Far-left in-bred ignorance

If you left it to the kinds of people like Troy Bramston you would never have heard of the efforts by Obama and Biden (plus a host of others amongst the Democrats) to subvert the 2016 election. This is how his typically nonsensical column begins today:

Trump has been a terrible president. He has divided Americans, deliberately deceived and lied, trashed the moral norms and conventions of politics, treated his opponents and the media as the enemy, undermined the post-war liberal order and diminished alliances abroad. Faced with a great test — COVID-19 –— he failed abysmally.

But it is Trump’s autocratic instincts that would most concern the founders. He has destabilised and damaged institutions of governance, especially the Justice Department, treated his cabinet with disdain and cozied up to dictators and despots. He believes he is above the law.

One ignorant assertion after another without the slightest evidence to back it up. As for using social media to get the facts, I googled, “Russian Collusion Hoax” and this is what came up first:

Partisan Claims of ‘Russia Hoax’ Revived Ahead of 2020 …

www.factcheck.org › 2020/10 › partisan-claims-of-russ…

Claim: “The Russia hoax was Hillary’s plan.”

Claimed by: Donald Trump Jr.

Fact check by FactCheck.orgNo Evidence

This, by the way, is the first comment on Troy’s article under “Best”:

Can’t agree Troy. The born to rule Left Establishment, the Washington “swamp”, the privileged elites, the Hollywood glitterati, the Wall Street bankers, the Globalists,  trashed the USA.
They were the disease, Trump was a symptom, not the cause.
When the Democrats chose the smug, entitled Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate, the forgotten, derided and ignored blue collar working class had nowhere else to go other than to Trump.
When she doubled down on her sneering contempt for law abiding working class Americans by labelling them as “deplorables” the die was cast.
The working class decided “We’re not going to take it. anymore”
To say Trump has divided America is simplistic and straight out of the Democrat’s handbook.
Trump didn’t worship Davos Man, Obama did.
Trump didn’t sacrifice American industry to China, Obama did.
Trump, on first meeting Biden, didn’t hand a note to an aide “Shoot. Me. Now.”, Obama did.
Trump doesn’t support the lawlessness, the looting, the burning of American cities. He wholeheartedly condemns it. The Democrats don’t.
Whatever the result of the US election, the nation will remain divided.
As always the blue collar working class will suffer the most, more especially if the Democrats are victorious. Whether the working class are prepared to again meekly submit to these privileged elites whose sneering contempt for them is obvious, remains to be seen.

Might also add in this while we’re here:

In this weekend’s WSJ, Peggy Noonan sums up Kamala’s ‘shtick’ perfectly:

….For her part, vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is, when on the trail, giddy. She’s dancing with drum lines and beginning rallies with “Wassup, Florida!” She’s throwing her head back and laughing a loud laugh, especially when nobody said anything funny. She’s the younger candidate going for the younger vote, and she’s going for a Happy Warrior vibe, but she’s coming across as insubstantial, frivolous. When she started to dance in the rain onstage, in Jacksonville, Fla., to Mary J. Blige’s “Work That,” it was embarrassing.

Apparently you’re not allowed to say these things because she’s a woman, and she’s doubling down on giddy because you’re not allowed to say them. I, however, take Ms. Blige’s advice to heart: I will not sweat it, I will be myself. Kamala Harris is running for vice president of the United States in an era of heightened and unending crisis. The world, which doubts our strength, our character and our class, is watching. If you can’t imitate gravity, could you at least try for seriousness?….

Comes with this:

Reading the media is worse than superficial. It reminds you that much if not most of the media is a form of far-left in-bred ignorance.

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46 Responses to Far-left in-bred ignorance

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    I count ten lies in Troy’s first paragraph.
    Not going to bother with the rest.

  2. H B Bear

    Reading Mavis never fails to disappoint. He’s at his best when fellating washed up old Liars. Prof van Wrongselen without the dull sheen of academia.

  3. Kev from Canberra

    Bramston becomes increasingly irrelevant. See PVO for reference. As for the ABC, here’s a doozy of an ABC headline from yesterday:

    “After Victoria’s long and difficult coronavirus lockdown, it’s now the envy of the world”

    Containing such gems:

    “No other place in the world has tamed a second wave this large. Few have even come close.”

    “Today, as the crisis accelerates in Europe and elsewhere, Victoria’s “zero new cases” are the envy of the world.”

    “…Victoria’s efforts are notable on the world stage. The state’s success has warded off a significant human toll and further economic damage.”

