Letter to Dan Andrews

This is a letter of resignation from Alma Besserdin to Dan Andrews.

(HT: areff)

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26 Responses to Letter to Dan Andrews

  1. feelthebern

    It’s beside the point, but you get elected to be an Australia Day Ambassador ?

  2. Albatross

    Did that sound smart in your head cMunt?

  3. Roger

    Interesting given that she appears to be a bit of a progressive.

    In any case, well said Alma.

  4. Catlady

    Wimmigrants. Not much immigration at the moment.

  5. Rockdoctor

    Can’t find where she escaped from but apparently featured on SBS Radio Bosnian could be from the former Yugoslav Republic. That aside looking at her profile seems very progressive, I may not agree with her views there but I am going to give credit where credit is due. Well said.

    Looks like Dan is starting to lose his own base now and the more rusted on. How long before he is pushed?

  6. mem

    Brilliant letter.A person of moral standing who, because of her background, is able to see what is happening to our formerly free Australian society.

  7. Mustapha Bunn

    Dan won’t even read the letter never mind worry about it. After all he is right in everything that he does.

  8. No idea who she is but I like her letter writing.

  9. Chris M

    Thank you Alma! A good letter plus the decent and proper thing to do.

  10. Robber Baron

    Well said that woman.

    Klansman Dan’s slaves are leaving the plantation.

  11. Rossini

    You think dan gives a fuck!

  12. Roger

    You think dan gives a fuck!

    He will when such disapproval strat being expressed in the polls.

    As will his masters.

  13. egg_

    “Armageddon outta here!”

  14. Shy Ted

    There’s no merit in this. Gummint created, taxpayer funded non-jobs you or I couldn’t apply for, resulting in higher taxes and more debt. Bet she’s gone on to a better gig. Lawyer apparently.

  15. H B Bear

    Third world oppression. At least you can still drink the water, for now.

  16. ev425128

    m0nty actually said something sensible. Not sure how it relates to this post, but credit where it’s due.

  17. H B Bear

    You think dan gives a fuck!

    He will when such disapproval strat being expressed in the polls.

    As will his masters.

    Another 3 year stint in Opposition while the Lieborals implement their programs.

  18. H B Bear

    Opportunity to clear out some dead wood to the QANGOs and reward some party hacks with pre-selection and a place at the trough.

  19. The BigBlueCat

    I fear that the only thing that will happen is that Dan won’t send her a Christmas card this year ….

  20. Nob

    #3631044, posted on October 24, 2020 at 12:43 pm
    Can’t find where she escaped from

    First degree from uni at Banja Luka in Bosnia when it was part of Yugoslavia.

    An HR professional as Monty rightly notes.
    When you’ve lost the HR people …

  21. Hodor

    Doesn’t matter what we say, she did good.

  22. Squirrel

    Wonderful stuff – the clarity of vision which comes from knowing that freedoms are not, in truth, a natural and inviolable birthright – they must be constantly defended.

  23. Up The Workers!

    Deadly Dan the Chi-Com Man – couldn’t muster up sufficient competence to run a punch-up in a pub; a p*ss-up in a brewery or a f*ck-up in a brothel, so they made him boss of the Labor(sic) Party instead!

  24. Mad Dog

    Well said, Alma.
    I have met many people who, like you, have escaped or moved from communist countries. They express a visceral fear and intense hatred of totalitarianism I believe you would understand perfectly.

  25. duncanm

    Good on her.

    One of the few willing to stand up for what is right.

    (recently) Eastern Europe is the bulwark against the left’s totalitarianism.

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