It’s not unusual

After somebody told Wales Dan Andrews is the world’s looniest virus nazi: Hold our Tom Jones records.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Wales is bonkers.

    The leader of the Welsh government has announced an “urgent audit” of statues, street names, and building names “to address Wales’s connections with the slave trade”. The move was inspired by weeks of protest by the Marxist Black Lives Matter campaign which saw statues toppled and graffitied.

    Heading the press release published on Monday “Black Lives Matter”, First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford said that the review will “span the length and breadth of the country”.

    I think the main epidemic Wales is suffering from is wokeness.

    ‘Black Lives Matter’ Audit of Statues and Street Names, Announces UK Region (7 Jul)

  2. miltonf

    The Sturgeon slag wants to ban Christmas too.

  3. miltonf

    Best story I heard about Wales was the uni there offering a degree in surfing. Glad my forbears immigrated.

  4. Professor Fred Lenin

    Getting the punters ready for the transition into communism ?
    Shelves with North Korean frozen seaweed , Venezuelan chillies , Chinese noodles and bugger all else ?

  5. Mark M

    It’s not good to touch the green green grass of home?

  6. Bronson

    ‘Oh dread, how sad, never mind’ Windsor Davies

  7. Zatara

    The major virus infecting the west is wokeness which infests the weak minded.

    I’ve not heard of any African tribes going into mass self-flagellation regarding selling their enemies or their own into slavery… whether to white or black slavers.

  8. Robber Baron

    This will only encourage Klansman Dan.

  9. Fat Tony

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #3631389, posted on October 24, 2020 at 5:59 pm
    Wales is bonkers.
    Of course they are, BoN – have you seen their terrible spelling??

  10. Nob

    Tom’s still going strong at 80.

    Here’s his pal Cerys Mathews with a great version of Welsh hymn and rugby song Bread of Heaven.
    Drakeford hasn’t announced if he considers that essential yet.
    Maybe somebody can embed this:

  11. Shy Ted

    Don’t forget Burly Chassis
    Hers songs were made for Dan –
    What kind of fool am I?
    Big spender.
    Fool on the hill.
    There’s even one for his citizens – I (who have nothing)
    Almost forgot, Dan’s biggest hit – This is my state

  12. IainC

    It’s spelt Wales but pronounced Lannfahgochpontyfaer.

  13. Eyrie

    Best story I heard about Wales was the uni there offering a degree in surfing. Glad my forbears immigrated.

    IIRC Southern Cross University was offering those.

  14. Nob

    Spiked had been in danger of disappearing up its own arse but this piece is spot on, detailing draconian policies in Scotland and Wales.

    Nicola is like Spinal Tap.
    Like Boris, but one more ..

  15. notafan

    How does buying a new pillow case increase Covid risk? Or is it about not fair to other retailers?

  16. Roger

    More covid madness:

    Vanuatu is covid free, yet seasonal Vanuatuanfruit pickers coming into the NT & QLD need to quarantine for two weeks.

    The cost is passed on by government to their employers.

    And this at a time of acute labour shortage due to travel restrictions.

  17. HT

    Mark M
    #3631428, posted on October 24, 2020 at 6:33 pm
    It’s not good to touch the green green grass of home?

    Ya know when “he touched the green green grass of home”, that he was dead. Executed. Never understood how that was going to work…

    Worst. Song. Ever. Apart from the other awful songs, of course.

  18. HT

    All this Covid hysteria is now well and truely beyond my comprehension. I literally cannot process the stupid that has befallen the world.

  19. a reader

    WTF is going on over there? Has the world officially gone into crazy town? The bastion of freedom that spread it’s message to the end of the world via the British Empire has gone full German-Nazi or Eastern Soviet, take your pick

  20. Professor Fred Lenin

    Did the communist Chinese develop the woke virus in the same Biological Warfare lab where they developed covid 19 ? Its doing more damage than covid .

  21. Botswana O'Hooligan

    Think that they have won, all of them, a lay down misère, but can someone explain to me how I can stand in front of the graves of my light horsemen grandfathers and my father and uncles in FNQ who used rule .303 in WW2 and explain why I haven’t gone about doing the same to these bastard politicians and bureaucrats without wanting to hang myself from the wattle trees surrounding that small bush cemetery from where I pluck the odd sprig to place on their graves. The bloody shame of it all.

  22. C.L.

    Not possible to explain it to those men, Botswana.
    As for rule .303, I think we are now living through a civil war – a cold civil war. I’m not sure exactly how much Westerners are willing to take but it’s a lot, obviously.

  23. James Hargrave

    Drakeford’s only good characteristics are a personality void and a monotonous form of public speaking that serves as a cure for insomnia. He (and his cabinet of curiosities) belongs in the same dunce’s corner as the ghastly Dan – two leaking fistulas in the anus of the body politic, overpromoted, relishing their moment of power and quite incapable of exercising it. He is so cautious that I imagine he wears several pairs of underpants, not necessarily the right way round, to keep his brain from falling out of his arse.

  24. Beachcomber

    Has the world officially gone into crazy town?

    It is happening. Western society is committing suicide as it collapses into complete Green-Marxist “precautionary principle” idiocy.

    It is frightening that people can’t understand what the governing elites and their Ministry of Truth media are doing to them.

  25. Sam Duncan

    “The Sturgeon slag wants to ban Christmas too.”

    She’s following her usual M.O. of saying that she really, really doesn’t, honest, but might have to be forced into it if her stupid subjects don’t follow the rules.

    “I don’t wan’t to hit you, honey…”

    She (inexplicably) saw a wave of support over the summer due to her (percieved) handling of the situation, but I see a backlash looming on the horizon. Just in time for the elections next spring.

  26. Sam Duncan

    Dammit, no editing. Why in the world did I put an apostrophe in “want”?

  27. Entropy

    Vanuatu is covid free, yet seasonal Vanuatuanfruit pickers coming into the NT & QLD need to quarantine for two weeks.

    In Qld they quarantine on farm while working in the accommodation they would usually stay in, for the first two weeks.

  28. 2dogs

    Can you imagine what a black market seller of greetings cards would be like?

  29. Shy Ted

    Why, why, why, Danlila?
    Lie, lie, lie, Danlila

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