    “Victorians should be proud of these efforts”

    “As Victorians await new freedoms on the next step towards COVID-normal, they should feel a sense of accomplishment.”

    Good to see Dictator Dan also has time to pen articles for the ABC.

  4. John A

    One ignorant assertion after another without the slightest evidence to back it up.

    Only one assertion can be called true: the one about the media being the enemy.

  5. JohnL

    If President Trump is such a horrible person, why is the Australian government cuddling to him and sucking on his and American tits?!?!?!
    Is this characterisation and description of the President an official view of AU government?
    If not, why is AU government not taking action against Branson for defaming, disparaging and plainly insulting our closest and most important ally?!?!?

  6. Roger

    All this lying doesn’t go unnoticed by the general public, whom journalists seem to regard as idiots.

    Surveys repreatedly show that 80%+ of the Australian public do not regard journalists as trustworthy.

  7. Genghis

    Right on Steve. To comment on Bramston just remember the virus dies out in warmer weather. It will be interesting as winter approaches next year. As for the hundreds of thousands of young in the hospitally area who cares certainly Troy doesn’t.

  8. Sinclair Davidson

    … trashed the moral norms and conventions of politics, treated his opponents and the media as the enemy, undermined the post-war liberal order and diminished alliances abroad.

    I think of these as being redeeming features.

  9. Roger

    She’s the younger candidate going for the younger vote…

    Good luck with that.

    She’s 56.

    As I recall the reaction of young people to her selection was generally negative.

  10. Chris M

    The australian? (lol, small ‘a’).

    Ask for a refund Steve. Try The Austrian, it’s probably much better.

  11. Peter Smith

    Read Bramston this morning. Held my nose till the end. These people belong to a different species and we better get used to it, because they are in the ascendancy having now completed their march through institutions, right up to corporate board rooms and the police and military top brass. Of course, we have a number of conservative warriors fighting back. But these are relatively few. And many who you think might be onside peel off at the last. Read Greg Sheridan’s glowing tribute of Trump’s Middle-East policy yesterday. How did he end it? “Trump is guilty of a million sins.” Not one named, of course. But there it is; too many otherwise reasonable people fail to appreciate the threat that our civilisation faces and are willing to throw it all away, apparently because Trump makes them feel uncomfortable. It is pathetic. Now Biden’s, Harris’s, Sanders’, AOC’s policies – they should really make everyone of sound mind feel both uncomfortable and threatened.

  12. H B Bear

    Trump is like a litmus test for Leftism. Just say the word, stand back and watch what happens.

  13. Daily llama

    Oh please, spare me! This is schoolboy stuff- just coz ‘they’ did it, doesn’t mean I can do it too. Which fool is going to tell me over 200k of Americans haven’t died, yet Trump said “it’s Fake News Media Conspiracy”.
    A nut job is a nut job. Like the old saying you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.
    I have an old school friend in the US who married a yankee gal, I’ve known them over 40 years. His missus is a Trump fanatic- loves the guy. But several of her friends work in a hospital, and they say the situation is calamitous. Yes, if the sleepy lizard wins, it’ll be a disaster. But they’ve got a disaster as POTUS now! Look at US debt levels. After a break of a few years, I’m back in local govt. This bloody council has a huge debt, and has been run by pinko fools. When we discuss rates and charge increases, we have to balance paying off the debt without screwing people. What Trump has done is easy. I could just agree to keep increasing our debt and leaving it to the next mob, but that’s not good governance. I remember when Trump threw a $trillion at the military (which is probably valid) AND granting a $trillion in tax cuts. Easy peasy. $2trillion- just like that. He doesn’t need to pay it back, nor does congress or the senate. I wonder how many of you Cats are genuine conservatives (like me…go on, whinge at me), and how many just haven’t been weaned properly. I ask again- if Steve hates government so much, why work for RMIT, and what about QANON? I don’t hear anyone talking about them. Anyway, a week tomorrow civil war will start, and my chocolate cake needs to come out the oven, so I’m off…

  14. Daily llama

    And wheres Monty and Rex?

  15. calli

    Bear, that took me back to high school chemistry.

    Leftism is the toilet, Trump (even the tiniest mention) is the Sodium. 😀

  16. Professor Fred Lenin

    Tomorrow Victoria takes the first steps to rejoin Australia much to the peoples relief , the alp have deprived citizens of their liberty becaus of a totally incompetent reaction to the Chinese Virus ,thus creating the Andrews Virus which caused in excess of 800 deaths . To say he did a good job fixing up the mistake he made is ludicrous . Its like someone dropping your Ming vase ,smashing it to pieces ,then buying a replacement using your money and expacting to be thanked .
    Citizens ,never forget the Andrews Rudge Hotel Virus .

