$15/hr?

  145. Oh come on

    Pretty sure first responder jobs aren’t minimum wage jobs

  146. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Immigration re child immigration. Biden on a loser did.

  147. Some History

    Biden” Let’s talk about what we’re talkin’ about.

  148. Oh come on

    Hrm Biden’s speech seems to be becoming more disjointed

  149. Some History

    Biden taking a shot at Barry Bummer on immigration.

  150. Colonel Crispin Berka


    D: Who built the cages?

  151. Oh come on

    Oooh Biden is throwing Obama under the bus?? Juicy!

  152. Lysander

    Joe slurring a few words there!

  153. Tom

    The moderator’s immigration question is pure Democrat talking point and Biden is responding by reciting the party script.

  154. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Obama built the cages, says Trump. Kids are well taken care of, he emphasises.
    Biden says immigration on his watch made a mistake which he will fix.
    Joe stumbling on his words a bit now. He is asmlso beginning to sound hysterical.

  155. Oh come on

    Rrrrrrrr Rio grand rrrrr river

  156. Joanna

    Joe sounds like he’s on ‘roids for senior citizens.

  157. Viva

    Oh dear – millions to be fast tracked to be citizens

  158. Oh come on

    ‘we were too slow’ is an admission of failure. People are supposed to believe this guy’s got faster? Cmon man!

  159. Infidel Tiger

    “Only the lowest IQ come back”


  160. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Catch and release a bad policy says Trump.

    Biden still being grandad about parentless kids.

  161. Oh come on

    Wait for the Antifa discussion ooooh goody

  162. vlad

    Biden clapping his hands because he needs help as a speaker.

    Trump keeping his cool; Biden losing his.

  163. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Parents of black kids, Dorothy Dixer to Joe for 2 mins of misery-mongering about being black.

  164. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Joe said he’ll grant citizenship to 11 million undocumented immigrants immediately.

    Crowder points out this will sink the Dems in the mid-west when/if they ever hear it.

  165. Oh come on

    Let’s here it Joe! 2 minutes! Actually this part will have been rehearsed probably more than any other.

  166. Oh come on

    It’s okay, Joe. We know the thing.

  167. Viva

    Trump has a good story to tell on blacks – hope he can tell it clearly

  168. vlad

    Biden looking upwards as though needing to compose himself.

  169. A Lurker

    Biden looking upwards as though needing to compose himself.

    If he’s looking for otherworldly help then he’s looking in the wrong direction…

  170. Tom

    Trump tricks Joe into going down a rabbit hole about the 1990s. No-one gives a shit!

  171. Woolfe

    Joe’ train of thought has left the station

  172. Biota

    Biden looking upwards as though needing to compose himself.

    Remembering his lines

  173. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump replies how Biden did harm with his crime bill in 1994. Trump goes OTT that he has nearly done as much for blacks as Lincoln but now a great litany of all the real achievements for blacks Trump has made.

    Biden goes for Trump re law and order statements. Oh, and by the way, the law was Obama’s who is now under the bus.

    Trump attacks how Biden and Obama did nothing.

  174. Oh come on

    Virtually no one goes to jail just for using drugs.

  175. Tom

    “I ran for prez because of you, Joe, because you did such a poor job”. Boom!

  176. Woolfe

    Trump calling Hidden corrupt , ha ha

  177. Some History

    Who’s Rudy Giuami?

  178. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Fatty Trump is killing this.

  179. nilk

    Biden slurring Guiliani’s name.

  180. Dave in Marybrook

    This is awesome radio, perfect timing for cutting hay.
    Joe is being cooked. Trump is charming and usefully exasperated in forgivable interjections.
    Joe running out of thread and saying “c’mon, maaan” to an effectively empty room is hilarious.
    Counted two references to “rolling around in bed” by geriatric Horny Joe…. christ he can’t help himself.

  181. Trump is just so full of shit. It is his defining characteristic.

  182. Woolfe

    Drugs wearing off, slurring

  183. custard

    I am the least racist person in this room….Boom!

  184. Arnost

    Poor Boys. Trump should fund them!

  185. Infidel Tiger

    Biden just called him Abraham Lincoln!

    So weird. His brain is broken!

  186. amortiser

    Another incisive from the Donut King

  187. Joanna

    Donny brings up the laptop. Joe – yes, let’s talk about it. Russia. Moderator – no, no, no, holy crap, let’s move on.

  188. Oh come on

    What does he have against poor boys?

  189. nilk

    “Abraham Lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents in history.”


    Also called the Proud Boys the Poor Boys

    Trump asks “where did this Abraham Lincoln thing come from?”

  190. feelthebern

    Virtually no one goes to jail just for using drugs.

    Depends which state.
    & city.

  191. miltonf

    Strange how the left hates someone who wants to help the working classes. Maybe the left were only for the working classing when it was useful to them.

