Patrick Basham on the US election

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  1. wal1957

    Good interview.
    I have had a look at some of the recent polling.
    To my uneducated brain I can see Trump getting 240 to 250 electoral college votes without too much trouble.
    That only leaves him 20 to 30 he needs to get to the magical 270
    Hopefully there are a lot of shy Trump supporters that this pollster talks about.

  2. Speedbox

    Did anybody else notice the look of horror (incredulity) on the interviewer’s face when Basham offered up the rationale for a Trump win? Assuming The Don does win, the head explosions will be epic!

    At the end of the interview the interviewer says: “We might get some sleep that night if Biden wins Florida” meaning that she (and her ilk no doubt) will ‘rest easy’ with a Biden win in Florida as that will almost certainly mean a Biden presidency. Once again, these people can’t help but insert their opinion or bias into a news story.

  3. Mother Lode

    Biden is much more targeted (in his campaign).

    Ha ha ha ha haa!

  4. John Brumble

    “[and voters are turning out early because they are spooked by] Trumps claims of voter fraud”

    wtf? If someone’s spooked by voter fraud, then the last they are doing is voting by mail outside of the well-managed absentee voting programme.

    No, if someone’s voting early through the unsecure mail-in ballots because of voter fraud it’s because they are involved in it or support it, or because they are spooked by claims that voter fraud could be stopped.

  5. The BigBlueCat

    With the polls, the question being asked is critical – is it “Who are you voting for?”, or “Who will win?”

  6. Ubique

    The interviewer doesn’t even try to hide her bias. She has it out there, front and centre.

  7. Shane

    Possibly the definitive Big Picture word on whats going on at the moment
    the Joe Rogan podcast #1555 with the devil [aka Alex Jones]
    aka 3 hrs that could change yr life if you don’t do DMT

  8. covid ate my homework

    O Canayda! What is she talking aboot?

  9. Professor Fred Lenin

    The US polls amazing . Feed in crap and they get gold out , my conclusion is that mostare wishfull thinking by the left , what they really want to happen is always the result they find .
    Britainwill stay in the EU in a landslide .
    Bill Shorten will win in a landslide .
    Hilarity Clintlon will win in a landslide .
    Pervy Joe and the half Indian sheila will win in a landslide .
    Worse that racehorse tipsters who get a win now and them .

  10. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    but …but … but the narrative!!

  11. cuckoo

    Caught a bit of Radio National this morning by accident and heard some American boffin trotting out the old “If the election were held today Joe Biden would win”. Just saying that should disqualify anyone from public commentary for life. The ABC interviewer then breathlessly held out the possibility of a “Biden landslide”.

  12. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Covid is a curse all round. Until Covid, Trump had the American economy doing great! New Zealand’s economy was doing badly under a leftist government. Say, just how good is China’s ability to make accurate forecasts? Maybe the Wuhan flue is all part of a cunning long-term commie plan! They’re not using computer viruses, but real ones, to get the effect they want!

  13. Exit Stage Right

    For months we have been fed utter bullshit about Polls and a Biden lead of 15 points or more. Biden is a crooked halfwit who has been warming a bench in the US Congress for 47 years and achieved SFA. Latest revelations show how he has enriched himself and family by using his position to influence foreign countries and direct money to himself.
    Now he has the gall to claim that The Donald has done nothing, broke all his promises, spread the Satan Bug etc.
    The polls are wrong as they were 4 years ago.
    Trump is the most maligned US President in history. No wonder he hates the lying press. All I see when I look on the internet is a HUGE RED WAVE of supporters. If he doesn’t win, the American people are pretty dumb. If they haven’t worked out who is lying and vote for Joe, they deserve all they get. But, I am confident that the voters will get it right. This election result is vital for the survival of the Western world.

  14. Arnost

    This election result is vital for the survival of the Western world.

    To show that you can win – and hopefully win big – on a platform supporting western values and fighting corruption.

  15. Scott Osmond

    If Trump wins the melt downs will be something else. Cue the crying media whores. The pols are wrong. As it’s been proven that anyone who isn’t on the left is open to physical and financial attack. Under the current system you are free to have an opinion but as long as it’s the aproved one. Much like the Soviet Union’s protection of freedom of speech. Much like the Soviet Union one day the left will wake up with their pecker in hand and no one will care because they will be in the dustbin of history much like that evil empire.

  16. The polls aren’t just wrong, they are crooked.
    If the Democrats, alphabet agencies and the media lie and cheat openly without fear, why would you think pollsters (like Democrat lover Frank Lutz or the creep from 538 Nate Silver) won’t or don’t lie and cheat.

    Trump is going to win. He will get record numbers of blacks and hispanics. No one who voted for him has left him. In fact the opposite, many are on the ground actively working for him.
    In 2016 Hillary was unpopular and couldn’t get out the vote. In 2020 Biden is not much better. Barely dozens bother to show up to hear him.

    Trump minimum 326 electoral college votes. Democrat cheating won’t be enough.
    Other than New York, Illinois, California, Washington state and maybe Oregon, all other states are in play for Trump.

  17. dover_beach

    Joe Scarborough
    Anyone Democrat feeling really confident right now should look at Florida’s early voting numbers. Republicans are having another huge day across the state.


  18. Fair Shake

    Trumps large rallys are generating energy and momentum.
    The Dems have to get Biden out and about more – a risky move.
    Biden is doubling down on COVID scaring. Trump has this covered.
    Still the Dems are outspending 10 to 1. Nothing is certain.

    Go the Orange Man!

  19. Terry

    It’s the people and their champion versus the Deep State and its Zombie Horde.

  20. Zatara

    Biden is doubling down on COVID scaring.

    Not only the Dems, the EU is pulling the same anti in-person voting propaganda effort with sudden partial lockdowns, ‘COVID marshals’ patrolling the streets, and crashing the market… all during the US presidential election.

    Intended result? Keep Rep voters away from the voting places on the 3rd out of COVID fear.

  21. Viva

    It’s the people and their champion versus the Deep State and its Zombie Horde.

    So beautifully put!

  22. Lee

    If Trump wins the melt downs will be something else. Cue the crying media whores.

    That, if nothing else, would make a Trump win something to savour.
    To see all those lefty heads explode will be a joyous thing (and even those heads of so-called conservative and right wing types who prefer anyone the Democrats put against him).

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