  17. Professor Fred Lenin

    The elderly half Indian sheila who pretends to be black is about as stupid as Paedo Joe , makes you wonder who will really be calling the shots inthe event of them cheating their way to victory . Is it Soros ? He owned obama and we all know joe is not averse to a few bucks in backhanders . The old haf Indian might be that way too , well she is a Democrim member .

  18. Mak Siccar

    This interview was shown on Paul Murray Live last night with, of course, Murray’s acerbic analysis. It was more than uncomfortable and very telling.

    And well done Orange Man for getting ACB sworn in.

  19. Rex Anger

    And wheres Monty and Rex?

    You leave me out of this- Unless you’re saving me a slice of cake…

    (I’ll even make the butter icing, if you ask nicely)

  20. min

    Even if JC stood for GOP the left would find terrible things to say about him like he threw a hissy fit in a place of worship .

  21. Boambee John

    For a local example of the fascist left’s entitlement mentality, see comments by m0nty on the open thread.

    He is outraged that anyone should dispute the hegemony of the fascist left.

  22. Leigh Lowe


    #3634674, posted on October 27, 2020 at 3:23 pm

    Bear, that took me back to high school chemistry.

    What the … ?
    You can blow stuff up in chemistry?
    Why wasn’t I told?

  23. New Chum

    Steve you might like what you read at this site

  24. Helen

    Camel has a very very thick neck. Do you reckon she was a he one time?

  25. Rex Anger

    @ Daily llama-

    While it would be nice (wonderful, in fact) to have a Ronald Reagan Mk.2 back in charge, you know as well as every other Cat does, that he would have been singled out and destroyed by the entire leftwit Establishment worldwide, the moment he announced his mere attempt to run for Congress, let alone the Presidency. And the Mike Pences, Rand Pauls and Dan Crenshaws of this world do not have the ability to weather the incessant attacks on their own.

    The ‘disastrous’ President the US and Free World now has, is the ultimate disruptor to leftwit and cultural marxist supremacy. And his second term is the only way you will likely ever see a ‘Presidential’ Conservative as a President in your lifetime. Or mine, for that matter…

    If your council, as you have described it, is culturally overrun by pinkos, how can you reasonably expect to develop or maintain a sensible or fiscally responsible course when the entire executive apparatus (I.E. Everyone outside Chambers) and their fellow travellers will be looking to fight you, undermine you before the ratepayers, demoralise you and do everything they can to frustrate your actions and successes (regardless of your voter mandate)? And then make sure you and others like you are so reviled for yor ‘penny-pinching,’ etc. that they are re-elected and their supremacy is never challenged again?

    To extrapolate this to the USA and the Free World, said pinkos have completely dominated the entire social, cultural and poltical structure for at least 2 or maybe even 3 generations now. How could a fiscally responsible Conservative movement ever function when the entire world is aggressively set against it?

    Would it not be useful for a disruptor with as big a sense of self-entitlement and obduracy in the face of the fiercest resistance as said pinkos to appear, forcing them to go Full Ham? Thus demonstrating to the taxpayers, mums, dads, Daily Llamas and Rex Angers of this world just what needs to change, and urgently?

    Would it not be far easier for a follow-on ‘Presidential’ conervative President and party (or even councillors, going back to yor example), to repair long-term structural damage to institutions and finances alike once the pinkos andnother assorted wreckers and main-chancers have been exposed, removed and replaced? And the people have memories of just how awful the other side actually was?

    You can say Donald Trump is a disaster and an unpresidential President, but he will be the catalyst for the Conservative Presidents you want to see…

    (Unless you wanted Hillary to win. Then you’re a nit. And you probably only use cheap, nasty He Brand cocoa in your chocolate cakes…).

  26. Daily llama

    NO WAY! My cake is fantastic….glomff, glumpf, chomp

  27. MikeS

    “The elderly half Indian sheila who pretends to be black is about as stupid as Paedo Joe, makes you wonder who will really be calling the shots in the event of them cheating their way to victory”

    Been wondering about this for a while too and also wondering why no Democrat voters or media seem troubled by it. Biden is so obviously defective that he is evidently dispensable. Harris is merely the intersectional candidate so only present on someone else’s indulgence and not expected to wield power either.

    It’s so cynical it’s like someone is running an elaborate experiment or a bet to see how ridiculous it can get.