  192. Tom

    Joe: “Oh, god!”

    Hahaha. He’s had enough of this running-for-president charade.

  193. Woolfe

    All talk no action, ha ha ha

  194. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    The laptop. Trump gets in that the laptop is now a false Russia hoax.

    BLM. Trump tells it for real. Announces he is the least racist person in the room.

    Biden says he pours fuel on racist fires. Another c’mon.

    Back hard on the crime bill. Moderator good and asks Joe to speak to those family’s. Joe says no jail due to cocaine. Of course he does.

    Trumps says all talk no action for 8 years.

  195. vlad

    “Stand down” – misquotation from Joe.

    “Oh, God” – Joe losing it.

  196. Oh come on

    lol asked about a bill in the 1990s, jumps back to the 1980s.

  197. Trump pretending he’s not a politician, LOL.

  198. Oh come on

    Ooooof that’ll leave a mark

  199. Farmer Gez

    Trump doing well and in good control.
    Biden losing the racist meme badly.
    Just admitted he was wrong on incarceration for drugs.

    The past run on record line from Trump is a absolute winner.

  200. nilk

    Biden reckons that his drug/crime laws back in the 80s & 90s were a mistake that he’s been trying to fix ever since. Nobody should go to jail for “pure drug” issues.

    People on drugs need treatment, especially those on cocaine.

    Go, Hunter!

  201. Dave in Marybrook

    Interesting “oh God” came thru the radio, Tom.
    The muting mike seems to filter in Joe’s hokey chuckles too.

  202. Rob

    Virtually no one goes to jail just for using drugs.

    Depends which state.
    & city.

    Certainly not if your surname is Biden.

  203. Oh come on

    Yes that’s the bottom line – all talk no action

  204. Infidel Tiger

    Fucking climate change.

    No one gives a fuck about it.

    It’s not in the top 5 Issues for anyone.

  205. caveman

    Kool, last 10 mins , the expression session.

  206. Tom

    Trump: “You’re all talk and no action”.

    That’s what you call a clean right hook.

  207. miltonf

    Former Vice President Joe Biden bills himself as one of the regular guys and gals, but as a Democratic Senator from Delaware, he cozied up to credit card executives while championing their cause in Congress, making it tougher for average Americans to file for bankruptcy.

    And the left like him?

  208. Oh come on

    Damn that was Trump’s strongest moment thus far I think

  209. dover_beach

    Trump has killed it. He is so much better when calm. Stone cold killer. Biden is cooked.

  210. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Bloody generous responses permitted to Biden no matter how urgent the next question is when D is answering.

    Oh ffs the “white power” video was a joke, it was a guy on a golf cart playing up to incitement from other protesters, it was obviously a troll if you watch the context in the full video.
    That is a false premise question from the moderator.

  211. Woolfe

    Climate warming errrr global warming

  212. Bruce of Newcastle

    M0nty your last two comments have been very funny.
    Keep it up!

  213. Tom

    Hahaha. Joe reckons middle America gives a shit about global warmening.

  214. dover_beach

    Biden is reduced to liberal talking points. A complete phoney.

  215. nilk

    OMG Biden goes KRudd with climate change as great moral, existential crisis of our time.

  216. Woolfe

    Joe thinks China fitting charging stations on highways.

  217. Dave in Marybrook

    The God Emperor calling Mr Vice President “Joe” again and again is also a wonderfully effective play. Halfway between damning with faint praise, and wielding the “No Malarkey” pose of a man who has been in Washington for nigh on five decades and in the West Wing for eight years to devastating effect.

  218. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Climate change. How to combat it, say moderator accepting it. Trump jumps to environmental protection vs the filth of the 3rd world. Out of Paris accord because it was unfair to the US. Very good.

    Biden now doing a Rudd 2007. Burble re great opportunity. New jobs. Charging stations- go on Joe, the US will love that. The full Monty on all of this.

  219. dover_beach

    BTW, htf can betting odds for Trump worsen in two days. Betting markets are so dumb.

  220. Oh come on

    Joe’s on stronger ground on this non-issue

  221. Arnost

    Biden’s brain is gone … sad. That climate change pabulum was totally nonsensical.

  222. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Trump, his plan by AOC will bankrupt the US. Trump runs the numbers just as Shorten did not.

  223. Oh come on

    I think Trump could be doing more to explain the craziness of the Green New Deal

  224. Some History

    Trump: Joe’s climate plan wasn’t done by smart people. It was done by AOC plus 3.

  225. Tom

    Dover, betting markets reflect the weight of bets held. Most people don’t know the US MSM is cooking the opinion polls to suppress the Republican vote.

  226. Oh come on

    “The future lies” – Joe Biden

  227. Oh come on


  228. Woolfe

    Zero emissions in 5 years. Really

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