China Joe will make it a crime to be unmasked alone in a car

Millions of Americans would be subjected to detainment, fines or arrest on US highways:

As the 2020 campaign draws to a close, Biden has revealed something about himself that will not go unnoticed by voters; I don’t mean the dementia, the love of child-groping or the bribe-taking. Nor his plan to sack millions of people in fossil fuel-related jobs or his enthusiasm for nuclear war against North Korea. I mean that he is an effete physical coward.

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15 Responses to China Joe will make it a crime to be unmasked alone in a car

  1. Entropy

    I don’t think anyone at all is voting for Joe Biden.

  2. If this bloke had an R after his name, the media would have had him for breakfast long ago.
    Only the most dishonest person would now not acknowledge the bias of the media.

    I think even if Trump does not do much else for the next 4 years, his exposition of the media has been the best service to the people (The World over) in many generations.

  3. cuckoo

    I mean that he is an effete physical coward.

    Careful, or Joe will take you behind the school gym and “beat the hell out of you”. Remember what happened to Corn Pop.
    (Just now when I used Google to find that quote, I put in “Biden physically threatens Trump” and the very first hit I got was a NY Times article headed “Trump threatens Joe Biden”.)

  4. min

    There you are everyone wears a mask and it will stop the virus dead . Now he has acquired a medical degree as no other expert recommends this I am waiting his next policy. I have daily contact with people whose brains do not process information because of of age Some Cognitive impairment. Like Dan’s policy lock everyone up as much as you can and he thinks he has stopped the virus . Only stopped the virus spreading as fast but where is it lurking ?

  5. Up The Workers!

    Well, at least Creepy China-Joe is no hypocrite.

    Rather than bury his snout in a mere mask, he generally opts for a full kiddie, or a grown woman instead of a mask.

    Why is it that people refer so unkindly to “China Joe”?

    He is able to call himself after any regime he likes…and after all, the Chinese bought and paid for him (as well as the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Iranians, the Iraqis, etc., etc., etc.).

  6. Come on Man …… You know the thing !

  7. Up The Workers!

    My understanding is that the single biggest killer of lone white Dementiacrat-linked middle-to-senior-aged white-skinned male drivers on America’s highways in recent years has not been Covid, but is the remarkable phenomenon of “spontaneous Arkancide”.

    Somewhere near 100 such unfortunates have been found dead by their cars at the side of the road, having miraculously committed “Arkancide” by shooting themselves four or more times to the back of their own head.

    Hey Joe, you have less than a fortnight left to practice your best contortionist moves and work on perfecting your aim.

  8. Mark M

    Swampy Joe will save us!

  9. This is all you’ve got, straw man rubbish based on obviously wrong interpretations of selectively edited footage? Low energy, sad!

  10. Zatara

    Biden says he would make wearing face masks mandatory for Americans amid coronavirus pandemic

    “The one thing we do know is these masks make a gigantic difference. I would insist that everybody out in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen would have to make sure that they walked into a business that had masks,” Biden told CNN’s affiliate in Pittsburgh, KDKA, while wearing a black mask.
    Pressed if he’d use federal power to mandate wearing a mask in public, Biden responded, “Yes, I would. From an executive standpoint, yes I would.

    Interpret that.

  11. Boambee John

    #3631008, posted on October 24, 2020 at 12:19 pm
    This is all you’ve got, straw man rubbish based on obviously wrong interpretations of selectively edited footage? Low energy, sad!

    Alinsky’s playbook, now being used against the Demorats.

    Ain’t Karma fun m0nty?

  12. yarpos

    If Joe can accumlate hundreds of millions while a US Senator, just imagine what he will be worth (or the estate) after 4 or 8 years as President. It will be a feeding frenzy.

  13. H B Bear

    Just on old, scared man whose nearly 50 years on the take are drawing to a close. Hellava legacy to leave. Total contribution to society – zilch.

  14. Terry Andrews

    just keep talking

  15. Dot


    He’s a fucking lunatic who is so senile, if Bob Hope gave him a golf club, he’d probably try to fuck it.

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