  28. Daily llama

    Actually, it reminds me of a tale of great sorrow. My son lives in a big country town. A few years ago, I was visiting at the time of the district’s annual show. There was a competition for the best male only chocolate cake. I was a certainty to romp it in. Those yokels had never seen a cake like this. But on the way to the car I tripped and the cake suffered a terrible fate. But the dog enjoyed it.
    I blame Hilary. And the Russians.

  29. Albatross

    That’s the most passive-aggressive behaviour I’ve ever seen. Seems quite unhinged to boot.

  30. Rex Anger

    this. But on the way to the car I tripped and the cake suffered a terrible fate. But the dog enjoyed it.


    And respects.

    That is no way for a cake to go.

    (Cake is about the only time when the phrase ‘going down’ is both appropriate and warranted).

    Curse you, nemesis-mans. Now I want to bake as well!

  31. Rex Anger

    That’s the most passive-aggressive behaviour I’ve ever seen. Seems quite unhinged to boot.

    OK, I do admit that (Unless you wanted Hillary to win. Then you’re a nit. And you probably only use cheap, nasty Home Brand cocoa in your chocolate cakes…). was unwarranted.

    Apologies to Daily Llama.

    (But I challenge the assertion of ‘unhinged.’ It was attached to my statement just fine, and could swing ether way in its interpretation…)

  32. Daily llama

    The cake saga was of course a real life metaphor for 2016. My cake WOULD have won, if I’d only got people to turn out to vote for it.

  33. Oh come on

    Kamala Harris has that same awful fake yakyakyakky laugh that Hillary has. Listen to the way she adds the ‘black’ timbre to her voice after the second question. Another phoney. These people are just awful.

  34. Albatross

    Rex Anger
    #3634797, posted on October 27, 2020 at 5:27 pm
    That’s the most passive-aggressive behaviour I’ve ever seen. Seems quite unhinged to boot.

    OK, I do admit that

    Talking abt. Kamala in her interview.

  35. Squirrel

    The Harris public persona looks totally confected – here’s a far more authentic version –

  36. Gerry

    “trashed the moral norms and conventions of politics” ………huh?? how do you do that ?

  37. Daily llama

    Boodiful Gerry! Yes, what morals?

  38. Rex Anger

    The cake saga was of course a real life metaphor for 2016. My cake WOULD have won, if I’d only got people to turn out to vote for it.

    Presumably it also won the popular vote relative to the Orage Tart (torta?), but was shit-scaredif all the efforts you’d taken to arrange victory with the selection panel…

  39. GerardB

    The Oz rejected this comment on Troy Bramston’s magnificent article – I agreed with a comment by one of the commenters by the name of Peter.

    Well written Peter; The Australian should get you to sub-edit Troy Bramston, Peter van Onselen and Graham Richardson plus the odd contribution from the US Studies Centre at Sydney University.

    Story: Fathers saw this populist president coming

    7 h

  40. Rex Anger

    Talking abt. Kamala in her interview.

    I got it… 😉

  41. Poor Troy has written the same Trump hate-piece half a dozen times.

  42. Bushkid

    Watching and listening to that woman, how could any other world leader take her seriously? She presents as a total ditz, giggly and all flashy-eyed and actually trying to be coquettish FFS. Comes across as the sort of person who’d be giggling uncontrollably in the middle of a funeral.

    She’s supposed to be running for the position of the person who would take the place of POTUS if necessary. She has no gravitas, no decorum, gives no impression of having a single clue about anything remotely related to reality. Also, is she high in that interview?

  43. dasher

    A couple of guys I played golf with the other day were casually chatting about the US election…it was ABC type chatter. At an appropriate time I asked if they had caught up the latest scandal on censorship of Biden business deals with his son Hunter. They looked and me with that “what on earth are you talking about face” I said I dont know if its true but what would do you think a. about the censorship and b. about the issues. They really did not want to know. And so it is in 2020. Like kinds with their hands over their ears ..nah nah nah..cant here you.

  44. RJH

    GerardB – Had similar problems with the OZ’s so-called “moderators” who consistently moderated in favour of any Leftist comment whilst rejecting any criticism of their new left commentators. I decided to adopt the cancel culture of the Left & reject the new OZ management style by cancelling my subscription.

  45. Andre Lewis

    Troy used to be invited on Paul Murray Live’s panel but not so much lately. It started when Troy did his usual Trump take-down and Rita Panahi called him out and the row went back and forth until Murray had to shut them down. Good while it lasted though.

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