D&I Albrectsen

Giving a sadly accurate account of the Diversity and Inclusion (D&) industry,  Janet Albretchsen wrote in the weekend Australian:

What a terrific lurk. No skills or formal qualifications required. Learn the D&I lingo, master the art of bullshit, and you’re on your way to a lucrative career with guaranteed work from company executives and board members looking to mimic each other with expensively drafted drivel about diversity and inclusion.

Come on Janet.  There are formal qualifications required.  What do graduates in Lesbian Dance Theory or Gender Studies do with their qualifications?  What other jobs, other than in the public sector or the ABC, are available.

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16 Responses to D&I Albrectsen

  1. Texas Jack

    Big government. Big business. Small brains.

  2. FelixKruell

    It’s nice that we finally have lucrative career pathways for humanities students.

  3. Shy Ted

    Diverse & Inclusive? It’s I & E – Identical & Exclusive. Try applying for one of these jobs.

  4. Gerry

    Australia’s greatest serial killer will have a big job recolonising his lickspittle brigade . There will be blood on the streets as he voluntarily suicides the incumbents inside 2 years. A degree in Lesbian Dance Theory could well lead to a professorship at Monash PS.

  5. Squirrel

    Maybe when the tsunami of “stimulus” money passes, the remaining businesses will have less tolerance for high-priced tokenism.

    The public sector crowd will, of course, go on their merry way squandering money on this shite and will protect the jobs that enforce it, even as they start cutting front-line services.

  6. Kneel

    You’re behind, it’s DIE – Diversity, Inclusion & Equity.

    Hey, I’m male, we’re a minority (check ABS, it’s true).
    Christian too – also minority.
    So don’t forget to apply the intersectionality to make sure I can scam more get my due.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    What do graduates in Lesbian Dance Theory or Gender Studies do with their qualifications?

    If they can’t get a job in D&I there’s always climate science.

  8. Rob MW

    If they can’t get a job in D&I there’s always climate science.

    Not to sure about that Bruce. I think that even climate scientists would have an intolerance towards nut crackers.

  9. Papachango

    I’ve come across plenty of D&I types in my corporate career. They’re not all bad people some can be fun to hand around with. I envied a lot of them – along with their colleagues in HR with titles like Head of Organizational Development and Internal Communications manager, they seem to be paid nicely and have a pretty cruise-y job.

    AT one big corporate most of their job (at least 2-3 months of apparently full time work) seemed to be preparing their float for the Gay and lesbian Mardi Gras, then copiously posting on yammer about it. It all seemed quite fun really… meanwhile the rest of us had real project deadlines etc…

    Then they made all the senior leaders do D&I awareness training. Though they couldn’t do that themselves (too much like hard work) so they got an expensive consultant in instead… Among other things she (yes that was her preferred pronoun, I checked) made us do an exercise called the ‘privilege walk’, whereby we all stood in a line then were issued instructions like ‘take one step forward if you are Caucasian’ ‘take one step back if you have childcare responsibilities’ etc etc… so all the middle aged male whiteys ended up way in front at the end.

    Could have been a scene straight from the office or Dilbert, I swear!!

    Though one of the questions was ‘take a step back if you’ve been actively discriminated against because of your gender‘, and I got a very dirty look from the facilitator when I stepped back.

    While they stopped short of quotas there was a clear preference to promote women over men to address the ‘gender imbalance in leadership’ so it was a truthful step, but anyway…

  10. Papachango

    *’hang around with’ not ‘hand around with’ lest you accuse me of being inappropriate (a genuine typo) ;D

    BTW I’m not totally anti Diversity, I think it’s a great thing to have different viewpoints etc – but it should be allowed to happen naturally without the tokenism and PC stuff…

  11. Davey Boy

    In large corporates, D&I policy often strikes me as a cargo cult, viz. “if we make diversity, then we’ll get excellence”. My view of that thinking – it’s a cart-before-the-horse mentality.

    The other part of the problem is the definition of ‘diversity’ in the typical corporate environment – it’s inevitably reduced to facile ideas linked to identity politics.

  12. Nob

    Davey Boy
    #3633940, posted on October 26, 2020 at 9:33 pm
    s a cart-before-the-horse mentality.


    Good businesses attract a diverse range of talent.
    The “good” comes before the “diverse”.

    Successful countries with good business conditions attract good entrepreneurial immigrants.
    Just loading up with any old immigrants doesn’t make a country successful.
    Otherwise every country adjacent to a warzone would be wildly successful.

  13. A reader

    Try working for a university…these parasites constantly send emails and every faculty or university wide email has some trendy woke bs on it.

  14. John A

    Bruce of Newcastle #3633786, posted on October 26, 2020, at 6:57 pm

    What do graduates in Lesbian Dance Theory or Gender Studies do with their qualifications?

    If they can’t get a job in D&I there’s always climate science.

    Or they could try for a post-grad degree at Hamburger-U, as long as they could manage the entrance assessment!

  15. Fair Shake

    I put my elderly mother fwd for a Vic Volunteer Award. She received a lovely letter from the Premier but alas no award. We were invited to attend the awards Ceremony at government house. As they read out the recipients achievements I realised my mothers 45 years of community service was not really what the government wised to reward. I wrote down a consistent language coming from the Awardees..
    Multicultural ambassador
    Pivotal in driving community diversity
    Change manager for inclusiveness
    Dynamic in pressing for women’s equality

    Looking after the poor, making sure they and their children were fed, housed, clothed, had resources for school , well they nice but doesn’t really deserve an award (sarc)

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