The Democrats’ recipe for the downfall of the US

The Wall Street Journal outlines Mr. Biden’ plans to wreck the US economy:

  • ban on drilling leases and development on federal land, which accounts for 22% of oil and 12% of gas production, (and phasing out of all oil and gas)
  • “robust federal standards” on methane releases from pipelines as well as storage facilities, which the Trump Administration relaxed.
  • use the Endangered Species Act and National Monuments Act to limit lands open to development. Obama walled off 10.7 million acres in the western U.S. for the sage grouse, but Trump pared those back.
  • all infrastructure projects that require federal approval or receive federal funds to undergo a “climate test.” Government to project carbon emissions costs attributable to every new pipeline or liquefied natural gas terminal defined such that regulators could ban almost any oil and gas project.
  • require carbon sequestration technologies on power plants, which EPA estimates raise capital costs of new gas-fired plants two- to three-fold.
  • Additional subsidies for wind and solar power raising prices by battery requirements.

At least the Rasmussen polls show some likelihood of a Trump victory but it seems certain that, even if Biden loses, over half of Americans, including the vast bulk of the “intelligentsia” will vote for penury on energy policies in addition to the Democrats’ debilitating spending, taxing and coronavirus policies.

The Founding Fathers’ fear of democracy as populism brought the constitutional restraints on administration and legislature excesses, the prospects of which that so alarmed them.  They might have been surprised that it took over 200 years for these restraints to be dismantled.

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12 Responses to The Democrats’ recipe for the downfall of the US

  1. stackja

    Many in the USA have become lazy and believe “spending, taxing and coronavirus policies.” Will save them.

  2. C.L.


  3. Tom

    So this is the legacy of the two world wars – when defenders of freedom fought against imperialism, communism and fascism with the loss of millions of lives.

    Now the free world is being white-anted from within by those who embrace the imperialism (China), communism (China) and fascism (China) that good men died fighting in the first half of the 20th century.

    What the left isn’t telling you is that, to embrace its totalitarian ideology and all its fashions, you must forgo your personal freedom (as we are doing now with Kung Flu) and embrace the poverty that will inevitably follow as a result of the decimation of our free market economy (now underway).

    That is what the left demands as penance for our success as a civilisation.

  4. Rob MW

    Hounding Trump for 4 years from before inauguration thru to the implausible impeachment, the complete Democrat debauchery of the Kavanaugh SCOTUS nomination, the exposed Democrat political, spying, lying and cover-up of an opposing presidential campaign including lying to the FISA Court, the failed Muller coup d’état and last but by no means the least, the complete political hackery performed by a subjective MSM, has almost certainly reached their use by date.

    Enter the Biden Crime Family with evidentiary receipts.

    Hint: Apparently the Republicans will no longer play the Democrat’s games and will now use (copyright pending) the Democrat/Leftist Play Book in the same manner as the Democrats use against their ideological opponents.

    Payback is a bitch !

  5. Chris M

    …some likelihood of a Trump victory

    Haha he’s going to totally kill it. The black vote alone will be massive, Dems will be reeling for years – in the dozen or so states that still voted for them.

  6. miltonf

    Hope you r right Chris. The corruption of the electoral process worries me.

    As part of the 2016-2020 great unmasking, the legacy media have shown themselves to be nothing more than propagandists.

  7. OldOzzie

    As the Rest of the WSJ Article says

    The irony, as Mr. Trump said at the debate, is that fracking is the main reason U.S. energy-related carbon emissions have fallen 15% since 2007. Cheaper natural gas has replaced coal, with the gas share of electric generation nearly doubling since 2007.

    All of this will mean hundreds of thousands of lost jobs. Mr. Biden after the debate said he wouldn’t get “rid of fossil fuels for a long time,” perhaps not until 2050, and promised new jobs in green energy. Mr. Obama promised millions of new green jobs too, but the main jobs boom in his two terms was from the fracking revolution due to innovation and market demand.

    Will laid-off roustabouts in Ohio get relocation subsidies to install solar panels in California? How about workers in industries that support or depend on fracking, such as Wisconsin sand mines and Pennsylvania cracker plants? Even the United Auto Workers project that increasing electric car production over the next several years would cost 35,000 jobs.

    Mr. Biden’s energy transition has nothing to do with consumer choice or technological innovation, the way society moved from the horse-and-buggy to autos or from print newspapers to the internet. He’d use government coercion. The targets can at least take comfort that they won’t be banned. They’ll have the good fortune of being transitioned.

  8. RobK

    This annoys me a lot:

    Why Nature supports Joe Biden for US president

    We cannot stand by and let science be undermined. Joe Biden’s trust in truth, evidence, science and democracy make him the only choice in the US election.
    On 9 November 2016, the world awoke to an unexpected result: Donald Trump had been elected president of the United States.

    This journal did not hide its disappointment. But, Nature observed, US democracy was designed with safeguards intended to protect against excesses. It is founded on a system of checks and balances that makes it difficult for a president to exercise absolute power. We were hopeful that this would help to curb the damage that might result from Trump’s disregard for evidence and the truth, disrespect for those he disagrees with and toxic attitude towards women.

    Shame they can’t just stick to science.

  9. Professor Fred Lenin

    Great programme for the Democrims ,de industrialisr the USA,cut travel ,heating air conditioning mindustry lockdown like Victoria , openslather for illegals poor health care and education .
    Paedo Joes Chinese owners will be pleased zsoroswill be pissed off the Chinesde bought the government he usually owns when Democrims are in power .

  10. Peter Hawthorne

    Why would you believe these reported statistics regarding “support for transitioning away from fossil fuels”, when everything on this subject is so grossly manipulated. I do not think they are worth the pixels that they occupy.

  11. John A

    The Founding Fathers’ fear of democracy as populism brought the constitutional restraints on administration and legislature excesses, the prospects of which that so alarmed them. They might have been surprised that it took over 200 years for these restraints to be dismantled.

    No, it took about 150 years for the idea to take hold and the 1929 Wall Street Crash plus the Great Depression to see it first implemented. They might be shocked at how quickly those restraints have been dismantled in the 90 years following.

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