Wisely Avoided

Comparisons to the Nazis are wisely avoided and Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. But Trump…”


Stan Grant comes close to writing a good column about hysteria versus liberty but couldn’t resist a regulation cheap shot

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  1. H B Bear

    To misquote Basil Fawlty, “Listen, don’t mention Trump!I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right. So! It’s all forgotten now, and let’s hear no more about it. So, that’s two egg mayonnaise, a prawn Goebbels, a Hermann Goering, and four Colditz salads.”

    Ah, sTan you’ve done it again. “International affairs analyst” is the best job description since Emma Alberscreechi became “Chief Economics Correspondent” on her way to being managed out the door. Does Ita let the do their own business cards?

  2. miltonf

    Just another grotesque clown leaching off the taxpayer.

  3. candy

    Probably as an International Affairs Analyst he cannot really say that, as it would imply Trump was responsible for killing 6 million people, an hysterical notion. So “wisely avoided”, but perhaps something nasty is implied, to keep the ABC folk happy?

  4. Noddy

    No doubt about it-‘Fake News’!
    With out much effort, Stan could do a whole lot better by reading these columns.

  5. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    Oh Stan – I did not waste my time reading you because you are a ponce, a fraud, a fiction writer, a fool who is very good at painting on that Betedine so expertly that one can readily see that you paint your skin with Betedine.

  6. dopey

    Stan’s articles follow a certain pattern, french philosophers and I’m sure Camus has been mentioned before. On ABC his hand movements seem well practiced. All part of the package I suppose.

  7. Mother Lode

    Stan Grant is not a homo sapien in good standing.

  8. miltonf

    Wasn’t he a bit partial to vandalizing statues when the global left was pushing it?

  9. Not to worry the Libtard media will be choking once again on Trumps slow baked , Humble pie very shortly ….. Once bitten twice shy , not the noble leftard though … Shit for brains comes to mind !

  10. Papachango

    Wow a libertarian perspective from someone at the ABC – never thought I’d see such a thing! Especially not from Stan Grant but credit where credit it due.

    But it’s incredible that he mentions Trump and not Andrews – Dictator Dan is Exhibit A proving the entire point of his article…

  11. Oh come on

    He got a credit for that paper, did he? Well done, sTan! A huge improvement over his first year essays.

  12. mem

    Dan and his new cyber unit have neutralized your post on Daniel Andrews incompetence! Expect more of this if you are critical of Chairman Dan. We can no longer access this page!

  13. Shy Ted

    He’s been in the sun too long.

  14. Leo G

    To beat the disease we’ve all, to some degree, had to become a little more authoritarian.

    The evidence suggests though, that a way to “beat the virus” is to strictly limit the authoritarian measures.
    It has been observed that a significant proportion of the population has resistance to CoViD-19, likely as a result of prior exposure to other coronaviruses. Moreover, most likely to have aquired that resistance are those whose lifestyle involves more close-contacts, particularly when the contacts are well distributed across population strata.
    This implies that arbitrarily reducing close contacts in a population can be counterproductive- it will reduce the incidence of non-COVID coronavirus infections that would otherwise increase resistance to COVID-19.
    Since Trump has not taken the authoritarian approach to manage the epidemic in the US, I think in that respect he is more of an anti-Hitler- certainly more so than Stan Grant.

  15. HT

    The picture of the mass burials is one of BS scare pictures that helped kicked off the hysteria. It’s a picture that purports to show New York so overwhelmed from Covid deaths people were buried in communal graves. It’s BS, the image is taken over Hart Island, a “Potters Field” in US parlance. Every week prisoners from Rickers Island Prison bury NY’s unclaimed dead (homeless, drug addicts etc) in theses trenches, which are dug our weeks in advance as filled in gradually as the coffins are set in place. They have been doing so since the 1800’s.

    We don’t do this in Australia (or Europe). For one that’s because we have public cemeteries, in the US cemeteries are run for profit so the State authorities provide exclusively for paupers graves. So in Australia we stack paupers three or four deep into graves in public cemeteries and in Europe they (now mostly) cremate their unclaimed dead. It’s unpleasant but it’s how it is.

    Using that image of Hart Island mass burials was an example of using accurate facts to support a lie.

  16. egg_

    Has sTan found that the Ray Lamp is good for warding off the beer bug?

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